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Daily Archives: July 31, 2016

Objects tell a story in their own right. They don’t need to talk like Woody or Buzz, nor do they have to be injected or protruding from characters like Captain America or Wolverine. They just have to be themselves, to express the themes of the story, and ultimately draw in the spectator and attract them to the nature of the… Read more »

31 July 2016 | Features, Other Lists

Acting is a job that people can be fired from just like any other and being a famous actor or even signing a contract doesn’t guarantee that they’ll make it into the end product. Some actors even do the work of the whole movie and still end up being replaced in the twilight hours of post production. As the saying… Read more »

31 July 2016 | Features, Other Lists

“Those who dismiss Woody Allen as a neurotic narcissist out of touch with reality need to confront 1983’s Zelig. Perhaps the most complex, unusual film in an already diverse CV, it remains his most culturally and politically aware work, its relevance increasing with each passing year.” – Tom Huddleston, Time Out   I’m sitting on top of the world Through… Read more »

31 July 2016 | Features, Reviews