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Daily Archives: June 20, 2016

Some people know when it’s time to hang it up. Unfortunately, some don’t. These actors could use a wakeup call. Whether they are past their prime, not living up to their potential, or heading down a horrendous path, these actors should stop in their tracks and never step foot on a movie set again, at least not in a starring… Read more »

20 June 2016 | Features, People Lists

“My conceit was that my films would be, in the world of film-making, these emergent creatures that would be unprecedented and not able to have been predicted.” – David Cronenberg When Canadian director David Cronenberg was a child, he wanted to be a scientist. By the time he was in university, inspired by writers such as William S. Burroughs and… Read more »

20 June 2016 | Features, Film Lists