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Daily Archives: May 25, 2016

Suspense is the scene-by-scene concentration of Aristotle’s Fear and Pity. We know something terrible is about to happen, we can’t do anything about it, but we’re compelled to keep watching. Suspense, being heightened drama, is a central and cathartic component of the thriller. Brian De Palma began making films in the sixties, under the influence of Brecht, Hitchcock, Godard, pop… Read more »

25 May 2016 | Features, Other Lists

“No man on earth could get him out of prison alive. Seven women did”. New from Arrow Video is the Blu-ray/DVD release of the mercenary action film Hired to Kill. It’s a fun romp that combines elements of the Dirty Dozen, Wild Geese and Chained Heat as the mercenary Frank Ryan (Brian Thompson) is hired by the businessman Thomas (George… Read more »

25 May 2016 | Features, Reviews

What makes a good Best Picture winner? Is it longevity? Initial box office and critical acclaim? Is it how well the movie represents the era from which it originated? Or simply how well the combined efforts of everyone involved utilized the tools of cinema? Having watched (and rewatched) all of the Best Picture winners, starting all the way back from… Read more »

25 May 2016 | Features, Film Lists

If it wasn’t for the “B Movie” phenomena, many A-List actors might have not gained much attention from high caliber directors and producers. These particular films usually have a low budget, but possess a certain amount of originality because of various short comings, like plot plausibility, poor acting and cheap effects. Regardless, some develop cult followings that were once reserved… Read more »

25 May 2016 | Features, Film Lists