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Daily Archives: April 25, 2016

Every filmmaker wants their output to be successful and well-adorned. Some might claim otherwise – and maybe they’re telling the truth – but in a career where money talks and acclaim generates notoriety and creates opportunities, hits are a sure-fire way to ensure sustainability in a business that remorselessly chews people up and spits them back out. Some filmmakers have… Read more »

25 April 2016 | Features, People Lists

Prince had an unmistakable influence on music; that much is not debatable. What some might not know about is his work featured in and written for films. With original or cover versions of his songs making over one-hundred appearances in film and television over the past thirty-four years, and music written for films appearing in films such as: Purple Rain,… Read more »

25 April 2016 | Features, Other Lists

In his epic 252-minute film “L’Amour Fou”, Jacques Rivette follows the dissolution of a married couple, and the destructive way they try to stay together. As they destroy their own building, Rivette’s film shows what the concept of amour fou is about: loving too much. Obsessive love that leads to destruction is the main theme of the films on the… Read more »

25 April 2016 | Features, Film Lists