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Daily Archives: April 10, 2016

Character actors are an interesting breed since they don’t usually fit into pre existing personality slots. Hollywood tends to prefer actors they can reuse in various similar roles and character actors don’t usually fit that requirement. They jump around to different personalities, perhaps never solidifying exactly what their character type is but also managing to overcome that by playing many… Read more »

10 April 2016 | Features, People Lists

“The blind one. She’s the one that can see.” –Laura Baxter (played by Julie Christie)   Death and the compass An autumn garden in the English countryside, bucolic yet somehow unquiet, two children, Christine and Johnny Baxter (Sharon Williams and Nicholas Slater), gambol and play, unconsciously on the precipice of tragedy. Their parents, John and Laura (Donald Sutherland and Julie… Read more »

10 April 2016 | Features, Reviews

Hollywood has been remaking masterpieces of Asian cinema since the 60s, picking the most commercially successful and the most adaptable productions to bring to both American and worldwide audiences. Some were equal masterpieces, some were mediocre, and there were even disappointing ones. However, it is always interesting to trace the originals, not just because they are worth watching in their… Read more »

10 April 2016 | Features, Film Lists

“We’re just going around all day like unconscious machines, and meanwhile there’s all this rage and worry and uneasiness just building up and building up inside us.” – Wallace Shawn, My Dinner With André   All you can eat A few summers ago, back in 2009, I hand picked some of my favourite films for a series of screenings at… Read more »

10 April 2016 | Features, Reviews