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Daily Archives: April 2, 2016

Let’s not kid ourselves, winning an Oscar is a life changing experience. As wonderfully portrayed in George Cukor’s A Star is Born, an individual actor can go from a virtual nobody to an overnight sensation within seconds. Yes, the Academy Awards seldom reflect actual quality, and yes the AMPAS (especially today) fail to represent the voice of our diverse generation,… Read more »

02 April 2016 | Features, Other Lists

If you are offended easily, this is not the list for you. Kevin Smith entered into the mainstream in 1994 along with some guy named Tarantino. His film, “Clerks”, was made on a shoestring budget of only $27,000 mostly by maxing out credit cards, selling his comic book collection and calling in lots of favors. He worked at the Quick… Read more »

02 April 2016 | Features, Other Lists

Of the major film movements that have been conceived so far, Third Cinema is currently one of the most generally overlooked. Its body of work isn’t as well known or as thoroughly dissected in film school classrooms as say French New Wave or German Expressionism, but historically and aesthetically speaking, it should be considered just as much. Nevertheless, one fairly… Read more »

02 April 2016 | Features, Film Lists