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Daily Archives: March 16, 2016

If what they say is true, that the beginning and end of a film are the most memorable parts, then music aficionados, editors, and filmmakers know that an opening and closing song can have an enormous impact on how you feel walking out of the theater. Here’s a list of 15 movies that ended on a perfect note. The following… Read more »

16 March 2016 | Features, Other Lists

Since their emergence in the late 1980s, the Coen Brothers have established themselves as some of the finest filmmakers of the modern age. One can credit them for introducing independent cinema to the heartland of America.Having only been associated with the East and West coast to that point, the siblings implanted classic and traditional American values into their quirky and… Read more »

16 March 2016 | Features, Other Lists

The 1970’s featured major changes in the film industry that would drastically alter the way that films were made and the topics that they featured. The American film studios were falling apart by the beginning of 1970, causing major studio losses, a drop in the number of films they released, and high unemployment rates for studio employees. This led to… Read more »

16 March 2016 | Features, Film Lists