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Daily Archives: January 8, 2016

Not everyone can handle the pressures of helming a Hollywood blockbuster. The studio interference and the huge scope of the production process come as a shock to some filmmakers used to do things in a smaller scale. Some of them come off well, true to their visions and with a good movie to show for it: Canadian auteur Denis Villeneuve… Read more »

08 January 2016 | Features, People Lists

The Hollywood Renaissance is the name often used to describe the brief interlude between periods of blockbuster style dominance of the studio system. Roughly, the era’s influence extends from 1967 to 1981 or so, and it is notable primarily for being a period of mainstream cinema in which the major studios made what would probably be referred to (derisively, no… Read more »

08 January 2016 | Features, Film Lists

From its earliest origins when the Lumière brothers screened the first short films in the late 1800s to the development of narrative films during the silent era and onwards to the massive multiplexes of today, all of the iconic imagery we’ve come to associate with cinema is dominantly due to it being a visual medium. The great directors, like Alfred… Read more »

08 January 2016 | Features, Film Lists

In the Soviet Era, strong state support gave way to a bustling film industry through the centralized and prestigious studio Mosfilm. In 1997, a mere 14 films were released in the Russian Federation. The tumult that came about from the dissolution of the Soviet Union had clearly taken its toll on the now moribund film industry. As the 21st century… Read more »

08 January 2016 | Features, Film Lists