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Daily Archives: December 23, 2015

Christmas movies are, in theory, supposed to reflect the season. They are supposed to fill us with the same hope and joy that Christmas itself fills us with. They are supposed to inspire cherished family time, where we all huddle around the TV together, and watch that holiday favorites that completes the season. So why are so many Christmas movies… Read more »

23 December 2015 | Features, Film Lists

Nothing can make your favorite horror movie more unsettling than finding out that it has a basis in reality, even a distant one. While screenwriters are able to come up with their own terrifying tales, sometimes fact is stranger than fiction. Even if you are far removed from the location or time period linked to the events of the film,… Read more »

23 December 2015 | Features, Film Lists

In popular culture, people tend to say, “it’s not how it starts, but how it ends”. In cinema, a bad start can mean nothing in the end. The wedding scene in “The Deer Hunter” isn’t properly enthusiastic, but Michael Cimino’s flick is still a very good effort. In this list we will talk about the last breath in films: closing… Read more »

23 December 2015 | Features, Other Lists

Almost since its beginning, Japanese cinema entailed themes, characters and motifs that occasionally surpassed even the borders of the surreal. Moreover, even if the rest of the world usually disdains them as bizarre and incoherent, local filmmakers have continued shooting them, chiefly because they appeal to the character and idiosyncrasy of the Japanese people. However, a number of them have… Read more »

23 December 2015 | Features, Film Lists