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Daily Archives: November 22, 2015

In order to understand the world around us, we turn to the media to help make sense of it. One of the more creditable sources of information are documentaries. Documentary films can explore just about any topic and give the viewer a snapshot of that issue, an important or interesting person, or whatever the filmmaker decides to explore. Some documentaries… Read more »

22 November 2015 | Features, Film Lists

It is impossible to predict what will be the next classic films, the ones that will be remembered with the passage of time. This list ventures to guess, and suggests 15 new (or not so new) directors with less than five films and projects to come. They are the new voices representing the present code of cinema. Quick editing, genre… Read more »

22 November 2015 | Features, People Lists

Great Britain is famous for a variety of things. At best, anglophiles and nationals can draw from a variety of culture, of nobility, ritual and statesmanship. At worst the British are just a concoction of cross-dressing eccentrics with an aversion to dentistry and a penchant for tea. Yet what is rarely discussed is the history of the British as a… Read more »

22 November 2015 | Features, Film Lists