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Daily Archives: October 12, 2015

The invention of the camera dramatically altered human perceptions and began a debate about, “the truth?” All art, from the dawn of man onward, is artificial and inherently subjective to some degree, but the technology invented in the 1800s was truly new and different in a meaningful way. Beginning with still photography, then audio recording, and finally moving pictures, all… Read more »

12 October 2015 | Features, Film Lists

Hepburn, Davis, Garland and Temple are just a few celebrated names that rose to stardom between the late 1920’s and the early 1960’s. Old Hollywood’s most famous leading-ladies reached iconic status for different reasons – some became famous for their fierce and independent characters, when society was still very much male-dominated; others captivated millions with their optimism as child stars… Read more »

12 October 2015 | Features, People Lists

Intro to Film classes aside, the European Art movies of the 1960s and 70s can seem like an aloof, inaccessible area of film history to explore. That much may be true—these movies are not for the feint of heart, embracing deeply existential, spiritual, political themes that completely changed the way movies were made. Existential dread is to Swedish filmmaker Ingmar… Read more »

12 October 2015 | Features, Film Lists