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Daily Archives: September 29, 2015

Christopher Guest’s chef d’oeuvres aside (Waiting for Guffman, Best in Show, et al.), the mockumentary is to comedy what found footage is to horror; frayed, familiar and ridden with cliché. And so the alarm bells were raised right away for BC filmmaker Mark Sawers latest film, No Men Beyond This Point, but much to his credit, alarms rang false, for… Read more »

29 September 2015 | Reviews

Marshland is the latest neo-noir crime thriller from Spanish filmmaker Alberto Rodríguez (Unit 7) and it’s a gloomily rococo showpiece and a relentless shocker. Set in the autumn of 1980 in the ethereal Guadalquivir Marshes – glimpsed repeatedly and tellingly from impossible heights, suggesting the point of view of a vengeful deity – a series of brutal crimes have been… Read more »

29 September 2015 | Reviews

“Are we in another planet?’ asks a five-year-old Jack (an astonishing Jacob Tremblay) in earnest to his mother, having awoke beside her in an unfamiliar hospital room. Only the day before, Jack and his mother, Joy (a superb Brie Larson in her best role since Short Term 12), made a soaring exodus from the one-room dungeon they’d been in for… Read more »

29 September 2015 | Reviews

Its chiefest export being patriotism, and its greatest commodity being self-assurance, America is known as a proud nation. Indeed, this pride is not without merit in the fields of filmmaking. This economic powerhouse, cultural incubator, and altogether well established nation has been heavily involved in the art of cinema since its inception. Inventor Thomas Edison was at the helm of… Read more »

29 September 2015 | Features, Film Lists

Movies and music have gone together since the beginning of film, accompanying viewings before even dialogue. The passion and excitement of the story, while heavily dependent on the story and direction, can be brought to even greater levels when accompanied by a fitting musical score. While some consider film scores to be lesser than concert music because they accompany something… Read more »

29 September 2015 | Features, People Lists