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Daily Archives: September 28, 2015

As he wanders through a dusty, hard-hearted American landscape, mostly the Mojave Desert, a nameless anti-hero and ho-hum stand-up comic played by Gregg Turkington moves like a man thrown down, on a journey somewhere, maybe home. Entertainment is director Rick Alverson’s fourth feature film, following 2012’s The Comedy, and was co-written with Tim Heidecker, and Turkington, who essentially riffs on… Read more »

28 September 2015 | Reviews

What is the role of psychology in contemporary society? How is the psychologist perceived by the modern mindset? Is the therapy process recognized as a potential tool for internal reinterpretation? These questions help to explore the nature of psychology and to establish how it can be depicted in modern culture. The “cultural products” of the films created to explore the… Read more »

28 September 2015 | Features, Film Lists