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Daily Archives: June 8, 2015

George Miller is a madman. There is no way around this. He is certifiably insane and he would most likely be conducting illegal experiments on small rabbits or infant children if he handn’t been given the opportunity to make the few (but overwhelmingly influential) series of films he has written, directed, and/or produced (more times than not, all three) in… Read more »

08 June 2015 | Features, Film Lists

Many films (and TV shows, especially these days) revolve around an antihero – a character who is, shall we say, lacking in your typical heroic qualities. Some, such as Borat, Dirty Harry, and Jeff “The Dude” Lebowski, to name just a few, are oddly likable despite their flaws. The ones on this list are not those people. Ranging from the… Read more »

08 June 2015 | Features, Other Lists

There’s a timeless quality to black and white films that movies in color can’t quite achieve. They possess an ethereal, almost other-worldly dimension; one that only seems to exist in black and white films. Although there were several films released in color prior to 1932, that was the year that Technicolor introduced a new color process called “Process 4.” This… Read more »

08 June 2015 | Features, Film Lists