20 Great Fan Films You Can Watch On Youtube

5. Joker Rising

The background of DC Comic’s most notorious villain has always been vague and filled with a lot of questions.  Joker has been portrayed by so many and done in different ways it’s hard to pick your favorite version. This full length movie tells how the Joker came to be, well the Joker. With other great villains and characters from the Batman universe, this film really tries to answer who is the Joker.


4. One on One

Superman has been the American hero for so long with amazing stories in the comics, TV shows, and movies.  This short film shows that Clark Kent can be just as much of a hero as his alter ego can be. Talking on a bench with troubled youth, this deals more with Clark’s humanity and ability to save people without using his superpowers.


3. Croft

Lara Croft has been one of the toughest female characters that has ever been created. Exploring areas that even her male counterparts dare not do, she has kicked a lot of ass along the way too. This film shows how much ass she can really kick if you get in her way of what she really wants.


2. Mortal Kombat: Rebirth

Movie deals and a web series have been formed and created because of this short trailer made as a tribute to the bloody franchise that is Mortal Kombat. A different take on major characters and given a darker tone, this short video makes you wish it could be a full length movie.


1. Dirty Laundry

The Punisher movie with Thomas Jane was an epic masterpiece that truly showed how much of a badass Frank Castle can be. The second Punisher film, though not as good was still entertaining even though Thomas Jane was not in it. Dirty Laundry though puts Jane back in the role of Frank as he takes on a local gang harassing everyone in the street.  Also, you may have a craving for some Jack Daniels after you’re done watching it.

Author Bio: Influenced by his film-buff father, Matthew Keith exposes himself to such great films as Pulp Fiction, Airplane, American Graffiti and Young Frankenstein as he grew up. These movies opened up his horizon and made him the movie fanatic he is today.