20 Great Fan Films You Can Watch On Youtube

10. Dark Knight Legacy

Continuing the story after the Christopher Nolan Trilogy, Batman is dead and the crime wave has risen. Taking up the mantle as crusader against crime, this film tells about the ruthlessness and unforgiving nature of Red Hood.  Red Hood, unlike Batman, doesn’t let criminals off too easy with his weapons of choice; using handguns instead of batarangs, criminals come to fear the Red rather than the Knight.



Growing up in the 90’s Power Rangers were a huge part of life. The original Rangers taking on Zed, one of the most ruthless of aliens searching to destroy earth and all life on earth; growing up though the Power Rangers never grew with you and the childish fighting and action just didn’t keep its appeal. So the creators of MMPR decided to make Power Rangers a little more adult but bringing a darker and more violent aspect to the once great childhood memory.


8. Left 4 Dead

The Left 4 Dead game had such a great story line, but this fan film is even better. After the death of a friend, the remaining survivors decided to take on the horde of zombies and the other monsters that lurk with the help of some new allies; this film adds a great twist on the franchise.


7. Predator

Arnold introduced us to one of our most dangerous adversaries that we’ve ever known. This film tells us that he wasn’t the first to take on the Predator. Taking place during WWII, it tells the story of a troop of American soldiers as they search for the Japanese that lurking on the island. The Japanese though are finding the Americans aren’t their enemy though.


6. Casey Jones

Like the Power Rangers, the Ninja Turtles helped make the 90’s a great decade to grow up in. This short film though tells the story of Casey Jones; the hockey mask wearing, baseball bat swinging vigilante that in time teams up with the Turtles to take down the Foot Clan and their leader, Shredder.