20 Great Fan Films You Can Watch On Youtube

15. Killzone: Intercept

Based on the popular PlayStation series, Killzone has two armies facing against each other for the control of a planet. This film follows one soldier as he grows up from a kid who’s killing the bad guys in a videogame to killing bad guy’s to stay alive.


14. Green Lantern: Blackest Night

The Green Lantern universe has grown so much over the past years with the addition of new power rings and new enemies. This short film has the Green, Red, Yellow, and Blue fighting one another when a mysterious force brings them together. Though the speech may be difficult to hear at times; the graphics make up for it as well as the fights between the different spectrums of power rings.


13. Resident Evil: Red Falls

A full length feature film, this movie plays tribute to the already popular game and movie series. Resident Evil: Red Falls brings a new aspect and new ideas to the franchise and almost makes you wish these people made the movies instead. Though they tell you in the beginning they did this movie for fun, these people are really serious about their zombies.


12. Warriors Dream

Donnie Yen is one of best action stars out now.  With hit after hit in his fight scenes you can’t wait for his next challenge. The only problem is he never got to face the great Bruce Lee, until now. This short animation gives you an idea to what would happen if these two power houses came together in an epic battle for the title of who is best.


11. Judge Minty

Judge Dredd has always had a cult following in the comics, but with a horrible portrayal by Stallone in the 90’s, he wasn’t getting the necessary attention in the mainstream. Lately he has gotten more attention with the cult classic Dredd that has fans demanding a sequel. Judge Minty gives more insight into the universe that is Dredd as it follows Judge Minty in his battle against crime as jury, judge, and executioner all in one.