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  • Bria

    The photo for #17 isn’t Meagan Good…the photo you show is of Shannyn Sossamon from ‘One Missed Call’ and ‘Wristcutters’

  • Jarvis

    Mean-spirited misogynistic horseshit.

    • Smegtasticus

      Pfff. How is pointing out lack of talent misogynistic?

      • Jarvis

        It’s not. But the (piss poor) writing is. Pretty much every entry refers to the actor’s looks in an mindbogglingly smug and patronising way – “she’s pretty but she can’t act.” Ugh. A few choice quotes:

        blonde Swedish bombshell
        gorgeous face and forever puckered lips
        breathtakingly pretty lass
        Flash that smile
        Drop-dead good looks
        incredibly hot
        pretty damsel
        If looks could kill
        Pretty face
        incredibly sexy
        breathtakingly beautiful
        Dusky, smoldering beauty
        Sultry sirens
        blonde bombshell
        good looks
        hourglass figure

        • Smegtasticus

          Yeah. It does kind of reduce them to a set of shallow descriptors.

          These sorts of lists are often smug and patronising, regardless of whether they are misogynistic or not.

        • xXGrizZ

          Maybe because that’s how it is in movies… You either get in because you can act or you get in because of looks. Additionally, because of the very definition and nature of acting, other than their appearance or acting ability there is nothing else you can know about them. What do you expect the author to say, ‘Well she can’t act but I have a strong gut feeling that she must be a good person and an avid reader of classical french poetry. Though her cooking skills leave something to be desired; I could see it in her eyes when she was busy looking lifeless and wooden in that one scene.”

        • susan

          so true

        • FromTokyo

          And yet Halle Berry gets saddled with “unconventionally beautiful.” I would love an explanation from the writer for that one. I don’t think she’s the most gorgeous woman ever – there is no such thing, and if there were, it’d likely be just someone’s neighbor – but still. Pretty shady article.

          • Momus

            Berry would however have to be considered the most “conventionally” beautiful woman of all the ones he named.

    • keeva99

      Not to mention if this was an article about The Best 20 Hollywood Actresses I doubt very much that 1 woman of colour would make the list, let alone 7.

    • Momus

      I’d also take issue with characterizing Marilyn Monroe as a “beauty with brains”. I’ve heard the stories that she had a genius IQ, and that she was in Mensa, etc. But the truth is she spent her entire career playing an airheaded bimbo both on film and in all her public appearances. She may have been very intelligent (or it all might be exaggerated horseshit) but she was certainly never known as a “beauty with brains” in her lifetime.

    • WeeItsNookies

      People like you are the reason people have an overall hatred of feminists. Morons like you have forced it to where you can’t even disagree, criticize or argue with a woman, person of color, LGBT person without them being labeled (incorrectly) a sexist, racist homophobe. Give me a fucking break.

  • Romeo Garcia

    C’mon….Lindsay,Kiera and Sienna have they stuff….But the others (Specially Katherine,Megan,Kim and Paris) have no idea what ACTING means!!!

  • Bintang Lestada


    • species-521

      You mean “Missy”, not queen…

    • Ms. Pickles

      Ikr “The Mask”, “Gangs of New York”, “In Her Shoes”, “The Box”, all different types of movies, and excellent acting in all of them. Even though ” The Box” was disappointing by having a lousy ending for a good plot.

  • fllyer

    what bullshit, why is this shit even on here? Brainless entertainment

  • Jay Michael Jones

    And here I was thinking I was the only person in the world who doesn’t think everything Beyonce does is great. She looks good and knows how to use publicity to her best advantage, but as an actress she’s just meh.

    • Heather101

      Yes, Beyoncé’s beauty lights up a screen. She was named as one of the most beautiful actresses ever by LA Times. But Beyoncé is actually a good actress for somebody who has only did 7 movies. A lot of great actresses got better the more movies they did. I thought she did a good job in Austin Powers. I mean seriously in Austin Powers you’re suppose to ham it up. It’s an over-the-top movie. I didn’t get the writer there. She did get some new reviews for her character. She got a Golden Globe nomination for her role in Dreamgirls. I noticed he skipped over her performance in Cadillac Records, which garner her great reviews and some people thought that she might even deserved an Oscar nomination. Her actual performance in Obsessed was good, but people wanted to criticize it becaue of the plot. And yes, she did a good job in Epic. The author seems biased to thinking that singers that also act can’t be good actresses. It seemed to be a common theme in this article. He mentioned Marilyn Monroe as a great actress. Which I think she was good. But does he know how many people didn’t praise Marilyn as great when she was actually alive.

      • jman_g

        Thank you for that thesis on why Beyonce is great.
        She’s not.

      • CCF

        Beyonce is a terrible actress, and should never be in film again. You want to give people their due? That’s great, I’m all for that, if they deserve it. She doesn’t.

  • slame

    Beygency might not like this article

  • Ted Wolf

    Great list overall, however I think you shortchanged J-Lo’s turns in Selena and Out Of Sight. Also, Union’s turn on the Night Stalker re-boot was seriously good.

  • Sprinter

    This is a faulty article. Almost half of these girls are not “famous Hollywood actresses”. Beyonce, J-Lo, Janet, Paris Hilton etc etc did not become famous because of films or acting. They shouldn’t be considered actresses just because they tried out acting.

    • Zeus

      J-Lo was an actress before she was a “singer”. Bad example, she was famous for her acting, which is where the pop star career came from.

      • mileywollstonecraft

        That is true. I remember people at the time being skeptical that J-Lo could have a crossover career in music.

        And Janet Jackson also got her start in TV and was known as an actress before she had a music career.

        • John Gallstone

          being a cute kid and reading lines off a cue card is not acting.

      • Sprinter

        That might be true, however, that doesn’t change the fact that J-Lo and many of the other “actresses” in this article are not considered famous “Hollywood actresses”. They are famous for something else.

        • Zeus

          She had bit spots as a dancer, no recognition at all. Her first recognition came from acting.

          • Justin McGill

            She was recognized enough as a dancer often introduced by name and became known as THE fly girl. Which led to her acting. Her acting eclipsed her dancing career but don’t think she was unknown for it. In Living Color was HUGE at the time and Jim Carrey was busting out. But also you had Grier and Damon Wayans blowing up too.

          • Zeus

            She wasn’t even on half of the seasons on ILC. She was as known as any other dancer is, which is not much. The only people remember her from ILC, is because she made it big acting and “singing”. Let’s not act like she was even close to a household name from ILC.

          • Aaron Lucas

            The other famous dancer is Paula Abdul

      • Phil Nielsen

        actually, she started out as a dancer on In Living Color

      • ajs1210

        True or not, J Lo can’t sing or act. Being a slutty little girl seems to pay off well in Hollywierd. Right J Lo, Paris, Kim, etc??? Sheesh….what losers. Rich maybe, but still losers.

        • Zeus

          She can’t sing, but she has had a few decent performances as an actress. She was nominated for Golden Globe for Selena, and was incredible in Out of Sight with George Clooney. I think she started taking the cheesy chick flick money movies instead of good roles and a lot of people no forget that she actually did have some good performances.

        • Mr

          In contrast, I loved your last 2 films, and I can’t stop singing all the songs on your latest album! Keep those hits coming, ajs!

          • ajs1210

            I’m not “pretending” I can act or sing nor am I fooling myself into believing that I can.

          • capoeiraike .

            Right because you don’t even have the talent it takes to pretend to be talented. The day they start giving out awards for petty, envious hating is the day you’ll become a winner. Loser

          • ajs1210

            Lmao. I’m the hater, but you’re the moron replying to a very old response. Cute. You’re stupid, but it was cute for you to try.

          • capoeiraike .

            Lmao, uh, what does the timeframe have to do with the fact that you posted a completely irrational, petty comment?? Calling out a blatant hypocritical troll isn’t “hating” you dunce. You’re still a loser, next.

          • ajs1210

            It has everything to do with “old news”.
            Just like you, “old and irrelevant”.
            And hypocritical? Ha! Obviously you have no idea what that word means. I meant every word I said about these slutty little “stars” you adore. They’re no talents that no brains like you continue to give credibility to for no reason. But you enjoy your sorry little starlet adoring life. I’m so done with your idiocy.

          • capoeiraike .

            Lmfao, “Adoration” is a helleva lot healthier than hate and petty jealousy. It’s one thing to respect and be a fan. It’s another to be a disgruntled, bitter little troll. That type of projection really shows what type of person you are. Troll on clown

          • QBS

            He’s right. They are useless whores.

            It’s sad you’d defend such worthless POS, when it’s blatantly obvious they contribute nothing of value despite enjoying “celebrity” status.
            Sad and pathetic really.

          • McKealty

            You know, just because you’re typing into your computer in an article about some actress/singer doesn’t mean you’re actually speaking to famous people.

          • Cranky Crab

            Apparently he doesn’t know he’s speaking to vapid people.

          • MakeYourMotherSigh

            You’re right. But he did get a reply from the person he was talking to. Of course, as you pointed out, they’re probably not famous.

        • Bored

          Although you are completely wrong, you are entitled to your wrong opinion. Furthermore, being a “slutty little girl” (really? grow up) has NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING, to do with ANYONE’S acting ability. There are people who are complete crack/heroine/etc addicts who are amazing actors. Furthermore, the only type of people who call or think people are “losers” without giving any facts to back it are people with a lack of proper vocabulary.

          • ajs1210

            Ok if I’m wrong, then you list every Grammy, Emmy or Oscar any of these so called celebrities I named, have won. J Lo, Paris, or Kim.. I will give you that Jennifer has managed to fool people into thinking she can sing, but that’s because of the many distractions she manages to use while on stage. Her only talent would be gone if she didn’t have her looks and body. Those pics of her are everywhere so don’t even try to prove me wrong. I’d love to hear her do a ballad, acapella (sp). But then again I probably don’t want to hear it. As for the other 2 I named; Paris and Kim were rich nobodies until the decided to show the world they knew how to procreate. Big deal. Pretty much everyone in the world can do that. Getting richer for being the sluts who chose to air it to the rest of the world, does not constitute “having talent”. It just means you have no integrity or respect for yourself.

            I think I’d be asking just how sad my life is that it hurt my feelings because someone dissed 3 talentless “celebs”. Just saying.

          • Johnny Watts

            I wasn’t aware that Ms. Hilton had given birth.

        • Sarah Monroe

          How is JLo the same as Kim and Paris, talent-wise? She is an incredible dancer at least, and in her golden days she produced at least a couple of good songs.

          • ajs1210

            OH good gravy already! You know what Sarah, I’m going to ask you the same question I asked another poster. Exactly how sad is your life that your panties are in a wad over what I said about a “star’s” talent or lack thereof? Really?
            Now, did I even MENTION that she “couldn’t dance” in my reply? I said she couldn’t “act or sing”. Let’s talk about “any” of her movies. How many Oscars or Golden Globes has she been nominated for? How many Grammy’s does she own or has she even been nominated for? MY opinion,, MY as in MINE, not YOURS is that she can’t act or sing. If you think she can then “bully for you”! Write her a fan letter.

          • Phineas

            Let Us Hope That Your Most Recent Post Was Enough To Shut Up These Idiotic Rationalizers. I Applaud You For Your Efforts To Talk Some Sense Into Them As I Would Surely Have Given Up Sooner. For The Record: My Opinion Is That Jennifer LoPez Is THE Model Character In This World Of Talentless pop-Stars Who Get Undeserved Notoriety And commercial Success Due, In Large Part, To The Buffoonery That permeates modern American Society.

          • ninusmer75

            are many others worse than her !

        • ninusmer75

          bad decision to put together J Lo with Paris H and Kim K; this last two are very far from being actresses

      • Jeff Brown

        Yes, she was and always has been first and foremost a dancer / signer (proof: see her acting)

        • Zeus

          Wrong. In fact, she didn’t have aspirations to sing at all until she acted in Selena. Dancing, yes, she did that first, but was no more recognized for it than your average sitcom recurring bit part actor. She made her Mark first with acting in films like Selena, Anaconda and Out of Sight. Then came the pop star career and string of trashy rom com’s.

      • http://www.jennalunaverse.com/ jennalunaVerse

        Didn’t Angel Eyes come out in the early ’00s? Selena was the late ’90s, I think. She had said that role as Selena was an inspiration.

        • Zeus

          She was in Money Train in ’95, Selena and Anaconda in ’97 and Out of Sight (her best performance) in ’98. Her first album came out in ’99 and I don’t think she’s ever been much of a touring artist. Her inspiration may have come in ’97, but she wasn’t a “professional” singer until long after she was a famous actress.

    • Steven Brittain

      Janet Jackson was a child actor and did very good job at it. She played on Good Times as an abused child who was adopted by the Evans neighbor Wallona. Not sure if you were around in the 70s if not check her out on Good Times that was a great show. She also played the girlfriend of Willis on different strokes. Peace

      • susan

        yes, Penny on Good Times.

        • Jeff Rittenour

          yes whoever wrote this was a complete moron. Janet was a very good child actress…

          • Phoebe

            Thank you so much Jeff for sharing my opinoin… Janet did a great job in why did I get married too?

        • http://www.jennalunaverse.com/ jennalunaVerse

          Penny! Thank you! I couldn’t remember her character’s name, & it was driving me crazy. Have a great day!

      • FromTokyo

        And wtf @ “moderately successful”? 140 million is not “moderately successful.” This writer needs a thesaurus.

        • TimMullins

          This writer needs a brain. While a couple of the choices were correct, It’s in poor taste to blame the performer for the lame scripts that Holy Wood insists on using today.

          • FromTokyo

            Agreed. And Halle Berry has done great on her show, Extant. I’ve never missed an episode. I hope they renew it; don’t want another Almost Human situation. :(

      • Pithy Eponym Here

        She was also in Fame as a Teen. Great show, chock full of talent and was a springboard for many other actors.

    • Kissfan02

      It is a faulty article I know that jennifer aniston can act she is a great actress most of the actresses there aren’t ever famous 4 acting there famous 4 singing

    • Seldom

      Your right Sprinter. If I were an actor, and taking pride in my art, I would truly be insulted if Kardashion, was any where on the same page with me. She’s trash, that had a dirty film, placed just right to get some attention on her. She tryed to act like she didn’t know it existed, when in fact her mother, and her made sure every one knew about it. That being said, the apple doesn’t fall for from the tree. When in truth neither of them have any kind of talent period.

    • Jeff Brown

      Well, not half, but many. But you’re right, but not as right as 50%

    • http://www.jennalunaverse.com/ jennalunaVerse

      Agreed!! Except for Janet Jackson who played an abused child on “Good Times,” the singers & stupid rich kids don’t deserve to be on screen. Go away with them all!! Nobody cares about their “issues.” Reality TV: the dumbing down of America.

  • butta1080 .

    Really? Jennifer Anniston? I had to stop right there couldnt go any further. Shit List!

    • Odotry

      Jennifer Aniston has been playing the same role since Friends, which shows how limited of an actress she is. The only thing that kept her around were her good looks, don’t believe me? Look at her most recent roles in Horrible Bosses where she was a predator and in We’re the Millers she was a stripper; nothing more than pandering to the male audience.

      • butta1080 .

        no doubt believe me i knew that when i wrote it. i love the movies she’s in and she’s probably not that versatile, but she handles those parts better than most comedic actresses and brings something extra to them. That being said she definitely doesnt deserve to be on a list with beyonce, janet jackson, and that weird Stewart chick. Not many actresses make it long after being on a tv show that long. dont forget Derailed and Leprechaun lol

    • Momus

      She doesn’t have much range but she does very well in ensemble work and has terrific comedic timing. Listing her as one of the worst actresses is just being disingenuous. There are lots of actresses who can’t believably play any role.

  • Parker Geoffrey

    Janet’s first album was “Dream street”

    And Paris Hilton was great in Repo, perfect fit for her character

    • Mr T’s Commandments

      Yeah, the album he mentioned was like her 5 or 6th album.

    • Worlock93

      Actually her first album was “Janet Jackson” from 1982.

  • Momus

    Jennifer Lopez is know for “Maid in Manhattan”? Do you even watch movies? I’m not a fan of her but even I know she rose to prominence by starring in the bio-pic Selena and then became a name by starring in “Out of Sight” with George Clooney. Even “The Cell” must be a better known movie than “Maid in Manhattan”. MiM was really when the wheels had already started to come off her short-lived time as an A-list star. After that it was Gigli, Jersey Girl, Shall we Dance and oblivion.

    • Justin McGill

      Thank you.. As no big fan of JLo I can’t believe how little the person bashing her seemed to know. But hersinging career? She was a dancer first. And the first flick i recall was money train with Snipes and Harrelson.. Not a great flick but even then I thought she held her own.

      • Momus

        Totally didn’t realize she was in that, and I remember watching that years ago. Not a good movie indeed.

    • Rob

      Out of Sight is great and she’s great in it! One of the few – the other notable being U-Turn with Sean Penn. She’s actually quite good in both. Out of Sight is killer and she somehow nails it.

      • grapsta

        Massive fan of both films.

      • Justin McGill

        I always forget about U Turn.. Great but almost forgotten film.

    • Worlock93

      Maid in Manhattan is her highest grossing film. Maybe you remember her for The Cell (her 4th) or Out of Sight (her 10th) but Maid in Manhattan is still the movie the most people actually paid to see her in.

  • species-521

    Keira Knightley is a very very good actress. And, for the record,I wouldn’t admit that in a round of friends, but in my opinion Sarah Jessica Parker, as well as Kirsten Stewart (yes, I say that) are far better than everyone else is able to admit.

    • David Gordon

      I have never seen either of the people you mentioned (especially Stewart) do a single bit of decent acting.

      • Marizol Clark

        Panic Room. Kristen was great!

      • Nishi Hundan

        Watch The Runaways

    • Tired of the same ol’ retoric

      Kristin Stewart, when considering her broad body of work does not deserve to be 3 on this list. She should be Numero Uno. Awful doesn’t describe her consistently wooden and expressionless performances. I remember in Twilight, she had a particularly emotional scene in her bed where she was crying. It appeared she was laughing (she was that bad). Throughout the entire Twilight movie they kept referring to how beautiful she is, etc., etc. Well, with her dour expressions and drab clothing, all the other women, the men, even the animals were more attractive. She definitely does not light up the screen.

      • Nicolas Therrien

        Twilight’s is not an example of what Kristen can do, if you had watched ‘Speak’ at least once, you would never underestimate her acting talent!

        • sgtGiggsy

          Still, Twilight is far from being a really hard movie from the perspective of acting, yet she couldn’t show even the most basic emotions in it. The same thing about the Snow White movie. If she can act, then her face was injected with botox in the last few years.

        • Annaliece

          She was playing her part. The character “Bella” is supposed to be expressionless. Don’t judge someone’s acting career by just one of their movies.

      • Robsten Is For Real

        Kristen Stewart is an amazing actress, she’s the best actress EVER she’s better than anybody else!!

    • Richard Harper

      You should consider getting glasses as it’s obvious you’re blind.

  • areyoureallyserious

    Is the author trying to say that Janet Jackson’s first album was “Janet”? That’s pretty much the argument I have considering that it was her 5th album and she was the highest selling female artist of all time by that point. The woman had gone platinum like 10 times by the time it was released! I’m not her agent, but a LITTLE bit of research, please LOL. Paula Patton isn’t a bad actress either in my opinion. Haven’t seen her in much, but she wasn’t bad.

    • unsocial

      Hey I dig your drift… Had me thinking the same thing… Just like calling Friends a cult hit on TV… It’s like one of the the biggest 90s tv shows…

    • Ms. Pickles

      I also think it was bad taste to mention Michael Jackson, since he didn’t have anything to do with Jane’s acting career at all. That was just an easy way to get a jab in on Michael, while bashing everyone else too.

  • Kevin Carter

    Where the hell was Olivia Munn and Tea Leoni?

  • childerolandusa

    In what universe is Halle berry unconventionally beautiful?

    • mynameisbluecanary

      That was my question as well.

    • Bonnie Herring

      I guess the same one where Jennifer Aniston would be considered breathtakingly beautiful. Sorry, I just don’t see it.

      • Rahul Mariserla

        hehe that’s so true buddy:D
        she’s more like a mad man:P

        • ninusmer75

          And you did you watch yourself in the mirror lately ?how just the ugly people make bad comments about others ??

      • Jeff Rittenour

        her old nose didn’t think she was beautiful lol…watch Leprechaun haha

        • ninusmer75

          why don’t you put a picture of yourself here , maybe we can say something about your nose also

      • Jeff Brown

        She’s attractive and can be sexy, but breathtaking beauty? No.

    • tdbeaton

      I was thinking the exact same thing. This writer has all sorts of problems.

    • susan

      um, this one?

      • childerolandusa

        What’s ‘unconventional’ about her beauty, exactly?

        • Momus

          Well if you take a moment to look past her beautiful large eyes and her stunning bone structure, and you put aside her gorgeously sculpted body, her toned legs and her perfect rounded breasts you’ll notice that her smooth flawless skin in fact is not white! And that apparently to the author makes her “unconventional”.

          Making the statement even more bizarre, I’d feel pretty comfortable betting money that Halle Berry would be picked by an overwhelming majority of people as the most physically attractive woman out of the 7 that were named.

    • Yankee Jane

      The same universe where Keira Knightly is breathtakingly beautiful. My dogs like her, all of those bones!

      • Jeff Brown

        LOL! She has a very pretty face, but she needs to sit down and eat once in a while. True.

    • MoTruth

      When I read that, that was the very first thing I thought: Halle Berry, unconventional beauty??? I guess Lena Horne and Dorothy Dandridge were, as well.

      • FromTokyo

        Exactly. The writer is saying something without coming out and just saying it.

    • Momus

      Apparently based on the other examples, unconventional = not white.

  • yourmomsidol

    Malin Akerman can’t act? WTF?

  • Gary

    The reason there are so many actresses that can’t really act is that females in Hollywood are generally chosen for their looks. This is also why as the men get older and “distinguished,” the women are pushed to the side for the next pretty to come along.

    • Russell Harding

      In fairness there’s plenty of actors that could populate a similar list…Keanu Reeves, Orlando Bloom, Jason Statham or Sam Worthington anyone? It’s definitely worse for actresses though, once you pass 35 the roles dry up and you don’t even get to come back as an elder statesman like the former leading men do.

      Rosie Huntington Whitely is the most outrageous example of “she’s flawless and people won’t care that she can’t act in the slightest.” I’ve always wondered why that is the case, are the casting agencies of the world really empty of young actors and actresses who are both beautiful and talented?

      • Gary

        Of course, there are men in this category. Jason Statham, however, falls into the action hero category with Seagal, Van Damme, etc. None of them can act and were put on screen for other reasons, not their looks.

        The “pretty face” has always been an ingredient for Hollywood starlets, but it is worse now because there are far more movies being made by more studios. Plenty have been given the flash-in-the-pan treatment only to be shoved over as soon as they discover the next this or the next that. Certainly the world has to be full of great actors that we’ll never see because the Blooms, Anistons, and Huntingtons are what studios use to sell tickets.

        There seems to be two problems with the agencies. They are tasked with filling roles with specific physical criteria (measurements, hair color, skin color, etc.), which exclude those who do not fit the particular physical, but can probably act better than those that do. The other problem is that young actresses and actors from studios like Disney, Nickelodeon, and any other kiddy production are hand picked, groomed, and expected to be something greater than a drugged out alcoholic as they try to transcend into adulthood without the exaggerated and fabricated “talent” they were given.

        Pop Stars are given their songs (written by others) and thrown up on stage whether they can truly sing or not, which is why so many fall to the side.

        It’s all about production and appearance. It’s about Star power, not talent power.

        • Momus

          Statham, Van Damme, Seagal, “The Rock” and a bunch of others (even Schwartzenegger) are/were absolutely put on-screen for their looks. Being a chiseled wall of toned muscle is part of “looks” and it is the primary reason a lot of action stars get cast.

          • Gary

            Schwarzenegger is the exception and was absolutely chosen for his muscles for the role of Conan.

            The problem with your conclusion, however, is that even good actors, such as Brad Pitt, Liam Neeson, Christian Bale, etc., have muscle tone. Action stars were not chosen for their muscle tone. Those action stars were put on screen generally because they can throw a kick and they fit that martial arts mold. Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee, Van Damme, Statham, etc. were fighters first and displayed that talent on screen for the ninja loving audience.

            This is different from the starlet who was chosen for facial looks and brings no talent whatsoever. Though, the action star can’t generally act, they can fight.

          • Momus

            That’s valid – several of those guys were chosen for their martial arts ability. Although I would add that the reason each of them was chosen over other martial artists is because they were better looking. And you would have to include Jason Statham on the list of guys chosen strictly for their looks since, if memory serves, he was a male model before becoming an action star.

          • Gary

            Well Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee, Van Damme, and even Segall were of martial arts fame with titles and positions. That’s what made them stand out. I mean, these guys were hardly good looking in the Hollywood sense.

            Statham is the odd one in the bunch. He was a model, but his first two movies were Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, and Snatch. The Action star came later when they tapped into his martial arts abilities. I think he was a close friend of Guy Ritchie, the director of those first two films.

      • Justin McGill

        I would say that but I thought Worthington was actually good in Sabotage. But Reeves was a ten actor that never truly made a good transition into adult roles..

        • Mark Nelson

          he cant act. the only thing reeves did right was bill and ted.

          • Justin McGill

            Ummm.. I love you to death and parenthood are two roles I loved. Death him being a bit dimmer than usual. Also Point Break has its fans.. And I liked him in Speed.

      • Tired of the same ol’ retoric

        Channing Tatum is a horrendous actor that seems to get by on his looks. He seems to be reading his lines from a cue card (and doesn’t seem to be a particularly good reader either).

        • bo87

          Waiting for someone to call you a misandrist for that…

          oh wait that doesn’t happen because when it comes to men getting acting jobs for their looks people aren’t actually naive and retarded.

      • FromTokyo

        Dead on with Keanu Reeves. I watched “Johnny Mneumonic” the other day and was floored by how his acting in The Matrix films is almost Oscar-worthy by comparison. (It’s not, but the acting in that earlier film is so very horrible.)

    • El Howard

      Great, next you’ll be telling me that Kate Upton can’t act!

      (Actually, she can’t… but who cares?)

      • Gary


  • Stealth Avenue

    I knew this was written by a man from the first one. Ugh….

  • David Oakes

    LOL this article is fucking stupid

  • Randall Flagg

    Rose McGowen should have been on this list. In her last few movies I believe sex got her the roles since she was dating the director. Truly horrible actress.

    • Mark Nelson

      shes not on the list because no one knows who she is

  • Pani B

    ridiculous article

  • The Angry Troll

    So basically, it’s a list of chicks the “author” (a term I use VERY loosely here,) doesn’t like, combined with some chicks it’s “safe” to badmouth. I want the last ten minutes of my life back.

  • Maria Martinez

    I disagree on you about Kristen Stewart she can act that was her role playing a loner Bella Swan that was her character you ediot

    • Gary

      Kristen Stewart is Kristen Stewart in everything she does. She is the Keanu Reeves of male actors who can’t remove the same distinct personality we see in every character they portray. This means that they can’t “act.” They are run of the mill. Nothing special. If you met Kristen Stewart or Keanu Reeves on the street you would meet exactly what you see on screen.

      • Brad

        Lol….she acts as if she’s bored or depressed. In or out of character. A shame because she is pretty

      • joemar4

        Gary, Wow! “She is the Keanu Reeves of female actors who can’t remove the same distinct personality we see in every character they portray.” You sure as shit hit it right on the head with that comparison! Well done!!

        • mynameisbluecanary

          Amen, although I do think she’s a bit worse than even Keanu. I have never so badly wanted two hours of my life back as I did immediately after watching Snow White and the Huntsman.

          • Gary

            I kept pondering how they got the Wicked Witch into a Twilight movie.

    • Jenn

      What’s an “ediot”?

  • EnricX

    The misogynistic writer knows nothing about acting, judging actresses by overall film revenue is an insult to the readers. And his writing is so deficient I hope his app code continues to earn him zero money.

  • Guest

    This is the real app developer

  • Ron

    The only one I don’t really agree with is Keira Knightley. While I wouldn’t consider her spectacular by any means, I don’t think she belongs in the same category as Megan Fox or Paris Hilton.

    • Mark Nelson

      the only thing i remember her in right now is pirates of the carribean. tainted by association? and that christmas uk movie. other than that she hasnt done much or wasnt memorable.

      • http://www.nicolekruex.com nicolekruex

        She’s been in dozens of incredible roles, they just aren’t Hollywood blockbusters that call for a female sock puppet. She can act and is spectacular at it. The Dutchess, Anna Karenina, Domino, etc. Movies do get made outside the theater system.

      • Helena

        Pride and Prejudice, Atonement, Begin Again, Bend it Like Beckham. Seriously, this chick is one of the most talented actresses of her generation and her being in this list is the most fucked up thing of these ‘lists’ i can ever imagine,

    • Jeff Brown

      Maybe a notch above, but not by much. She’s never impressed me.

      • Chris Price

        Have you seen A Dangerous Method or Never Let Me Go? She’s stunningly good in both of those.

    • Helena

      Seriously! I consider her so great and definitely underrated. She just chooses not to do big hollywood action films, and Jack Ryan turned out to be a dud but otherwise she’s fantastic. Including her in this list is ridiculous.

    • Chris Price

      I would point the writer to Knightley’s roles in A Dangerous Method, Never Let Me Go and Atonement to debunk his theory. Also, I gotta say I think he’s wrong about Cameron Diaz, Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Aniston as well. They’ve all been in shitty movies, but they all can act (see: Being John Malkovich and Vanilla Sky for Diaz, Adventureland and The Runaways for Stewart, and The Good Girl and Friends With Money for Aniston). Some of these actresses don’t get enough chances to show their skills, due to the general lack of great female roles in Hollywood and the large amount of competition for what little is out there. Plus, once you hit a certain age you can kiss casting calls goodbye (unless you’re Meryl Streep), because the industry tosses older women away like disposable tissues.

  • Marie Swanson

    are you kidding how is Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller in the same list as Paris Hilton?

    Katherine Heigl can act, um grey’s anatomy????? Sure she’s playing the same roles over and over like Jennifer Aniston and I wish they would break away from that but that does not mean they cannot act.

  • Brian

    Stopped reading after #1, which is just plain dead wrong. Malin Akerman is a fantastic actress, and is hilarious on Trophy Wife. Your comment about her shows that a) you don’t know much about Akerman, b) you haven’t seen Trophy Wife, which is a shame because it’s a very good show and you’re obviously basing your opinion of both Akerman and the show itself on a name intended to be ironic that you’re not understanding and using out of context in an attempt to slam them both, and c) that you simply don’t understand much about acting in general, which makes reading the rest of this list pointless.

    • Lindsey

      When I saw her on the list, I thought this would be a bad list. Malin Akerman isn’t someone I seek out, but I like her when I see her. Trophy Wife was a great show with a terrible title. She’s pretty much the only one I disagree with on this list though. I have to agree that the majority of these women can’t act and don’t understand why most of them are famous. (I don’t think some of them are even that attractive.)

  • chiliboots

    Her eyebrows are the only part of Natalie Portman that do any acting.

  • Kathy B

    I know tons of people are going to disagree, but I’ve never been impressed by the acting abilities of the highly-praised Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie. I think the success of these women is largely due to their looks as well. I admit I have not seen all their films, perhaps I missed something. But I never could figure out what the big deal was with regard to these two actresses. They play certain roles well, but their range seems very limited.

    • mynameisbluecanary

      I like Julia Roberts, but I agree with you – Jolie is mostly overrated. She was fantastic in Girl, Interrupted, but in every other role I’ve seen her in, she’s just been… meh.

      • Kathy B

        Yep, Girl Interrupted was good but I got the feeling Jolie was pretty much playing herself.

        • SaucySnoop

          You say that as it that was easy.

    • Mark Nelson

      I prefer eric roberts over julia roberts but he never made it big. i never saw the it factor in her but for some reason she hit big. jolie cant act. i think most of her films have bombed aside from tomb raider and mr and mrs smith. shes not a money maker. but then again what female is. without a big male lead why go see the movie. actresses typically need a group of leading ladies or strong male leads to bring the audience. Prove me wrong

    • Ms. Pickles

      Julia Roberts has quite a few films that she was in “Sleeping With the Enemy”, “Erin Brockovich” (?) spelling. Angelina Jolie in “Gia” she won a Golden Globe, she is known for her quirky beautiful badassery. “Hackers”, “Lara Croft”, “Sky Captain & The World of Tomorrow”, “Mr. & Mrs. Jones”, have made her loved by many. Including me.
      As well as JLo who is not a fantastic actresses nor is she God awful. She is beautiful and entertaining. I love her movies “The Cell”, “Monster-in-Law” are my favorite.
      Also Gabrielle Union, and Meagan Good do great work in their own right. They have millions of fans, they are mainly movie idols in the Black community. They just haven’t been able to crossover to the mainstream well, although they are known in it. No they’re not Oscar worthy so far but they play their parts well.
      Lastly I take issue with Beyonce. She is star worthy, give her a few more good roles. She was cute, and bubbly in “Goldmember”, and deserved an Oscar for “Cadillac Records”. Her problem is overexposure. The public is tired of hearing about her, because of too much media saturation. But if I were her I’d do the same. Because you have to get it while it’s hot. One day America’s darling, next week America’s has been!

  • LibelFreeZone

    Man, I would hate to be Ross Smythe, churning out tripe on a pointless blog instead of appreciating the magnificence of Michael Jackson.

  • MegaSolipsist

    Keira Knightley is a fantastic actress. Haven’t you ever seen Pirates of the Carribean?
    The good ones, I mean.

  • Guest

    Two Words
    Amber Heard
    Where is that waste of sperm?

  • http://enria.org/ Voicedude

    I’m really surprised Kate Bosworth didn’t make the list.
    Any ONE of her performances could singlehandedly do so…

    • Mark Nelson

      it wouldve been a shorter list if they put the actresses that can act.

  • Chris Jackson

    A lot of the actresses best performances have been conveniently left out of this list. Cameron Diaz in Being John Malkovich, Jennifer Aniston in Office Space, Kristen Stewart in The Runaways, J-Lo in Out Of Sight, Keira Knightly in Never Let Me Go for example.

    • Wilma

      I think the author doesn’t really know those movies.

  • Philip210

    Very condenscending article, i think it’s time to start not visiting this site, way too negative & judgmental.

  • http://ostrovletania.blogspot.com/ Andrea Ostrov Letania

    “If acting was a pendulum between sighing heavily, and…well…sighing more heavily, Stewart would have been a multiple Oscar-winner by now. Her ‘Bella’-act in the otherwise-successful ‘Twilight’ franchise has got to be one of the most consistently expressionless feats in the history of Hollywood.”

    You are so wrong. Stewart’s performance is remarkable, gracefully hitting all the notes before finally cresting as a vampiress. And unlike many pretty actresses who just cruise automatic on their looks, Stewart kept her eyes on the road, shifting gears at the opportune moments. She blended freshness of youth with the timeless calling of myth.

    • mynameisbluecanary

      …I’d swear this was sarcasm if the poster didn’t use a Twilight character as an avatar.

  • Joshua Alt

    I am SO happy Ashley Tisdale didn’t make the list.

    Great list though…Megan Fox is really really hot though.

  • Addison

    Lost all credibility after mentioning Keira Knightley. Have you seen pride and prejudice, pure, a dangerous method. Every actor has a film flop once and a while ask Depp. He must be a horrible actor for doing transcendence.

  • unsocial

    I should point out Friends wasn’t a cult hit… It was about as mainstream as you could get for 90’s TV…I tend to remember cast infighting over pay being major tabloid fauter .. Also Janet Jackeson wasn’t a moderately suscessful pop star either… Control and Rythym Nation were very big albums in their day and rivaled her brother’s success… But then again the author of this article probably wasn’t alive to remember such things.. Typical internet….

    • SaucySnoop

      Agreed on Friends. It was about as much of a cult hit as ER was. It had a big audience but it was mainstream as they come. Ask anyone about Friends in 20 years and I can assure you nobody will know what you’re talking about. Real cult hits are smaller but they live much longer.

    • FromTokyo

      I think the writer doesn’t know how adjectives work; or rather, doesn’t know the proper adjectives to use. “Cult hit” is not the phrase for Friends at all.

  • mrbrockpeters

    Wow, this article is pretty spot on. I agree with every entry.

  • Polyester Poontang

    Did the writer of this article do any research at all?

    First of all, Janet Jackson started out as an actress on Good Times in 1977.
    Secondly, her first album was a fairly innocent teen-pop album called “Janet Jackson”, released in 1982. “Janet.”, which I assume is the one the writer is referring to, was released 11 years later.

    Not to defend Janet’s acting, but whoever wrote this piece should consider a new career.

  • Data1001

    To the author: Watch J-Lo in “Out of Sight” (with George Clooney) and watch Sienna Miller in “Interview” (with Steve Buscemi) — you may change your mind.

  • Ace Duncan

    What an idiotic article! Cite after cite of these actresses turning in good performances, but then being involved in movies the author does not like, therefore, they “can’t act.”

    Putting Keira Knightly, Sienna Miller and Cameron Diaz on a list with Paris Hilton, Megan Fox and Kim Kardashian just shows the idiocy of the article.

    • Gary

      Yeah some of these actresses do not belong on his list.

  • dfasdfsa

    I disagree with most of this list

  • Ray Stone

    how about this. assholes who write articles about people who cant act,that should not be writing articles

  • Nick Gosselin

    Dear Ross Smythe. Please remove your head from your a$$. That is all.

  • Daforce

    Malin Ackerman is hilarious in Adult Swim’s Children’s Hospital. I didn’t bother going through the rest of your list because it looks like you equate looks as what it takes to be famous.You may as well have written an article titled ‘Boobies I Like To Whack It To’.

  • John Askins

    I don’t think the writer of the article has any clue what he is talking about. Jennifer Aniston is a great actress and she was excellent in the movie We’re the Millers, I would say that was the funniest movie to come out last year. Well that or Identity Thief, both were incredibly hilarious movies and had great acting. I think most of the actresses listed here are good actresses and they left off some really horrible ones. Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, Rosie Huntington Whiteley(she was far worse an actress in her few roles than Megan Fox), Also I think Oblivion bombed more so because of Tom Cruise than Kiera Knightley who is a good actress, but I know a lot of people who won’t watch anything with cruise in it anymore. Also aside from Twilight Kirsten Stewart was a good actress in other movies, there was Runaways where she completely nailed the role of Joan Jett, they said she was perfect in that role I’ve heard. When she was younger she was really good in the roles she played on Zathura and Catch That Kid, in Snow White and the Huntsman I think she outacted Charlize Theron, I believe Theron was the weak link in that movie. It almost seems like you just picked big names to poke fun of them, but I will say probably THE WORST actress I remember isn’t even on this list, Rosie Huntington Whiteley, she was the worst part of Transformers:Dark of the Moon. That movie wasn’t good but she was still the worst actor/actress in the whole thing, and I don’t even think she is good as eye candy.

  • boyd

    Ackerman can do anything thing wants. as far as I’m concerned

  • Dark30

    I read some pretty crappy lists, but this one is particularly poorly researched. For 1, Malin Akerman has done an outstanding job in just about everything she’s done including ROCK OF AGES a movie the writer quietly skipped over. Beyonce is a singer but her performance in Obsession is pretty solid. I will give you some of the others on this list but Keira Knightley is superb especially in older films like THE HOLE (2001). Sarah Jessica Parker is fine for the roles she takes, but her best film was probably STRIKING DISTANCE. Yeah I know the author didn’t bother watching that. Finally even though Kristen Stewart is flat in some films, she hit it out of the park in both SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN and PANIC ROOM another movie you have to forget about when accusing her of being horrible.

    • Arturis Dentalis

      Mostly agree with you but I actually burst out laughing at Stewart’s acting in Snow White – it’s as if she thought quivering lip = emotion.

      • Wilma

        I would use The Runaways as an example of Stewart being able to act.

        • Arturis Dentalis

          I haven’t seen it, any good?

        • SaucySnoop

          I agree to that. I’m appalled by the whole Twilight thing but honestly they made wonderful stage actors like Michael Sheen look terrible so I’m going to hazard the guess that the over-acting and wooden performances were somehow a requirement?
          Stewart was pretty good in Speak and the Runaways.
          I don’t think anyone can judge anything from Twilight, except maybe the zillions of dollars one can make by appealing to the hormonal hysteria of teenagers.

    • Ms. Pickles

      I love the movie “Striking Distance”, and thought she was good in “First Wives Club”.

  • Snoopy

    You forgot Meryl Streep, who has had too many acting lessons. Her wooden, mechanical attempts are lauded by Hollywood, because they like her plain, unattractive, non-threatening looks. You can always catch her “acting” when she tries some of the most abominable foreign accents.

    • SaucySnoop

      lol awesome

  • Scott B

    While I must agree with you on Kristin Expression-Less Stewart (she drives me insane with her non-talent), I find the inclusion of Keira Knightly and SJP to be a bit mean-spirited. And I think Cameron Diaz can be quite good. It’s your 1 opinion, remember. I am an actor, director, and an adjudicator for performances, but mostly for the stage where there are actual, well-written scripts. It’s all in the script. If the script is loosy-goosy or slight (or non-existent) like most Hollywood scripts, even the best actress is going to look questionable while collecting her paycheck. (and you know that is important = $$) Acting is a fickle friend, for sure. :)

  • http://twitter.com/TheHollaway Henry Hollaway

    Keira Knightley?! Really? She doesn’t deserve to be on a list with …basically everyone else on here.

  • jase0910

    I like how Friends is described as a “cult hit sitcom” in Jennifer Aniston’s listing.

  • Phil Nielsen

    the one thing he seems to overlook is that no actor can look good if the writing isn’t good or the script doesn’t allow them to stretch. not every script is a masterpiece and you can only do so much with what you are given. a lot of directors want the actor to act in a very specific way.

    • martykayzee

      Then you turn down the job.

  • grapsta

    Jennifer Aniston has great comedy timing

    • SaucySnoop

      I don’t think you know what that means.

      • grapsta

        she wouldnt have got the Friends gig otherwise….and yeah I do know what comedy timing is

    • bumboclot

      Agree. I never liked friends but even I can’t deny that the show could never be a number one rated comedy if Aniston had no timing! So what if it didn’t translate to drama? She still has good comedic talent.

  • BreannaFox89

    The larger question here is what determines ‘actress’. Personally, I think that if you are in a movie/TV show, you’re an actress. Maybe some of these women aren’t Meryl Streep, but if they were really THAT bad, they’d have been fired from whatever they were in

  • Charlie Warrick

    Two black women? How racist, racist, racist!

  • Mark Nelson

    Can’t stand janet jackson. she’s horrible. She can’t act to save her life. michael couldv’e done alot better in her female roles. he looked a bit more feminine than her. that voice is so annoying. she her roles try to make her self important when who the fuck cares. the only reason i know her is cause shes michael jacksons sister.

    That divergent actress can’t act. the movies she has starred in are craptasric. definitely for a younger version. i dont see her winning an academy award in the near future. Kristen stewart for some reason i think she can do something more but that whole twilight pretty much f’d her career up. The hunger games actress is actually not that great of an actress but she has become some kinda fas. shes been annoying. childish antics.

  • Whit

    Kristen Stewart was excellent as Joan Jett in The Runaways. That was also the opinion of Joan Jett herself as well as Cherie Curry who were influential in the production. As a huge Jett/Runaways fan myself, I was very skeptical going in, but she and Fanning (wow!) absolutely nailed it. It’s a great little movie and btw Michael Shann

  • HatersGonnaHate

    This is the worst article I have ever seen….

  • edenly

    Hey mate, where’s your equivalent list of men who can’t act? This list promised me famous, and it promised me unable to act, and a bunch of those ladies have done some great work, therefore, can act.

  • Guest.

    I agree with most of these, though I think Jennifer Aniston and Lindsay Lohan *can* act, they just can’t pick a decent role. Aniston was great in The Good Girl, like you said, but she just never seems to pick rolls beyond screwball comedy anymore.

    Lohan, I would argue, was excellent as a child actor, particularly in the Parent Trap. It wasn’t until after Mean Girls that she started to flop. She hasn’t done anything good in so long Im not sure if she can act as an adult or not.

    And thank you for putting Keira Knightly. That girl drives me insane but everyone always seems to gush over her performances.

    • Ms. Pickles

      Jennifer Aniston was also good in “Just Go With It”, and “The Bounty Hunter”.

  • Mike Dominick

    Keira Knightley? Really? WRONG. There are no big set pieces in Last Night, Dangerous Method, etc. and she’s great.

  • Jose Montana

    it would like to disagree but I cannot….though chance to gaze upon Knightly is a just experience

  • Sal

    I feel dirty for saying this but Paris Hilton was decent in Repo! the Genetic Opera and House of Wax. Now I have to take a shower.

  • Penny Marie Sautereau

    Another hit piece written by a snobby guy bitter that he’ll never fuck any of these women.

    • PKBitchGirl

      Why would anyone want to fuck Kardashian or Megan Fox?

  • heartsattack

    Although some of these women are not the best actresses, it upsets me to hear words like stupid tossed around. There is a huge difference between being talentless and stupid. Who are you to judge how smart these ladies are? And why are you cutting down women in the first place? Why not do an article on the beautiful, talentless PEOPLE in Hollywood? God knows there are a lot of men in the business who can’t act either.

  • jo

    You forgot Scarlett Johansson, man she can’t act!

  • Michael Knight

    Definitely a sexist article-he seems to say if one is good-looking they cant.. he prefaced most of them mentioning looks first. Knightley and Stewart have had great performances outside of their Hollywood big budgets Pirates and Twilight. Cannot even begin to put these two in the same sentence with the likes of Fox, Hilton, Jlo, and Kardashsian. And I did enjoy Diaz in Vanilla Sky which may not be popular here.

    • bumboclot

      Not sexist. Actors – male of female – get roles all the time just because they are good looking. Acting ability doesn’t determine box office at all. Otherwise how do you explain Schwarzenegger?

  • Keith

    Jesus Christ, “breathtakingly beautiful” is NOT a phase to be used anywhere near Keira Knightley. Her gaunt boney face and HIDEOUS SMILE is repulsive! And GROW SOME TITS GIRL! WHY is this vastly over-rated woman in any movie?? She can’t act either!

    • Daniel Plainview

      Not nearly as repulsive as you seem to be as a person in general, mind.

    • MrDeadman

      I personally have never found her attractive. Then against I don’t find 12 years olds attractive and she certain has the body of a 12 year old.

  • V Mateo

    Although I agree for the most part, I’ve got to differ on Keira Knightly. And Kim Kardashian is NOT a famous Hollywood actress. She is famous indeed but not as an actress.

  • Koyomi K

    this list seriously doesn’t the biggest offender of recent times on it, Jennifer Lawrence. she hands down worse than everybody on this list except Hilton, Kardashian, Paula Patton and the two Megans (the latter three are as bad at acting as Lawrence, but at least they are attractive).

    • PKBitchGirl

      Megan Fox isn’t attractive though, her plastic surgery fucked up her face

      • Koyomi K


  • Melissa

    This article is as shallow and devoid of substance as you claim these actresses’ acting abilities are. How about establishing some criteria to determine whether these actresses have chops? How about some in depth knowledge of their acting careers? You need to establish credibility before you decide to judge people based on your limited knowledge and opinion.

  • Daniel Matamoros

    No Téa Leoni?

  • Agent Michael Scarn

    Jennifer Lawrence can’t act either, her entire catalog is trite, fake and devoid of actual acting skill.

    • FromTokyo

      I like her as a person (the bit I know about her), and I like her as Katniss in The Hunger games, but at the same time, I don’t think she’s a good actress. She portrays a lot of Katniss’ qualities correctly, but she’s so wooden and seems to have difficulty emoting.

  • Kent Mcguire

    Reading this lame hit-article was 1min. 30sec of my life I will never get back! I’ve been robbed!

  • Some Guy

    It’s interesting how they always seem to include a large proportion of minority chicks when they do bad actress lists, but then leave them out when they do great actress or ‘most beautiful actress’ lists. Why was I not surprised that almost half this list managed to include black chicks and the only person people defend is Keira Knightley. Big surprise.

    • MrDeadman

      So, 25% is a large proportion? 25% is half of half of this list. That is not overly large at all. It actually is disproportionate in the blacks and latinos probably make up over 25% of the U.S. population and therefore are diproportionaly under represented on this list.

  • El Howard

    Can’t argue with most of these, but I think J-Lo and Carmen Diaz are brilliant actors, or at least brilliant comedic actors. I don’t think Diaz has had any roles that required great dramatic acting.

    • Ms. Pickles

      “Gangs of New York”.

  • Maddie

    This list was crap. Jennifer Anniston is a very good actress as well as Keira Knightly, Gabrielle Union, Sienna Miller and yes Kristen Stewart when she’s in something other than Twilight. Watch Panic Room, The Runaways and Adventureland. Her Bella character in the Twilight Saga was supposed to be deadpan and angst-ridden. But all in all, the person who wrote this article just picked actresses he simply doesn’t like. It was riddled with sarcasm and misogyny. He couldn’t just write about what he thought was lacking in their performances, it had to lead off about how they look. Then to add singers into this mix just because they tried acting, further negates any point he was attempting to make. If you really want to mention bad actresses, Angelina Jolie and Julia Roberts would be high on that list. Both are Hollywood darlings who can do no wrong in the eyes of the media and neither can act their way out of paperbags. Yes they’ve won awards but the awards were given by their own ilk. And both have the same expressions in every movie. Also, just because their films were successful doesn’t mean the films were good. It just means they have their fans who will spend money on their movies no matter what.

  • March Hare Denise

    what a load of crap, i did not see jessica alba here, I don’t know what this is going based on but, how can anyone forget the obvious?

  • Janine O’Flaherty

    Someone forgot Gwyneth Paltrow (one of the most wooden actresses of all time) and Denise Richards (laughably bad – middle-school-play level bad).

  • so

    i’m so happy Cameron Diaz was in this list

  • Montira Warran

    How does one assess that an actor or actress “can’t actually act”? I ask in all sincerity, as I am not a film or theater expert like the author professes to be.

    • MrDeadman

      An actor must be able to play varous roles. Saying they can’t act is saying they only have one role… Take their example of Kathrine Heigel. She only ever plays the one role in all her films. There may be slight variations, but always the same role. To give you another example, Christian Bale. His Batman/John Connor were essentially the same character.

  • Eva Thomas

    I disagree about Sarah Jessica Parker. I liked her in “Square Pegs” when she was younger, as well as in “Sex In The City”.

  • nomadrover

    “Even unconventionally beautiful actresses (think: Halle Berry)…”

    I am NOT AT ALL a fan of Halle Berry…but how is she “unconventionally beautiful”???

    What, exactly, is “unconventional” about her beauty?

  • Nicole Baxter

    Keira Knightly was amazing in so many of her films; especially Pride and Prejudice, she was actually breathtaking as an actress, not because she’s pretty.

    • Sorbe

      Keira Knightly
      2006 Nominated Oscar
      Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role
      Pride & Prejudice (2005)

  • Mayelin P

    How on Earth is Halle Berry an “unconventional” beauty? What exactly is so “unconventional” about her, because I would really want to know…

  • jp

    Did you really call Friends a “cult hit”?

  • Namnoot

    Agree with most but not Keira Knightley. I’m not a “fanboy” of her’s but most of the films I’ve seen of her’s, including non-blockbusters like Bend it Like Beckham and Domino, she’s done a good job. I might actually be more inclined to put her near-doppleganger (seriously, they made that a plot point in Star Wars Episode I, remember?) Natalie Portman on the list. Except for the film she made for Luc Besson as a kid, The Professional, I haven’t seen much of her work that has impressed me.

  • Marie

    Even though i love the twilight movies..i can understand why some people didnt. The greatest actors in our country wouldve had a hard time pulling that off. Kristen Stewart is a great actress. I was impressed with snow white and the huntsman. I thought she was fantastic in that. You can’t take an article based on one persons opinion and call it a fact.

  • Seldom

    You could make a movie about Kim being a whore. That would make it easier to believe.

  • DebrinaMaria

    This article is seriously incorrect. A lot of these women are great actresses. And they have a mega bank account & awards to prove it.

    • MrDeadman

      You don’t need to be a good actress to have a megabank account and lots of credits to your name.

  • Marshall Law

    One person certainly missing from this list is
    Shailene Woodley
    She is the worst actress I’ve seen lately.

    • MrDeadman

      Oh gods, Divergent was horrible. I couldn’t watch more than 45 minutes because of her horrible acting.

  • Planetblue

    Friends was a “cult hit sitcom”, tells you all you need to know about the writer’s grasp over the subject.

  • AtomR

    I think people don’t give enough credit to directors when bad acting is concerned. There are a handful of actors who do really well in indie productions and then in big Hollywood productions they are crap and it’s because the directors want then to look cool and sexy and the actors are pretty much limited in what they can do. This happened to Keanu Reeves in my opinion. Since the Matrix he has been doing the same face and same role and I believe it’s what his directors want. Not saying he was a amazing actor but he could do better. Kristen Stewert is usally prety good in what she does and her emotionless persona is (imo) limited to Twilight (and snow white). I remember her from other movies before (jumper/into the wild) and she was never that bad.

    • Ms. Pickles

      I nominate Mark Wahlberg for the Zoolander Effect Award. Even in “Transformers 3″, the only way you knew he was feeling an emotion is if he was yelling, or his face turned red (right before he starts yelling). Then I reflected back on ALL of his movies (“Rock Star”, “2 Gun”, “Broken City”), and you guessed it, same deadpan expression.

  • Sirius

    i don’t agree on diaz, keira, jennifer lopez, lindsay and aniston.

    cameron and two jennifers always take on the same category of roles, so they don’t even have a chance to show their acting range and intensity although lopez and aniston did have some above average roles.

    lindsay, as someone already said, had it when she was a child, now…who knows if her talent continued growing or reached its maximum potential during puberty.

    keira, she’s alright. just not exceptional to me.

  • kburd

    Tara Reid? Should be #1

  • Smythe Ross

    ROSS SMYTHE IS an idiot

  • bumboclot

    I’d give Aniston some credit because she does have more comedic talent than all the rest of them combined! Comedic acting should not be simply dismissed like that, everyone knows comedy is more difficult than drama.

  • Robsten Is For Real

    HELL NO!! I thoroughly disagree with you!! All of these actresses are amazing actresses!! Especially Kristen Stewart, she’s the best actress ever she’s a wonderfull actress, she’s brilliant, flawless and great actress, she’s better than anybody else, she’s the best actress in our generation, and she’s doing this since she was 9 years old and she was, and still, an awesome actress, she’s a legend!! So, GO TO HELL!!

    • MrDeadman

      Let me guess, she has a restraining order against you?

  • Colby Stearns

    I’m surprised Tara Reid wasn’t mentioned.

  • FromTokyo

    “MODERATELY successful pop star”???
    Dafuq? I’m not even a fan, but Janet Jackson has sold over 140 million (!!!) records and is one of the best-selling and most famous artists in the world ever, and is from music royalty. Your fave could NEVER.

  • FromTokyo

    Why don’t you just come out and say you don’t like some of these people, point blank? By the way you try to lessen what some people are famous for/their accomplishments, it’s blatantly obvious that you simply hate that some of these people are successful. You gave it away with “unconventionally beautiful” for Halle Berry (really? riiiiiiight) and “moderately successful) for JJ. Your true feelings are showing. Become a better writer before you judge other people for anything.

  • FromTokyo

    Here’s a message from one of THE greatest actresses of all time:


  • Mister Salty

    Beyonce, Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton are not actresses. Several others aren’t famous. Is this really the best you can do when Sandra Bullock is still allowed to work?

  • River Tatem

    wtf? keira knightley? really?

  • Worlock93

    No, I don’t think of Keira Knightley when I think of “breathtakingly beautiful.” I think of Keira Knightley when I think “actress most desperately in need of a sandwich. She looks grotesque, like an animated skeleton moving around. In Jack Ryan, she looks like a anorexic skeleton going through chemo.

  • teriquajones

    Not Jennifer Anniston! I think they have mistaken type-casting with bad acting. Jennifer Anniston is always cast in roles portraying the “innocent, friendly girl-next-door” type. I’ve not seen her in an interview, but I’ll bet her personality is very close to the roles she plays.
    I think this makes her seem very real, as if she’s not acting at all (this is typically the goal of actors).
    It’s the same reason we see Jack Nicolson play characters that are a little bit quirky. I’ve heard he has unusual preferences in his real life. But he is truly a great actor and definitely gets type cast.

  • Jeff Brown

    I’ll give the singers, Paris Hilton, Kim (huge sacks) Kardashian, and Bo Derek a break. They never were or will be actors. That being said, I’ll completely agree with Cameron Diaz (she of the way-too-huge “ha ha ha. giggle giggle giggle” actor’s work shop), Katherine Heigl (who’s name will never be mentioned in the same breath with Oscar), Megan (ewwww-I’m-soooooooo-smoldering-hot) Fox, Lindsey (blame-it-on-the-drugs) Lohan, Paula Patton (I saw that movie TWICE and I SWEAR I don’t remember her at all; good call here), Sarah Jessica Parker (the ugliest actress in Hollywood who for some reason keeps getting work), and Jennifer I-fogot-how-to-act Aniston, But don’t pick on my Melissa Joan Heart, a uber-cutie who has only been cast in TERRIBLE movies. My kids, and me, loved her TV shows. ’nuff said.

  • MrDeadman

    Shailene Woodley, seriously? The writer of this thought her acting was good in that movie? Well, it must have gotten better after the 45 minutes I watched before I had to turn it off because it was dull and, I remember at the time thinking, this girl has no acting skill what so ever.

  • LynnDee

    Where’s Julia Stiles? She should’ve been on this list.

  • http://www.cogonline.net/ Digital Jedi

    I figured this would be mean-spirited. But…Halle Berry an “unconventional beauty”? Paula Patton’s dress in Ghost Protocol “horribly revealing”? Keira Knightley? Jennifer Lopez?

    Troll harder.

  • Pat Hanlon

    I’ve not been to a movie theater in years precisely for the reasons you’ve aptly described regarding the acting ability of Hollywood’s beauties.

    We’ve lost one of the best actors in Hollywood on Monday. Ross Smythe, I challenge you to find male actors who can actually act. My idea of an actor is someone who can create the character that the author intended, someone completely different than the personality of the actor. Dedication to real acting seems to have gone to the grave with Williams, Burton, and O’Toole. And if Michael Douglas doesn’t do something soon, I’ll probably never see another movie before I go to the grave myself.

  • Jake May

    breathtakingly beautiful would describe for me……Natalie Portman, and she is a great actress too.

  • JohnG69

    I take this guy has never seen ‘Out of Sight” with JLo and George Clooney.

    Good movie and good acting.

  • http://www.jacketsdesire.com/ Rita Alex

    You provide terrific information
    that’s really matter. I could
    definitely do with improving on most through this excellent post. Thanks for
    helping me to point this out through this article.

    Rita Alex

  • Angela Shepard

    Whoever chose the women for this list is way off. Kim K and Paris are the onky two you got right. They can’t act worth a flip but all the other actresses listed are very talented.

  • Mario Aguilar

    Do your homework “Janet” was not Janet Jacksons first album, she had also already acted in Poetic Justice and on television in series such as Fame and Different Strokes.

  • kikojones

    On what planet is Janet Jackson is “a moderately successful pop star”?

  • hypnometal

    Say what you want about Megan Fox, but she’s still a class act thespian compared to Rosie Huntington Whiteley. ;-)

  • shadowbermuda

    Most celebrities can’t act and should not be confused who actually know how to act. Just because you can perform on stage as a singer, doesn’t make you an actor. Kim Kardashian is only known for one she can do well, stick her ass out and make sex tapes. None of these people + most of anyone else who are in films or TV can’t act. And they should not be considered as one. I dislike most actors, but there are a few that are trained and can act, the rest end up in trashy tv or in the headlines being arrested for a DUI.

  • Cynthia Avishegnath

    Richard Gere.

    • GoodOne_NOW

      I’ll bet you think gerbels are not pretty and can’t act either ….. am I correct?

  • Matt Williams

    This is probably the worst article ever written. Ross Smythe needs to find a new hobby. Leave the writing to professionals.

  • SmilingAtheist

    I’d still like to have Megan Foxx sit on my face…….

  • MrChrisW

    Although I agree almost completely with this list, I will say that I dislike Cameron Diaz a lot less than I used to. When she sticks to broad comedy she’s passable and is basically a female Vince Vaughn.

    I’ve always felt Gabrielle Union has had potential but was never really given good material to chew on, especially after watching Neo Ned.

    And Lohan started off as a decent child actor and then she met Cocaine and that, as they say, was that.

  • Eric Benson

    I have to disagree with Sarah Jessica Parker, a former Broadway actress. And yeah, singers or models who decide they can act with very little training are usually in way over their heads. I would rather see actresses who can act as opposed to actresses who look pretty on the screen.

    • GoodOne_NOW

      But poor Sarah Jessica Parker can do NEITHER, so……….

  • Lielin

    I would replace all those who are not really actresses (like Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, etc.) with real bad actresses who are truly famous and not good acting but everybody loves because this or that role: Emma Watson, Scarlett Johansson, Emma Stone, Jessica Alba. I completely agree with the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, etc. etc. Wow, we are surrounded by terrible actresses who can only do three things with their faces and play the same thing over and over in every movie. Pitifully people keep consuming more looks over talent.

  • Claud Henri Smoot

    Refering to Janet Jackson as ” a moderately successful pop star” wow, the writer certainly has a good grasp on pop culture.

  • LostSok

    Jennifer Aniston has great comic timing. Her “serious” acting has been very hit or miss (mostly miss), to be sure, but for her overall comedy work she deserves more credit than this list suggests.

  • Darth Kaos

    Shocked…no Jessica Alba?

    This writer is an idiot (like so many have already stated), not doing any homework or background on the people on this list. They hit on a couple of obvious choices, but most are totally incorrect. Must of threw this one to the intern.

  • concernedcitizen20099

    Forgot Tori Spelling

    Can’t act.
    Not much in the looks department either…

    • GoodOne_NOW

      AMEN to both!

  • http://www.facebook.com/paulgoldenalcohol paul alcohol

    Sienna Miller played Edie Sedgwick so well. And let’s be honest… The non-actors aside, like Paris, these stars have acting skill. Put anybody on screen who isn’t an actor and they’ll suck. So sick of no talent idiots judging famous actors. Just because they aren’t the best alive doesn’t mean they suck. Paris Hilton sucks, pun intended. But, other than her most these people have more skill than anyone on this comment thread. They may be over paid, but don’t bash them for it. If it’s so easy to act then you all go right ahead. Make your millions. Idiots.

  • CecilTerwilliger

    wow I disagreed with way more of this than I expected to. I just wonder who the writer thinks can act? I mean getting type-casted is one thing but just flat out saying they suck seems kind of wow. but I mean watching a lot of movies doesn’t make me a film critic and everyone has a right to their own opinion.

  • nnnnnn321

    “Even unconventionally beautiful actresses (think: Halle Berry)” – what’s so unconventional about Halle Berry’s beauty? I would have described her as beautiful without any qualifier.

  • Kevin Jackson

    This is the most ridiculous, obvious attempt at trolling for clicks that I’ve seen in… well, at least this week. Janet Jackson and Beyonce are singers, so shoot them for not being great actresses (although Beyonce was pretty freakin good in Dreamgirls). Everyone else on this list is a completely capable actress. Whoever “Ross Smythe” is should get a job doing something he actually knows something about.

    • GoodOne_NOW

      Kevin, when Liza Minnelli was in her prime she was a great singer BECAUSE she was a great actress. Her tremendous acting ability was transferred to every song she sang, and then conveyed the needed emotion to the audience.

  • Ben Tramer

    This SHOULD have been trimmed by ten. The writer had to puff up the puff piece and threw in a few reasonable to good actresses for padding. Jennifer Aniston’s reasons for inclusion are especially stupid –

    “Her mere presence added charm to flicks
    like ‘Horrible Bosses’ and ‘We’re The Millers’, but her performances had
    nothing to do with these films’ commercial success.”

    Uhhh…really? Firstly, there’s so much to acting, including delivery, believability, subtle little things that Jennifer Aniston nails pretty much every time out. Not to mention, she has never been bad in a dramatic role. Stupid inclusion. She isn’t the greatest actress in the world, but doesn’t belong on some dumb a$$ list with Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian.


  • Ben Tramer

    I don’t even know why I click on these stupid “articles”. They’re so dumb. I guess I was surprised to see Jennifer Aniston on a list and wanted to read the writers’ “reasons”, which basically are, “Sure, she’s funny and charming and her presence alone makes movies better, but she’s on the list because we knew we could get people to click with a picture of her involved.”

    • GoodOne_NOW

      Just seeing Jennifer’s NAME would keep me from clicking anything ….. especially the remote to turn on a TV.

  • kah_cherub

    THANK YOU, Heigl and Diaz are terrible!

  • Joseph Haas

    Nice job of mixing in some people you just don’t like along with some serious non-talents. Lindsay Lohan is a ridiculously easy target, but she was quite good in Parent Trap, Mean Girls and Prairie Home Companion.

    As for your put-downs of Jennifer Aniston and Malin Ackerman, whatever. Audiences love them – what’s your claim to fame?

  • http://www.art-by-lea-stretch.tumblr.com/ Lea

    In addition to what others have said, it’s “to date” not “till date.” Lord have mercy, this article was a train wreck.

  • Charlie

    why isn’t Olivia Wilde on this list? she’s the worst actress I’ve ever seen in my life. And I watch Mystery Science Theater so I have seen some SERIOUSLY bad acting.
    (you think SJP is beautiful? she looks like a shaved camel!)

  • GoodOne_NOW

    SO glad you included Jennifer Aniston, whose attempts at acting are not even a GOOD joke. But you over-rated her “beauty” by far. She is actually very “plain” looking…..or at best “ordinary.” I’m sure even the memory of her is an embarrassment today for Brad Pitt.

  • GoodOne_NOW

    And don’t accuse me of being a racist, ’cause I ain’t. But how Kelly Washington has garnered Emmy nominations (gratefully, not the award itself!) for her pathetic “acting” in the pathetic “Scandal” is just beyond me. Seriously. Just like Claire Danes from “Homeland” their idea of emoting is to fake a nervous breakdown every two minutes…..and not even a CONVINCING nervous breakdown.

  • Rick Torres

    Put Kerry Washington at the top of this list. The woman only ever has two expressions on her face: 1) a sneer whenever she is given more than two lines to say, the sneer meant to illustrate that she is large and in charge, but really makes her look ridiculous 2) A quivering face that indicates that she is either on the verge of tears or she is holding in a rather nasty fart that she fears could turn into a shart. That is the sum total of Kerry Washington’s acting ability.

  • John Smith

    I think Jennifer Anniston has been good in several movies. Who cares anyway? There are actresses that are not attractive that get jobs too with the right connections (Tori Spelling). If they can’t act, at least you got something good to look at. It won’t last for long. Bottom line is the bottom line (money). Somebody must be watching.

  • Scott_McMan

    I’d like to say that acting is a skill, but frankly, I can’t. I’ve seen people thrown into movies who’ve never even been on a set before and are fawned over as if they did something amazing. Memorizing lines, sitting in a trailer for 7 hours a day and coming out for 15 minutes to do a scene or two….Uhh, no!

    What really gets me is they have the nerve to call it work. Now, I can see work in some, who do their own stunts, but beyond that, it’s mostly a whole lot of waiting around, reading a couple lines and waiting around some more.

    Exhausting is another word I hear from ‘actors’. Standing on your feet for 10 hours a day waiting on tables is exhausting. Coming up with a cure for disease is exhausting, putting your life on the line on the battlefield, the streets or in a burning house is exhausting. Being an actor on a movie set is NOT, I repeat, NOT exhausting. Oh, I was on set for 15 hours yesterday! Let’s break that down: 2.5 hrs in wardrobe and makeup, where you typically just sit there while someone tends to you, 10.5 hrs hanging out in a trailer, 1 hour at the food table and 1 hour or actual ‘acting’. The big stars don’t even get their own food and often have the makeup and wardrobe people come to their trailer. So, that’s actually, 14 hrs in the trailer and don’t tell me they don’t do a lot of sleeping in said trailer.

    To pick out certain people and say they are bad, is silly in such an industry.

    Now, would I do the same thing for such giant paychecks? You bet your a– I would! More power to you if you can get such a gig.

  • Gabriela Pavaneli

    Why isn’t January Jones on the list???

  • John H

    This article is a joke. 3 or 4 of these aren’t even actresses(such as Paris Hilton and Kim Kardiashian). but the real stupidity is listing people like Malin Akermin, Jennifer Aniston, and Katherine Heigl. The author is basically saying that because they have become typecast in Rom-Coms they therefore are bad actresses. They are all 3 funny, charming women that add a lot to most of the roles they are in. (although I am not big into the rom-com genre) Heigl basically gets a bad wrap as an actress because she is notoriously difficult to work with, and generally makes statements that are hypocritical. Although most of that is probably true, that should be no reflection on her acting skill. The Kiera Knightley part is even more absurd, although I dont put her at the level of some of the great female leading ladies, she has certainly established herself as a cut above. The author blames her for the overall failure of “Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit” . The irony is, the picture used in the article has her standing next to Kenneth Branagh, who is considered one of the best stage and screen actors of the last 30 years. So she gets all the blame and not him. Or how about blaming the guy who plays the title role of Jack Ryan (Chris Pine) Talk about accomplishments, this is a guy that has been basically handed starting roles in A list films since we first heard his name. Shouldn’t he be the one to blame. “Taste of Cinema” really needs to consider hiring real film contributors who have some real knowledge of acting skill and style, and clean out the trolls like the one who wrote this piece of garbage.

  • Sarah Monroe

    Hmmm…how was Janet only “moderately” successful? And why is Halle Berry characterized as “unconventionally beautiful”? She’s conventionally beautiful, smoking hot actually. In every way. And then you go on and say that Melissa Joan Hart is a knockout. Hahah, lmao. This article sucks. And how is Katharine Heigl or Keira Knightley worse than say Alyson Hannigan?

  • Josiah H.

    I bet Dross Smythe spent a good day or two of his life writing this horseshit, and I bet Taste Of Cinema gave him $50.

  • http://www.wattpad.com/user/ThatGirlyBrit Kat Hughes

    Jennifer Aniston is great! How could you consider her as someone who can’t act!

  • Andy Bachand

    Back in the 70s and 80s there were two reasons to be a fan of Bo Derek and her acting wasn’t one of them.

  • Lena

    Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Díaz and Melissa Joan Heart should NOT be on this list. True, they’re not the best actresses ever, but they’re good enough to not be on this list, I could think about 20 more that should totally be here.

    • Guest

      Jennifer Aniston definitively deserves the spot imo . The only bright spots in her movie career , are as a support role ( Horrible Bosses mostly) rather than the lead heroine of some rom-com .

  • tm1946

    Pretty tough love. Met a Playboy model once at a convention, not impressed guess the camera and air brush was kind. These women are what they are, a pretty face, long legs, and ____, no acting ability except for faking it. Most seem to realise it and do what they have to to stay relevant. Doubt we want any of them for more than a season and most will age, sadly.

  • juzcuzuasked

    I’m sorry? What shows, movies, or theater is Ross Smythe known for or even been in? Which Award for acting did he receive that gives any authority to these incoherent petty little ramblings he is babbling about in this article? Oh right, zero, zip, zilch of an acting career…go figure.

  • J.ee

    Im missing als jordan lane price if we are making a list like this..

  • steveneedsajob

    10 minutes i’ll never get back… Most of them aren’t famous or actresses or glamorous or even nice to look at. Can people – professional or not – at least try to have some integrity and pride in their work these days, the internets full of hacks without a sign of competence or insight, IGN being one, if it would just bugger off and leave everyone alone i’m sure we’d all breathe a massive sigh of relief.

    0 dissapointing thumbs up out of 100 for this article. (thought I’d join in with everyone with their delusions that people want to hear their ‘expert’ opinions)

    PS – To the staff of Disqus – shining example right here, sign in with facebook, twitter or google, but after you sign in using one of those options it asks you to sign in with a disqus account anyway making signing in with fb, twitter or google pointless. way to go disqus, you’ve got us all discussing (just in case you think discuss includes a Q) how bad your site is in execution and content.

    would you even talk about this garbage in real life? no. so why subject you and everyone else to who has a pretty face and cant act, they probably know they cant act, thats why they havent been seen in anything good.They dont need some journalistic hack writing an article I wouldn’t use to wipe my dogs arse with to tell them that they’re no good at acting… guess what? new article! sites void of writing talent, moral decency or orifices that dont spew bullshit constantly.

    and good god… dont give up your day jobs.

    the internet needs to change, I won’t be replying to this comment, its a one off, but even though I’m not replying to it and i’ve mentioned it explicitly… these ‘experts’ will reply away following their delusional fantasies that their opinions matter and showing anything other than the fact that the lowest common denominator will always shout the loudest, but not really say anything at all.

    now please be quiet if you dont have anything to say, give your your brain a well earned rest for putting up with this… wholesome, nutritional content and do something worthwhile with your lives.

  • Promontorium

    Paris Hilton’s sex tape didn’t end her career, IT STARTED IT. What idiot wrote this? She was literally nobody except a party whore. This piece makes it seem like “actress” Hilton burned out.

  • Darrin Silverman

    I can not believe you left off double Razzie award winner Estella Warren she should have been number 1.

  • Anindita Roy

    Please think before you publish! Keira Knightly and Cameron Diaz can’t act? Janet Jackson is a moderate success? Jackson n J Lo were singers first? And who are the 50% ppl on the list i never heard names of but u still call famous! You are looooppppyyyy!! LoL!
    Keira is one of the most brilliant actresses in this generation who can shine in any role, be it commercial films, historical dramas or independent films. And she has had nominations for Oscar, Golden Globe, BAFTA, etc. And she is very young so she is bound to win all of them in the future. She also has a Laurence Olivier award. And Cameron, as u yourself said, has 4 golden globe n a BAFTA nomination. She might make stupid movies at times just for the commercial value, I agree, but that just means she likes money and who doesn’t. And I think others already thrashed you for throwing mud at the singers and actresses.

  • trevor13ca

    OBJECTION! not every movie Bo Derek was in After ‘10’ was worse than her previous one, she eventually was in Tommy Boy and that was awesome

  • James Welton

    “Moderately successful pop star” Janet Jackson has sold more than 140 million albums worldwide. Credibility destroyed.

  • CCF

    Drive Me Crazy was actually a big theatrical release for Melissa Joan Hart. I’m not saying it did well, but saying she had none is wrong. Do your homework.

  • Kcdick

    J-Lo was pretty good in U-Turn. ot a great movie though.

  • kingbman

    With the exception Kim Kardashian (she
    really can’t act, nor is she beautiful), the actresses mentioned are
    adequate at best. I believe acting died in the 80s’. The name brand
    actresses were able to distinguish themselves from each other. Each
    actress had their own special style. Even the actresses specializing
    in low budget films had their own style, and separated themselves
    from the pack. From the 90s’ until now, most actresses are from a
    cookie cutter assembly line, and very disposable. When one actress
    plays herself out, she is replaced with a carbon copy replacement.
    When adequacy is hailed as talent, we got a problem.

  • Helena

    Keira Knightley? WRONG. One of the best actresses in Hollywood in her generation that is extremely underrated. She’s nominated for an Oscar and she’s been snubbed many times for WRONG reasons. This article could’ve been okay with me but KEIRA FREAKING KNIGHTLEY? Definitely not.

  • Helena

    This list cant be taken seriously if Keira Knightley is in it what the fuck is one of the most talented actresses of her generation doing in a shit compilation list of yours,

  • DropD

    Somebody’s bitter.

  • http://yahoo.com/ JJreal

    I disagree with you on Jennifer Aniston she was fantastic in “Bad Bosses”.

  • bettieleetwo

    yeah,whoever wrote this is an idiot.

  • boe_d

    Sorry – If anyone here has tried to watch Extant – Halle Berry should be at the top of the list.

  • Kevin Wilson

    Begin Again, Atonement, Bend it Like Beckam – Knightley was very good in all of those. Most of the rest i’d agree, but your off on that one.

  • Chris Reiser-Giertz

    unfortunately most of these women are given the same roles only in different movies so there is not much for them to do especially in the stupid rom coms they are making today. while I do agree with a lot of these (add January Jones to the list), some do not belong either because they are mainly singers and/or celebrities and not actors. Where is our list of bad male actors ? Please start that off with – Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Arnold etc as all who also keep playing the same roles only in different movies


    Haters gonna hate.

  • Tom

    You forgot Jennifer Lawrence

  • Serena

    Well this was a complete waste of my time. So much, in fact, that I had to comment. I agree with a few of them but most of them, you’ve clearly overlooked their talent. It would be easier to judge these actors based on the movie flops or easy comedic roles but that’s not their fault. They’re just taking the job and trying to do the best they can. Just goes to show that everyone’s a critic. A bad one but hopefully next time, you’ll do us the favor of not a writing a poor article on it. :)

  • Lisa Gall

    What…no Jessica Simpson or, worst of the worst, Mischa Barton??? Most of these people are actually good actors (Katherine Heigl, Jennifer Aniston – both amazing on Greys and Friends, respectively). Maybe this article should be called ‘actors who are stuck in a rut and need a better agent’. Most of said ‘bad acting’ is due to the films themselves being dire. Bad choices rather than bad acting.

  • clit_niblr036

    I have to call B.S. on this article because nearly half the people on this list are NOT actresses.
    To even suggest that the like of Paris Hilton, Kim Kartrashian, Megan Fox, Beyoncé, and Kristen Stewart are actresses is an insult to every real actor and actress.
    The writer also seems to be conflating bad choices in movies to actual acting talent. Gabrielle Union, Jennifer Lopez, Katherine Heigl, Jennifer Aniston, Keira Knightley and a few others have turned in some really good performances in well made films as well as being involved in not so well made films which have nothing to do with their acting abilities.
    It’s like idiots who blame child actor Jake Lloyd for ruining Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. And I’m like “Really? You’re going to blame a child who did NOT direct the film, didn’t write the script, or produce it or own the film company that made it?”

  • Morgan Osborne

    Did you really say Halle Berry is unconventional looking? Did you really just say that? No, she’s not. This was basically your way of saying “Halle Berry’s ethnic” and therefore ethnic is unconventional, which has a bad connotation when speaking about race. For what? This article is about acting so what was the point of mentioning her looks? I also noticed that you failed to mention any great black actresses in your opening when you listed white actresses like Marilyn Monroe (who wasn’t a great actress btw) but didn’t failed to place black women in the the bad actresses category.

  • Hank Oswald

    This has to be a troll article, you racist swedish

  • Alex Morgan

    Great list indeed. Article writer was too scared or too polite to mention that most of these no talent women (or more likely horz)are ugly kosher girls or well connected to hollywood kosher domniated society ..Shylocks keep insulting human taste…Europe n other continents still make great movies, but their marketing strategy cannot beat the shylocks in hollywood.

  • Big D in Texas

    well this was harsh.

  • Stephanie

    I think this list sucked. I am completely un-happy with your choices!!!

  • noprize

    Great list, no Julia Roberts?

  • B CH

    Keira Knightley is “breathtakingly beautiful?” Huh.

  • http://aaronpoehler.com/ Aaron Poehler

    Oh I see, this is just catty trollbait. Kudos on putting your jealousy on display for the world to see, I guess.

  • Ted Bouchard

    Garbage article. Some of these actresses are pretty good. Better actress than this writer is at writing. That’s for darn sure. My bad. That’s a rather low bar to set so my apologies to the actresses for such a backhanded compliment.

  • http://www.jennalunaverse.com/ jennalunaVerse

    To be fair, Kim Kardassian & Paris Hilton are NOT actors. They were only in certain movies or shows because their “famous for being famous” earned them a spot during Sweeps Week or something. Also, where’s Renee Zellweger, Brooke Shields, & what’s her face from that movie & that other movie & the Oscar show where she was so lame…oh man!! It’ll come to me. I’ll get ya later. But yeah, in this chick’ opinion, if you grew out of reality tv (shit tv!) then you’re no actor; the real actors have worked & toiled & trained. Right on with Kristen Stewart, too! She suuuucks! Oh! Julia Roberts! That’s who I was thinking. She just phones it in now.

  • Pugiron

    Another “Gay guy disses on women” article. Just die already.

  • John Fields

    Ahhh… was expecting Julia Roberts to be #1.

  • Norm

    This article is abysmal.

  • Megan McCormick Zangrilli

    Cameron Diaz, Aniston and Miller are fine actresses. Silly article.

  • Erik Hertwig

    Not an actress. How can you say they are terrible actress when they are something else?

  • Bob

    Sorry but this author lacks credibility with this list. it is quite fashionable to knock Kristen Stewart but it is usually done by adolescent bloggers who are following the trendy thing to do in cyberbully land but by the measure of legitimate professional film critics her work in films like Welcome to the Rileys, Adventureland, The Cake Eaters, Panic Room, On the Road as well as the buzz being generated by Camp X-Ray, Clouds of Sils Maria and especially Still Alice has been outstanding, putting the opinion of this author in a position where it holds no weight. You go further down the credibility gap by including critically acclaimed actresses such as Kiera knightly, Jennifer Aniston, Sarah Jessica Parker and did you actually see The Heartbreak Kid? Malin Ackerman was simply hilarious in it, This article had to be written by a female which would explain why the list only contains attractive actresses and one can sense the jealousy factor seething through the catty comments contained within.

  • Lt_Scrounge

    I don’t know about the other films, but Sienna Miller was delightful in “Casanova” Like Emma Stone, she is one blonde that looks MUCH better as a redhead. I rather enjoyed Keira Knightly in “Domino”.

  • Criss

    ‘Friends’ was a “cult hit show”? Whoever wrote this clearly doesn’t know what the word means! It was only one of the biggest shows in the history of TV!

  • Amy Richardson

    This is a thrown together poorly researched and written article. Lindsay Lohan and Janet Jackson are highly talented actresses who have been acting since childhood. Janet Jackson’s first “moderately successful” album was Control which made her a multiple platinum selling artist at age 18. I think this writer is confusing acting talent with script choice, after all Meryl Streep was in Lemony Snickets :)

  • sammy

    As to . Kristen Stewart, take a look at some of her earlier work prior to her deadpan acting as Bella. Check out her movie Speak. She is very talented. I’m sure in the next few years she will make up for that obscenity of a vampire series.

  • Mick

    This is the stupidest article I have ever read…well maybe not, coming from yahoo. For not being able to act (in your book) these ladies sure make a pot load of money and laugh all the way to the bank. Hollywood life is looking for writers like you.

  • Rita

    Cameron Diaz can’t act?? Cameron Diaz???????????

  • Soleil

    The first name that came to mind was Bo Derek….yes, she made the list!

  • ninusmer75

    Why don’t you add Marilyn Monroe on this list, at list Keira Knightley shine in some kind of movies !

  • Hope Ann Wessel

    Are you fucking serious?! You have the AUDACITY to claim JENNIFER ANISTON can’t act?!

  • Semi Automatic PEZ

    Lost me at Keira Knightley. Some of these descriptions are almost accurate but over-all this list is bullshit.
    Sarah Jessica Parker was in many things before Sex in the City, granted she wasn’t all that great and played a very specific type but how can every part be a variation of something she did mid-career and has been basically the only thing she’s done since?
    Jennifer Lopez was excellent in Out of Sight. She may not be memorable in most other parts but leaving out this gem is either dishonesty or ignorance.
    And you’re going to complain about Megan Fox’s poor performances and not include The Transformers movies?
    There are others but I don’t care anymore. This is a poorly researched piece of faux-shock clickbait garbage. First time I’ve been to this site, I’ll make sure it’s also the last.

  • NCBrian

    Wow, that hovering share element has got to be the most annoying pop-up of all time.

  • Matthew Robinson

    I would have to agree on Malin Akerman. I’ve seen her in a few things and she didn’t move me. But to date she has six upcoming projects or tentative projects and she has a ton of credits in her past. She’s a babe but she aint really that good of an actress to me.
    But the Oscars aren’t stupid and neither is the Golden Globes, and I know damn well she aint getting either of those awards or nominations in her life time.
    I would have to disagree with his stance on Janet Jackson. She can act and she was the bomb in Poetic Justice as I’ve seen that movie a billion times on VHS, DVD, and my mom took me to see that film when it came out in 1993. Plus she was pretty good on Why Did I Get Married (2006) and on the TV show Fame.
    Janet needs more meatier roles, a better agent, and movies or TV shows that won’t play on her looks and who she is. When she did SNL in 2004 they didn’t know what to do with her.

  • Matthew Robinson

    My dude Tavis Smiley is a fan of Kristen Stewart, I know he know better than that as smart as he is. To each his or her own.
    But Kristen Stewart is SUPER overrated and that girl gets a lot of work that starving and MUCH better actresses deserve. That’s Hollywood for you.
    Beyoncé is fine as hell and one of the best singers and all around entertainers who ever lived, but her acting skills are one of her weaknesses.
    I’ve seen a few of her movies over the years and the directors and producers and writers of those films were playing up her sex appeal, her fame, and her music. Don’t nobody care about Beyoncé’s “acting,” people just look at her face, listen to her music and look at that body of hers.

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