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Monthly Archives: September 2014

John Cassavetes’ name and distinctively raw filmmaking style have become synonymous with independent American cinema. A master of creating compelling characters and human conflicts, his work is very much a celluloid version of the Psychological Realism of modern literature, as he shaped his characters’ motives and actions by their interior conditions. As viewers of Cassavetes’ work, we become flies on… Read more »

10 September 2014 | Features, Film Lists

Controversy about New French Extremity rises from the term itself. Coined by critic James Quandt as a rather pejorative term to recall a series of French transgressive films developed under the turn of the 21st century, it is discussed whether it stands as a genre or not. While the recent decrease of the discussion does not mean that the matter is solved,… Read more »

09 September 2014 | Features, Film Lists

“Real Time” is universally defined as the narratological method wherein filmic events are portrayed simultaneous with the viewers’ experiences. For example, if a movie that is shot in real time is two hours long, then the plot of that movie covers two hours of fictional time. This technique can be enforced by varying levels of precision. In some television shows,… Read more »

08 September 2014 | Features, Film Lists

The horror genre gets a bad rap. Regrettably, that’s because many films within the genre believe they can skimp on one aspect of storytelling, such as characters or dialogue, and replace it with cheap pop ups. That would be like replacing witty banter with fart jokes in a comedy – it’s cheap. Scares are the horror genre’s punch lines, and… Read more »

07 September 2014 | Features, Film Lists

Released in 1985 to critical acclaim, Elem Klimov’s “Come and See” is not an underrated film – those who see it are quick to recognize its excellence. It is, however, a criminally underseen one, most likely because of where and when it was made (more on that later). Additionally, it has no big stars or familiar faces to speak of,… Read more »

05 September 2014 | Features, Reviews

Although it has its roots in Chinese literature, wuxia as a genre has grown to prominence worldwide almost exclusively through the medium of film. Starting as far back as the silent era and continuing to the present day, wuxia films tend to have certain aspects in common. They are always period, pre-20th Century stories, dwelling on the exploits of martial… Read more »

04 September 2014 | Features, Film Lists

French-born filmmaker Francois Ozon is an auteur in his own right. He has obtained his proper education as a director in the prestigious film school La Femis where other great filmmakers such as Louis Malle, Alain Resnais, Andrzej Zulawski and Claire Denis have studied. There is subtlety in his films mixed with proper dramatics and satire. Sexual depravity is another… Read more »

04 September 2014 | Features, Film Lists

Let’s start by qualifying which types of film this article will include. First of all, we decided to focus on films which deal with the survival of a greatly diminished population after an apocalyptic event and not to include movies which deal with more or less functional rebuilt societies after such an event. Most of those we would actually classify… Read more »

03 September 2014 | Features, Film Lists

Horror films have always taken to the screen in bulk with various studios. The first that comes to most people’s minds would be Carl Laemmle and his Universal Studios that brought the “Classic” horror icons to the screen in form of Dracula, The Wolfman, The Mummy, Frankenstein, and all of their sequels and counterparts. This trend picked up again in… Read more »

03 September 2014 | Features, Film Lists

There is a reason Alfred Hitchcock was, is and always will be regarded as the Master of Suspense: he perfected the genre, created its rules and instinctively knew as well, when to break them. Hitchcock left a legacy of Suspense-Thrillers, including his excellent silent work, which should be watched, studied and dissected by any serious student of cinema. But what… Read more »

02 September 2014 | Features, Film Lists

One of the most acclaimed filmmakers of his generation, two-time Academy Award winner Milos Forman has left an indelible mark on the history of film. Rising to prominence during the Czechoslovakian New Wave movement, he would go on to transition into the “New Hollywood” era of the 70s with the likes of Spielberg, Lucas and Scorsese. Forman’s body of work… Read more »

01 September 2014 | Features, Film Lists