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Daily Archives: August 20, 2014

Stanley Kubrick’s strong persona and confident directing style was so impressive and functional he carefully managed to transcend the limitations of the studio system and delivered most of his cinematic propositions just the way he meant do to them. Throughout his filmography, he had a few setbacks, the most famous being the unrealized biopic of Napoleon, but consistently succeeded in… Read more »

20 August 2014 | Features, Film Lists

When Roman Polanski’s first American film, Rosemary’s Baby, made its way onto the silver screen in 1968, the country itself was in a mass of political and social turmoil. This era of unrest did not exclude Hollywood. Driven by the growing youth counterculture that made a calling card out of outspoken defiance of the order and reason of the previous… Read more »

20 August 2014 | Features, Reviews