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Warner’s Justice League: A Long and Winding Road

09 February 2013 | Features, News | by David Zou


After Marvel’s super-hero movie “The Avengers” reaped incredible box-office rewards,  DC, the company’s strong adversary, planned to set foot on Justice League, which is expected to be released in 2015.The long-awaited comics, however, met some difficulty. Will Beall, the screenwriter of Gangster Squad, failed to impress Warner officials with his draft and had to pen a new one.

Among movies co-produced by Warner and DC, only The Batman series by Christopher Nolan was able to defy Marvel. The Green Lantern and Superman Returns, despite their huge investments, both encountered double disappointment in terms of reputation and box-office. Warner, therefore, now relies on the Justice League to turn the table. Though the movie is announced to be released in 2015, Warner cautiously claimed that whether the movie production will be underway depends on the achievements of Man of Steel in the upcoming summer season.

Man of Steel

Will Man of Steel perform well at the box office?

Regrettably, Will Beall’s draft seemed to ruffle feathers of Warner officials. The possible retreat of Will from the movie might imply delayed selection of director. The production of a movie coordinating heroes from Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and The Flash and adhering to Warner’s favorite dark realistic style is a challenging mission for all.



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