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Uncanny Resemblance Between Anne Hathaway and Audrey Hepburn

28 February 2013 | News | by David Zou

History always repeats itself in an striking way. The picture below shows amazing resemblance between two Oscar-winning actresses: Anne Hathaway and Audrey Hepburn. Both photos were taken after the Oscar ceremony. On the photos, both actresses were kissing the golden statue. You can spot the similarities between their hairstyles, faces, gestures, the ways they kissed the little man. Even their dresses look alike on this mirror-like image.

anne hathaway audrey hepburn

Besides the physical resemblance Anne Hathaway and Audrey Hepburn share, there are also many other things that can make you associate them together. Both are gorgeously-looking, both are considered as the fashion icon of their time. Both played the character of “princess” and both won their first Oscar at the early stage of their careers. The question is: will Anne Hathaway duplicate the success of Andrey Hepburn and become one of the greatest movie icons of all time?


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  • Duh

    Not a coincidence. Hollywood, at least Hathaway, knows what she’s doing.

  • John Taylor

    Audrey is so much better than Anne. Even so, I like Anne as an actress.

  • hmm

    or could it be that anne saw audrey’s picture somewhere else before this happens and she remembered it and immitated it.

  • Amy

    and they also both have the same initails! :D