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Top 5 Horror Movies That Deserve a Remake

24 March 2013 | Film Lists, Guest Posts | by David Zou

From “A Nightmare on Elm Street” to “Friday the 13th,” several horror classics have been re-imagined over the years, long after the originals first hit the big screen. Some have been disastrous while others have been inspired, but there are more horror films just sitting in the vault, collecting dust.

Turning them into 3d movies would be perfect, as those pop-up scares can literally jump out at the audience. Here are the top five horror movies that deserve a big-budget remake.


1. Night of the Lepus

night of the lepus

The 1972 sci-fi horror film “Night of the Lepus,” aka “Rabbits,” is like Hitchcock’s “The Birds,” only with rabbits. It may not have the finesse or suspense of the avian variety, but that’s something a modern remake could address. There’s never going to be a Hitchcock remake that quite captures the original, so why not pick a somewhat cheesy film with some of the same flavour and have a go at improving the original?

“Night of the Lepus” follows a small town devastated by strangely carnivorous rabbits. And since rabbits mate like, well, rabbits, there are plenty of monsters out there to devour the townspeople in excessively gory ways.


2. Happy Birthday to Me


1981 cult horror film, “Happy Birthday to Me”is gory slasher movie at its finest. It’s not even that cheesy, despite not aging that well. And it’s known for one-of-a-kind grisly killing scenarios, as well as a you-won’t-see-it-coming twist ending. What better fare with which to capture the modern audience?

The film follows a clique of teens and the mysterious deaths that befall them. As far as that goes, it’s nothing new, but there’s something more afoot, and the killer may be among them.


3. Cemetery Man


A dark comedy, a truly terrifying tale and even a bit of a romantic movie all in one, 1994’s “Cemetery Man”would be perfect as a modern remake for fans of movies such as “Shaun of the Dead” and “Zombieland.” The film features a cemetery caretaker who defends his quaint Italian town from the undead who rise in his workplace, all while looking for someone to love.

One of the reasons “Cemetery Man”is such an ideal candidate for a remake is because it was an Italian, French and German production. Setting the movie in an old-fashioned little town in America, England, Canada, New Zealand or Australia brings to light new possibilities and similar vibes for a worldwide audience.


4. Pumpkinhead


Most of the iconic horror movie villains have come back to life in modern remakes, but Pumpkinhead from the 1988 film of the same name seems to have been forgotten. Pumpkinhead resembles not just a Jack-o-Lantern but an alien of sorts, which is sure to score points with the sci-fi fan crowd as well.

With modern horror movies going the way of realistic horror, such as “Paranormal Activity,” a good monster-horror film might seem like something completely new. “Pumpkinhead”features mysterious deaths, a grisly local legend and the eventual reveal of the titular monster, all of which would look great in 3D.


5.  Slumber Party Massacre

slumber party massacre

Exploitatively nude co-eds. Gore galore. A scary slasher lurking in the darkness. This is the epitome of a winning horror film formula. The original 1982 “Slumber Party Massacre”can be a little more tacky than scary, but an updated, modern remake could put more emphasis on the fright of the situation—or it could go in the direction of the original.

According to screenwriter Rita Mae Brown, “Slumber Party Massacre” was supposed to be a parody of a slasher film, not a straight-up slasher film like the studio insisted it be,which could explain some of the cheesiness. A modern filmmaker may be able to straddle the line between horror and comedy as originally intended.

While there’s a chance the re-made classics won’t hold a candle to the original films, there are a number of reasons to take that gamble. Not only would it be fun to see these ghouls and villains attacking people in 3D, but it could introduce a whole new generation to classic horror films. A remake can inspire someone to pick up the DVD of the original to make that comparison between the old and the new.

About the Author: Dean Kwak is a contributing writer and film aficionado. He’s blogged for numerous online movie websites.


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