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Top 20 Ass-Kicking Movie Heroines

15 August 2013 | Features, Other Lists | by David Zou

movie heroines

Men want them and women want to be them. They are the bad-ass female heroines of the movies. You can never call them lady-like. Sexy, confident and tough are better descriptions of these wonderful ladies who get the job done with little or no help from their male counterparts. Agree or disagree with the list if you like, but there is no denying that these women deserve to be called: ass- kickers!


20. The Cat (The Dark Knight Rises)


The Heroine: Wily and mischievous, The Cat does what she does to survive. A pilferer of shiny things, she struggles against her own moral compass and dreams of getting out of the thieving biz.

Ass-kicking Moment: Spoilers ahead… The Cat faces a decision – flee Gotham when she can, or go back and help The Batman til the bitter end. Of course she chooses the latter…


19. Cherry Darling (Planet Terror)


The Heroine: It’s easy to be a heroine when you’ve got a gun for a leg… When her leg’s torn off by zombies, Cherry turns into a total badass by having a gun fitted to her stump.

Ass-kicking Moment: Before she gets the gun fitted, Cherry shows a rapist who’s boss by breaking her wooden leg across his face and stabbing him in the eye.


18. Charlene Elizabeth Baltimore (The Long Kiss Goodnight)


The Heroine: A badass assassin who loses her memory and becomes schoolteacher Samantha Caine in The Long Kiss Goodnight. That is, until Samuel L. Jackson comes a-knocking…

Ass-kicking Moment: Taking on a truck bomb is up there…


17. Gloria (Gloria)


The Heroine: Gloria (Gena Rowlands), the ex-mistress of a mobster who really doesn’t like kids. Which puts her in a spot of bother when her dead friend’s son Phil comes to her for help.

Ass-kicking Moment: Confronted by gangsters who want young Phil, Gloria shoots at them, causing them to crash their car. She then decides to get out of dodge…

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  • Sam Silbert

    Nancy from A Nightmare On Elm Street? C’mon.

  • the0distance

    Selene – Underwold = No. 1

  • kaki

    Really thought the Bride would be rated higher…? And Hit-Girl should be too but the list isn’t terrible.