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Top 10 Celebrities Who Made It Big Through YouTube

03 March 2013 | Features, Guest Posts, People Lists | by David Zou

youtube celebrity

YouTube may be the place to go if you feel like watching a cat get stuck in a box or a goat screaming, but it’s also the means through which many creative individuals have built up their fan-bases and developed their careers, turning them from talented people into overnight online sensations. Here are just a few of the people to have gained popularity through YouTube.


10. Harry and Charlie

In May 2007, Howard Davies-Carr uploaded a video of his one-year-old son, Charlie, biting the finger of his older brother, Harry. The clip was only intended to be shared with friends and family, but instead, it shot to fame and by the end of October in 2009 it had become the most viewed video on YouTube. Harry and Charlie have now got their own internet series and blog, and the money the family made out of the video has enabled them to buy a new home.


9. David DeVore

David DeVore is the star of the “David After Dentist” video, which shows 7 year old David’s trip home from the dentist after having surgery. Still affected by the medication, David says things like “I can’t see anything,” “Is this gonna be forever?” and the famous catchphrase, “Is this real life?” which has been printed on t-shirts and other merchandise. The family made enough money from the video to pay for David’s college education.

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  • Mike

    no Jenna Marbles?

    • Gillian

      well then they might as well have listed any great youtuber in the top 10 most subscribed, i.e. smosh, raywilliamjohnson, etc