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The 20 Worst Romantic Comedies Ever Made

23 July 2013 | Features, Film Lists | by David Zou

worst romantic comedies

Every man has been dragged to a romantic comedy against his will. Most of us have been lured into multiple nights of romcoms, always believing that they will increase our chances of getting into a woman’s pants, and usually being wrong. There are those lovely times, however, when the movie itself is worth it, regardless of how things play out afterwards. But, we are not here today to talk about anything so enjoyable and hilarious as Annie Hall, Love Actually, and When Harry Met Sally. In fact, we want to explore films that are just the opposite.

These are films that might actually turn off or even repulse the viewer and turn down the heat in any room. There is no chance that these films will put your lady in the mood for love. We’ve taken a bullet for you all and identified the worst chick flicks, so you don’t have to chance sitting through one on your quest to unlock your lady’s chastity belt. These are The 20 Worst Romantic Comedies.


20. Mannequin 2: On The Move


The Romcom: Window dresser Jason (William Ragsdale) falls in love with a shop mannequin (Kirsty Swanson), who is really a medieval princess frozen 1000 years before by a sorcerer.

Biggest Mistake: Making a sequel to Mannequin whose only connection is that it’s set in the same shop. Apparently, this shop only purchases possessed mannequins.

How To Make It Work: At the very least, remove the twist that Jason loves the mannequin because he is the reincarnation of her old lover. Yeah, like that works.


19. Say It Isn’t So


The Romcom: Gilbert Noble (Chris Klein) and Jo Wingfield (Heather Graham) fall in love, only to find out they might be long-lost siblings.

Biggest Mistake: Writers the Farrelly brothers scrape the bottom of the barrel in search of gross-out shocks to inflict on their characters.

How To Make It Work: Weirdly, it’d probably be more romantic (albeit scandalously so) if the film didn’t cop out, and the couple decided to stay together despite their doubts.


18. Boy, Did I Get A Wrong Number!


The Romcom: Married sleaze Tom Meade (Bob Hope) gets steamed up when he realizes the girl he’s just met (Elke Sommer) is a runaway actress.

Biggest Mistake: A comedy about infidelity needs a likable star at its center. Bob Hope at his self-centerd worst is not that star.

How To Make It Work: There’s only one guy who could make this work – Jack Lemmon, preferably directed by Billy Wilder.


17. The Wedding Planner


The Romcom: Wedding planner Mary Fiore (Jennifer Lopez) falls for her latest client, Steve Edison (Matthew McConaughey).

Biggest Mistake: Reverse alchemy, as the collision of two stars who had plenty of promise during the 1990s sets both down the path of terrible romcoms.

How To Make It Work: Send a Terminator back to stop these two from ever getting together.

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  • Fernando Yanmar Narciso

    bottom line, the farrelys produced say it isnt so they didnt write it

  • n2th2n

    I dont agree with the wedding planner being on this list. There are other much worst than that. Wedding planner is actually good how come you didn’t like it? For instance, Did you hear about the Morgans?,