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The 20 Worst Movies Of All Time

09 July 2013 | Film Lists | by David Zou

worst movies

This isn’t just a list of bad movies. This is a list of movies that have gone above and beyond what it would normally take to be classified as awful. These are the horror films that make you laugh and the actions flicks that make you cry. Chock full of painful camera angles, laughable scripts, and atrocious acting.

You won’t see notorious movies like “The Room”, “Battlefiled Earth” or “Plan 9 from Outer Space” here because at least these movies are “so bad it’s good”, these 20 movies on the list, they ain’t any good at all…


20. Fat Slags


The Film: Adaptation of the same-named comic, in which two well-endowed slappers make it big and become celebrities. Monumentally bad.

So Bad It’s Good? What’s that? You don’t want to see fat heffers wobbling around on-screen behaving like total idiots? Nor do we, come to think of it.


19. The Final Sacrifice


The Film: After escaping from a cult, a teenager goes on a quest for the city of evil wrestlers the Ziox, and is helped on his way by a mysterious vagrant.

So Bad It’s Good? The plot sounds epic, huh? Well, all it amounts to is a couple of guys fighting other guys wearing ski masks. Nothing to see here, move along…


18. The Hillz


The Film: Hey look, it’s Paris Hilton! This time, the blonde one is the object of our leading man’s affection – except athlete Steve just can’t seem to get Paris to fall for him. Oh, the problems of American teens.

So Bad It’s Good? Delusional Hilton-lovers have compared it to A Clockwork Orange. Do not believe this.


17. From Justin To Kelly


The Film: Yes, that is Kelly Clarkson, and no, that isn’t Justin Timberlake – but this naff teen comedy clearly wants you to think it is. The titular duo meet one year at a summer camp, and fall instantly in love. We wretch.

So Bad It’s Good? So dreadful that even morbid curiosity shouldn’t convince ayou to watch it.

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  • Aldo Di Luigi

    I never heard about those movies, but the rank on IMDB is enough for me

    You miss Battlefield Earth and Batman & Robin

    • Korabljenik

      Battlefield Earth was already mentioned in the opening paragraph of the article, citing it as: ”so bad, it’s good”.

  • Matthew

    No Plan 9 from outer space…Blasphemy!!

    • Korabljenik

      Mentioned in the opening paragraph.

  • dave_or_did

    It’s nice to see a more realistic list of the worst films of all time. For all the Battlefield Earths and Batman & Robin there are thousands of forgotten 80′s/90′s or direct to video titles which are far far worse.

    What I would say is that Roller Blade Seven should be on this list. It’s unbelievably bad and barely watchable:


  • Coman_de_Guayaquil_y_Barcelona

    Where is Twilight? Pirates of caribbean? And Harry Potter??? Ohhhh worst movie, no worst sagas.

    • Yellow Belly

      Only one that you have correct is Twilight.

  • syndaris

    No birdemic?

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  • John Taylor

    You forgot Starship Troopers. Turned a great novel into a nasty little piece of anti-military propaganda.

  • porovaara

    this is a week noob list. the worst movie EVER is alien armageddon.

  • Steph

    Good post! Fortunately I haven’t seen any of these.