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The 20 Worst Movie Remakes Of Recent Memory

20 August 2013 | Features, Film Lists | by David Zou

worst movie remakes

“Not again!”, nowadays we often hear such complaints from movie fans when a plan of Hollywood studio remaking a classic is announced. We all know it clearly that most remakes didn’t work in history. The directors stole the titles and ideas from the originals and tried to give it a new look and set it apart from the old ones. The results were always terrible, classics were ruined by those remakes one after another, and Hollywood are not stopping doing that. Here are 20 pointless movie remakes that made us want to cry.


20. The Omen


Utterly pointless in every way, John Moore’s remake was clearly put into production in order to fit around a funky release date (6.6.06), but serves no purpose beyond that. Copying every single story beat from the original film, the only thing that gives this remake any edge is the presence of Mia Farrow as a devious nanny.


19. Clash Of The Titans


Much has been made of Titans’ woeful post-conversion 3D, but the film’s problems started way before all that Avatar-piggy-backing hoo-haa. Like with the script, which sets out to be an epic, old-fashioned quest movie, but never tries its hand at anything new. Or the horrible CGI, which turns Medusa into a supermodel. Or Sam Worthington, who doesn’t have a character to play…


18. Psycho


Not since Sidney Franklin’s two near-identical versions of The Barretts Of Wimpole Street had cinema witnessed such a pitiful case of blatant off-rippage. Helmed by the otherwise dependable Gus Van Sant, this new Psycho was a damn near shot-for-shot remake that merely turned Hitchcock’s black and white classic technicolour.


17. The Day The Earth Stood Still


Stroke of genius! Keanu Reeves struggles to convince as a human being at the best of times, so he’s perfect for the vacant-stare-having alien in this reboot. But, tragedy, it all still falls apart. Monstrous, planet-destroying robot Gort gets a horrific CGI overhaul, and Jennifer Connelly and Jaden Smith are terrible as a mother and son caught up in all the chaos.

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  • Akbal Itam

    i enjoy watching apes and italian job…. not because of Marky Mark in it….apes because of the ending when the hero is arriving earth and italian job on the action in it

    • merwanor

      I liked Planet of the Apes all the way until the stupid ending, that just made no sense to me. I did enjoy Clash of the Titans for what is was though, fun action, but lacked character development.

      I also enjoyed the around the world in 80 days movie. The Arnold Scene is priceless.

  • Dave Anderson

    What? No “Rollerball?” It was far worse than half the films on this list.

  • Daniele Concina

    The Thing

  • Gregory Spera

    This author must have missed Jan de Bont’s horrific, but not horrifying, 1999 remake of Robert Wise’s classic “The Haunting.” I still consider it the worst film I have ever seen.

  • Andrew

    Ummmm…Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?