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The 20 Worst Movie Cameos

08 August 2013 | Features, Other Lists | by David Zou

worst movie cameos

Making cameo appearances is an art. No matter how famous you are, how recognizable your face is, you still have to deliver the right lines, make the right moves, and overall, date the movie in a proper way. The cameo is not a big deal for a movie, it’s not a career-ruining thing for the celebrities either, but for some movie fans, they are minor mistakes that are just fun to be found out.

Here are 20 terrible movie cameo appearances that should never happen even for a single second.


20. Django Unchained


The Cameo: Quentin Tarantino shows off his best Australian accent, which frankly, isn’t very good.

Why It’s Bad: Not only is the accent wonky, the whole scene seems an incongruous distraction after the dramatic high point of the Candieland shootout.


19. The Exorcist 3


The Cameo: A bizarre appearance by NBA Hall of Famer Patrick Ewing, seen here playing the Angel of Death.

Why It’s Bad: Random sports cameos are bad enough at the best of times, but in a horror movie? Not for us.


18. Dogma


The Cameo: Alanis Morrissette arrives to deliver the baffling climax to Dogma, playing none other than God, er, Herself.

Why It’s Bad: The ending feels like the punchline to a mid-par SNL sketch, rather than a satisfactory payoff to a feature film.


17. Twilight


The Cameo: Series author Stephenie Meyer can’t resist getting her mug on screen, appearing here as the cashier at a local diner.

Why It’s Bad: The cameo wouldn’t be so bad if the camera didn’t linger on Meyer for quite so long. She may as well be sitting next to a light-up sign marked “AUTHOR CAMEO!”

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  • Roxtaf

    Well this was a stupid list…

    • Steven Flores

      Totally, the cameos that Matt Damon, Bruce Willis, QT, Patrick Ewing, and Stephen King give are hilarious. I also liked the GNR cameo as well.

  • David Dean

    Jim Carrey (pre-fame) plays the rock star at the start of the Dead Pool who is making a music video to ‘Welcome to the jungle’ before he gets murdered, hence Guns ‘n Roses at the funeral scene.

  • aprince66

    I’m just glad he didn’t go all hipster and label Stan Lee in every modern Marvel flick, or Ramones in Rock n Roll High School

  • ZorroMeansFox

    RE: Dissing Shyamalan in “Signs” for saying “You and yours.” No, this isn’t clunky writing. It’s referring to the fact that the person he’s speaking to had been his PRIEST, who would often use the (common religious) invocation, during Mass: “Blessings to you and yours.” (Also, his acting in this scene is fine.)

  • Effect

    What did I just click through?

    • Mike


  • /.ryd

    You missed the point of the Macy Gray cameo in Spiderman. The sequence was supposed to take place at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade (often referred to as the Macy’s Day Parade), but Macy’s refused permission. So the, now unnamed, parade of inflatable characters was given the closest thing to “Macy’s Day” they could contractually include: Macy Gray (geddit?)
    Yeah, it was a terrible pun, but it was almost funny at the time.

  • baronvg

    Why so much hate? Why can’t people just read a list and take it for what it’s worth; harmless attempt at comedy. Nothing more. People are either way too serious, or way too critical. Or both. Which is ironically what my post is!

  • Mark Day

    Maybe if the author actually watched Dead Pool, the cameo would be understood. It is explained in the first 5 minutes.

  • Paul

    Really enjoyed the post David – Particularly agree with
    Simon Cowell reference for number 15. That attempt at a joke has now become tired and
    acts as more of a painful cliché rather than a stroke of comedy genius.

  • CLopez

    Stephanie Meyer was a customer not a cashier.

  • Kijvera

    Quentin Tarantino’s character in Django Unchained is speaking with a South African accent, not Australian. That’s why it doesn’t sound anything like an Australian accent.

    • Kijvera

      Err, nevermind, I take that back. When I saw the movie I just assumed Tarantino’s character was South African, because that’s what his accent sounds like. After doing some googling though, it seems that is him trying to do an Australian accent. So I must concur with the author’s list, that Australian accent is horrendous.

  • Mike

    Your subjective analysis of unrelated movies is a bit pathetic and inconsistent. Such an article deters any credibility this website may have, and I must say that your discontent whining is purely pathetic. Waste someone else’s time, like your mom or maybe your stuffed animals on the bed. Wah wah.

    • Guest

      Did you swallow a thesaurus?

  • Keyser Soze

    “There’s nothing
    wrong with Willis’s performance per se, the problem is that the whole
    scene is so insufferably pleased with itself.”

    You just described every second of every scene of every movie in the entire Ocean’s franchise.

  • Aaron J. Kelly

    Not only does this Website seem to suck, but the writer sucks as well. You just don’t bash Ice in TMNT 2…You just don’t. Who are you, Michael Bay’s cousin?

  • Neechie

    TMNT w/ Vanilla Ice?!?!?!?! You have to be kidding.
    Ninja Rap is on my phone to this day and any time I put it on, everyone starts singing it.
    Some of the others are funny, so they don’t belong on the list either.

  • Kento

    Matt Damon doesn’t play Wil Hunting in Finding Forrester. He plays Steven Sanderson. Where did you get that information? Why would that character suddenly show up as a trust attorney? Did you see either film?

  • lol

    Scotty doesn’t know, Scotty doesn’t know.

  • Guest

    So much suck. Fire this moron and hire me.

  • Moxie Dawn

    IMO, cameos are nearly always supposed to take you by surprise. I loved Matt Damon in Eurotrip. Besides that the scene was so comically cruel and the lyrics of the song so humorously vulgar, it gave me an extra laugh just know it was him.

  • A.J. Venter (silentcoder)

    All agreed – except, Damon’s appearance in Eurotrip shouldn’t be on the list- I consider it one of my personal favorite cameo scenes of all time. Damon took the Lustra song written for the scene and brought it brilliantly to life in a way that would come to shape a recurring theme of the movie long after Damon’s brief appearance has passed. Also – I still listen to the song every now and then :P