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The 20 Worst Comedies That Aren’t Funny At All

14 May 2013 | Features, Film Lists | by David Zou

worst comedies

There are movies you must watch, and there are movies you should avoid watching. There are unintentionally hilarious movies, and there are movies which intend to be hilarious, but aren’t funny at all.

If you are a fan of comedies, here are 20 worst comedies you should add to your blacklist. Don’t doubt your sense of humor if you can’t laugh when you happen to see them somewhere, because these comedies never work in the right way.


20. Fred: The Movie


The Movie: The full-length movie of implausibly irritating, helium-voiced YouTube sensation, Fred. If you’ve never heard of him, do yourself a favor and keep it that way.

Worst Gag: Pixie Lott (for it is she), is given a small dog as a present, and mistakes it for a squirrel. A squirrel! How we laughed…


19. Guest House Paradiso


The Movie: This feature-length Bottom spin-off follows in the sorry footsteps of On The Buses to compete for the title of worst TV adaptation of all time. Cartoon slapstick plus endless fart jokes might work okay in half an hour doses, but as a full-length film, it’s a test of endurance.

Worst Gag: Somewhat incredibly, Vincent Cassel makes an appearance as a cod-Italian punter. Stranger still, he’s easily the worst thing in it.


18. Meet The Spartans


The Movie: Vague mickey-taking meets gratuitous cleavage shots in this movie “parody” that makes Scary Movie look like the height of satire.

Worst Gag: The Deal Or No Deal sequence should give you some idea of quite how scattergun the approach is…


17. Dirty Love


The Movie: A starring vehicle for Jenny McCarthy (wait, come back), in which one character sticks a fish up his arse. What else do you need to know?

Worst Gag: when poor old Jenny gets her period in the middle of the supermarket. Lovely.

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  • Zima Sanfilippo

    Confession Bear: I actually kinda like Rat Race.

    • MornLandazar

      I really like it.

      It isn’t one of the best comedies I ever saw, but whenever it’s on TV, I will watch it – it’s that kind of movie, easy to watch and fun.

  • MornLandazar

    I completely agree about Meet the Spartans and Freddy Got Fingered.
    Howard the Duck is bad and boring (aside from hot Lea Thompson), but I wouldn’t clasify it as a standard comedy.
    White Chicks is only (kinda) saved by the amazing Terry Crews.
    The only film that I would remove from this list is Rat Race.

  • Ryan Deadpooln

    Hey, you leave Rat Race out of this.

  • Pani B

    WTF?! Guest House Paradiso was wonderfully hilarious and OTT!!

  • notsoheavyd2

    Oh come on. The part of Rat Race where they go to the Barbie Museum and where they end up is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in any movie. It was worth my money for that one segment. (Especially Lovitz at the end of it.)

  • Steven Flores

    I kinda like “White Chicks” and “Howard the Duck”. I have soft spots for those 2 films. Yes, they’re bad but they’re entertaining.

  • Bob

    How you DOIN?! LoL Sorry Norbit was funny as all hell.

    • Steven

      I want you to know that to make this comment i had to register, purely to let you know you’re wrong…so very very wrong.

    • Mandy Robinson

      Yes, I loved Norbit too. My husband thought he’d hate it, but once I forced him to watch it he laughed his head off.

  • LoneDragon

    I wasted my time clicking this link…I expected it to rip to shreds unfunny movies like the aptly titled Superbad or pretty much anything with Seth Rogen in it.
    Instead I find one movie that was hilarious(Rat Race), one movie that was neither particularly funny nor unfunny(The Klumps), about 5 movies I have heard of but havent seen, and a bunch of movies I’ve never even heard of!
    This whole list could have been filled with every movie thats in the same parody style as the Scary Movie series(the Scary Movie series itself is actually funny with the exception of Scary Movie 2).

  • LoneDragon

    I forgot about Freddy Got Fingered..which is an equal mix of funny and disgustingly unfunny.

  • LoneDragon

    Someone explain to me how this commenting thing works…I dont understand why my comments appear in the middle…shouldnt the newest comments be either at the very top or the very bottom?
    Wouldnt this make things really hard from someone who read the comments before and comes back later to look at new comments?

    • WoWed

      see where it says best (next to community and My Disqus)? click on that, then choose either newest or oldest

  • WoWed

    Were the descriptions supposed to be funny as well?

  • Jake Christian

    Love “The Sweetest Thing” actually surprised it’s on this list! Downright hilarious!

  • The Uz

    Postcards from the Edge, A Fish Called Wanda, and a few others, but those two come to mind most of all in my memory.

  • Mase

    Everyone has there cross to bear I suppose. Im a child of the 80′s(DOB’74)so I have no problem w/ howard the duck. Mr. Bean? Sort of like jim carrey over reaching w/ his ace venture character.

  • HELLAS1978

    I disagree about Rat Race!I think it was brilliant!

  • gold

    i really like Rat Race. the concept and how each story lines went is
    really interesting. and it ended with Smash Mouth singing All Star?
    that’s cool.

    you know what? you should replace Rat Race with MOVIE 43. what a bad movie.

  • James

    Norbit was a great movie and master of disguise was good, it couldve been done better but 305 was alot worse than meet the spartans

  • mercatfat

    Freddy Got Fingered is a terrible film at face value, but it’s an absolutely wonderful one with a certain bit of context: Tom Green basically had a blank check to make the most horrendous and offensive film that he could get away with, and that’s exactly what he did. In short, it was a multi-million dollar prank. It’s nearly impossible to objectively look at that kind of thing when it’s contemporary, but it’s pretty obvious in 2013.,10849/

    The above states the case better than I ever could.

  • ocatagon

    Sorry, but Bean was worse than Rat Race. Hmm… so was Johnny English.

  • Voicedude

    While MOST of these flicks are truly awful, All About Steve and Rat Race were not as bad as all the critics would lead you to believe. I mean, there ARE worse: I Love You Phillip Morris, for instance!

  • Tim Green

    freddy got fingered would be on my top 20 greatest movie list.

  • Janiera Eldridge

    half of these are funny though Norbit, White Chicks, an the sweetest things are hilarious. White chicks is one of the highest grossing comedies of all time so i think others might agree. ;)

  • Matt Pearson

    yeah you guys should have not have rat race in this list i loved rat race

  • ladyofargonne

    I’m not a Wayan brothers fan but thought they did a great job in White Chicks.

  • Mandy Robinson

    Don’t agree with Number 11 “Say it isn’t so”. I love that movie, I own that movie and everyone I show it to loves it. It’s hilarious.