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The 20 Scariest Kids In Horror Movies

15 May 2013 | Features, Other Lists | by David Zou

scariest movie kids

For whatever reason, horror movies and creepy kids seems to go together like cookies and cream. If you look back at movie history, some of the most iconic kid characters are in horror movies.

Jason, Jigsaw, Even the crazy Jack Nicholson have never scared us as much as those adorably frightening children of the silver screen. Composing this list of the creepiest young things made us realized just how many little devils are out there.

So let’s take a walk down memory lane and honor the top scariest, freakiest kids in horror. Imagine it, would they be as scary as they are in the movies if they were an adult? Maybe.


20. Emily (Hide And Seek)


The Scary Kid: Understandably traumatised by her mum’s suicide, Emily goes even further off the rails when she starts jabbering on about the malicious “Charlie”. Time for the men in white coats…

If They Were An Adult: She’d be sat at the back of the bus, shouting her own name and periodically wetting herself.


19. Isaac (Children Of The Corn)


The Scary Kid: The pint-sized cult leader who rallies a mob of local kids and turns them against the town’s hapless adults. The little shit.

If They Were An Adult: He’d have cleaned up his act and focused his energies on a less destructive hobby. Scientology, perhaps…


18. Sadako (Ring)


The Scary Kid: The lost daughter of renowned psychic Shizuko Yamamura, who comes lurching out of the television when the forbidden videotape is played. Could do with a haircut.

If They Were An Adult: An adult woman crawling out of a well and then flopping out of a television set… yes, she’d still be utterly terrifying.


17. Claudia (Interview With The Vampire)


The Scary Kid: A dying woman transposed into the body of a child, stuck forever in puberty but maintaining all the thoughts, feelings and urges of her adult self. Troubling.

If They Were An Adult: Her role in the “family” would be a hell of a lot less disturbing.

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  • Korabljenik

    Almost all good choices, except Wednesday Addams.
    Placing her on #5 seemed like a combo-breaker, after 15 pretty creepy kids.
    You should have had her on #20 or as a bonus mention, since she’s not scary, or rather, she would be scary if she was in a horror film, but since we know the tone of the Addams Family, she’s not scary, just weird.
    I would also place Danny Torrance much lower on the list.
    But overall, a pretty good list.

  • David Dean

    Great list but your description of Claudia in Int, with the Vampire is way off! She is turned as a child which is why physically she remains as such. Her emotional unbalance develops as she mentally matures during the years she spends with Louis and L’estat (forgive the spellings if incorrect). She becomes a grown woman with the attached urges but is forever trapped in the body of a child-the scene where she cuts her own hair is brilliant, as she in desperation tries to change her appearance only for it to instantly grow back showing that her appearance will never change no matter how much she actually ages.

  • Jeroen Ledderhof

    Scariest kid is Michael (Peter Bark) in Burial Ground: The Nights Of Terror aka Le notti del terrore aka Zombie 3.

  • Matt

    Good list except you forgot Gage from Pet Sematary.

    • CSD

      Came here to say this. That was the freakiest kid EVER.

    • David Louis Krownes.

      Gage is awesome, true dat

  • Mark Harding

    Rhoda Penmark in the Bad Seed, the ultimate naughty girl.

  • Jay Kennedy

    Regan would totally top Damian on my list – although Ralphie Glick would give her a fighting chance!

  • Roger Pedersen

    Damien just had to go on top,yeah. But why didn’t you put the kid from “The Ring” or Samara in there? :D

  • TheFran

    Awesome list. I would definitely add Samara from The Ring.

  • Irving

    We know what Damien would be like as an adult. The second film follows him into adolescence and the third film follows him into adulthood.

  • Kelly Shelton

    Wednesday is definitely not scary. Also: Judging by her mother, she’ll be lovely. Judging by the way Gomez and Fester go at it, though, she and Pugsley would have the same sort of relationship… which means “just joking” attempts at fratricide forever!

  • Ana

    What about the little kid – soon to become Rainmaker – in Looper?

  • Husain

    I think you missed out on a classic. Henry in The Good Son. Eerily terrifying!

  • David Louis Krownes.

    Deliverance ? Horror *.* What !