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The 20 Most Pointless Movie Deaths Ever

24 May 2013 | Features, Other Lists | by David Zou

pointless movie deaths

Like happy endings, death is also an indispensable element in Hollywood movies. However, some of the characters only dies for death’s sake. There is no proper cause and good timing, some of the deaths are totally avoidable. In these cases, it’s better to keep them alive a little bit longer, for the movie’s sake.

Here are 20 most pointless movie deaths in history that you wish never happened.


20. Batman


The Movie Death: The Joker attempts a last gasp escape via helicopter, only for the Dark Knight to shackle his leg to a gargoyle. Gravity does the rest.

Why It’s Pointless: The Joker could have been snared without actually dying. Batman doesn’t kill people, and yet he effectively does for his rival here.


19. Predator


The Movie Death: Blain Cooper makes an early exit after the Predator sucker-punches him right through the chest. Kapow!

Why It’s Pointless: You know the wisecracking comic foil has likely got his card marked, but doing away with Blain with so much of the movie left to run seems like a real waste. He’s the most charismatic character, and yet he buys it in such throwaway fashion!


18. The Dark Knight Rises


The Movie Death: Bane proves himself a ruthless taskmaster by airily disposing of one of his own henchmen in Gotham’s sewer system. Could he not have just put him on gardening leave?

Why It’s Pointless: The poor guy doesn’t really deserve it for one, but taking even that aside, surely a plan of Bane’s magnitude requires as much manpower as possible? Even lowly henchmen have their uses…


17. The Godfather Part 3


The Movie Death: Michael Corleone grabs at his chest, before slumping dead to the floor in the grounds of Don Tommasino’s Sicilian villa.

Why It’s Pointless: Michael’s story arc has already been completed with the death of his daughter. Seeing his own demise feels like an unnecessary afterthought.

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  • Cory McCurdy

    Darth Maul doesn’t die…

  • Yellow Polo

    This article is full of fail.

  • Ryan Deadpooln

    Terrible article.

  • James Tracy

    I don’t think you know what a pointless death is, or a death, or…. Idk. Obviously you haven’t seen any movies before 1990 though