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20 Illogical Movie Endings That Don’t Make Sense

05 April 2013 | Features, Other Lists | by David Zou

It’s understandable that directors want to make the endings of their movies as impressive as possible, but sometimes these carefully-designed closing scenes just go against all logic. We select 20 of the most illogical movie endings of all time, check out to see if you have the same feeling.


20.  War Of The Worlds


Young Robbie is revealed to have somehow survived from the ferocious hilltop massacre at the film’s ending. A great example of Spielberg sentimentalism gone a little bit too far.


19. Vanilla Sky


Tom Cruise discovers that all the bizarre events that’s been happening to him over the film’s running-time can be put down to glitches within the cryogenic sleep programme he’s been in for the last 150 years. Yes, 150 years.


18. Jacob’s Ladder


In the end of the movie, We are told that the entire movie has been Jacob’s dying dream as he lies on a Vietnam battlefield. It just comes out of nowhere.


17. Back To The Future Part 3


The Doc manages to build another time machine out of a steam train, but science tells us that time travel require plutonium. And back in the Old West, the Doc doesn’t have any at all.

16. Django Unchained


You know that the film is set in 1858. You also know that Django blows up Candieland with a whole heap of dynamite. But what you might not know, is that the explosive wouldn’t be invented until 1867…

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  • Mark Harding

    The Shawshank one is easy to explain, the poster was not attached at the bottom corners. Andy simply slipped inside and the poster just fell back in place.
    Other than that, an interesting observation.

    • Justin Gilligan

      I thought the same, kinda silly the author didn’t notice this.

    • Roxtaf

      indeed that one is a nobrainer… listmaking 101: THINK ;)

    • Kevin Carter

      Actually, when the warden sticks his finger through you can see it is attached at the sides too. This is obviously, to make the poster tear properly for the scene but yeah, he would have just hung it from the top and let it drop behind him.

  • Tyler Walker

    umm duh Doc Brown rebuilt the Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor from the Delorean wreckage, it can run on trash.

    • Josh Godwin

      I thought that problem though: The wreckage was in 1985, AFTER Marty left 1885 with the DeLorean. Doc would have no access to Mr. Fusion.

      Lightning, maybe?

      • feenix219

        he created new, large components that did the same job; same idea as vaccum tube to transitor to microship. He just went *backwards* a step. It took him years.

  • merwanor

    I always laugh when people complain about aliens in Indiana Jones 4, when the previous movies has lots of religious bullshit and other fantastical stuff… Sure, how the aliens are portrayed may be fantasy, but it is highly likely that aliens exists. The Universe is immense in scope and size, to even think that we are alone in it, is pretty stupid.

    • Vjetrovnjak

      Nobody was saying that what we saw in the first 3 films isn’t fantasy. But, those were all religious artefacts (the Arc, Shankara stones, the Grail, Cross of Corronado), which have religious magic or some other influence.

      The 4th film changed that, with the inclusion of inter-dimensional beings (not extraterrestrial aliens), which some fans dissagreed with, because they got used for Indy to hunt the mystical things from this world, not the outer one.

      Personally, I enjoyed Indy 4 more than Indy 2, but I understand why do the people don’t like 4.

      • feenix219

        I took at is a tip of the hat to all the people who believe that mystical/religious stuff was inspired by alien visits, like the Ancient Aliens crowd. I also saw it as contrasting the 30s and 50s, and how sci fi was obtaining more pop culture dominance by that time; Indy was out of his element.

        To any fans of the movie, I highly suggest finding the on line script to “City of the Gods” which was the first draft of Crystal Skull.. its a fantastic script, and would have been the movie everyone wanted to see.

  • DreFactor

    I thought there might have been raptors on board the boat and that having raptors breed on the mainland was going to be the next movie.

    • Razvigor

      It’s a deleted scene from the script (it was NEVER filmed).
      So, I concider this a plot hole. If it was filmed, and deleted from the final cut, than I could let it pass, but since it was never filmed – yes, it’s a big plot hole. There was no raptors on board, only lazy writing.

  • G. Freeman

    The problem is not with Mr.Fusion, besides it can’t be built from the Delorean wreckage since that exists in 1985 and the doc remained in 1885, so how would he fix it on the train. No I think problem here is electronics, remember the first part in which 1955 doc had to repair a damaged chip with counterparts. It would make sense that even those parts wouldn’t exist in 1885 and even if they did the doc would have to design a whole bunch of support electronics to even construct the flux capacitor.

  • Daniel M’Sadoques

    Both the Back to the Future ones are easy to explain. -_-

  • DeathBySquirrel

    I don’t remember it perfectly, but I’m pretty sure in oceans eleven, they stole the money by creating a fake CCTV film of them breaking in, used this to get the casino to call “SWAT”, then took the place of the SWAT team to “secure” the vault. So they could just have taken the flyers in in their bags (Which you see them taking the money out in)
    Pretty sure you missed the whole way they actually stole the money :

  • Duck Enriquez

    In Batman Begins the machine wasn’t to vaporize the people. It was meant to disperse the drug and have the city tear itself apart

    • Razvigor

      You are mistaken.
      The plan of the villains was this:
      Put the halucinogenic drug into the water supply.
      Then use the machine to create ALL water near it into steam, to spread the drug, which is spread via steam.
      BUT; humans are mostly made of WATER, but the machine in the film doesn’t transform the water inside humans into steam. How?

      • matthewmess

        Because most of the water in humans isn’t really water but plasma and cytoplasm which can’t be easily converted into steam.

        • Vjetrovnjak

          Fair enough, I’m not an expert on this matter, but it sounds plausible to me.

          But still, it has another steam-related problem.
          The toxin was put into the water supply a long time before the final showdown.
          Now, we know it spreads through the steam…
          So, in a 12 million people city – no one, during that time, reported having hallucinations after cooking, or ironing their laundry – both tasks that require steam from the (infencted) water supply.

          *don’t get me wrong for picking that film apart, BB is actually my favourite Nolan-Batman film*

      • Ryan Cooper

        Even nearly a decade later, people are still making the same mistake RE: Batman Begins. The Microwave Emitter is explained by Earle’s assistant to use FOCUSED microwaves. This is how it was used to vapourise an enemy’s water supply. One would ‘aim’ the microwaves at a fresh water source or a tank, for example.

        The monorail is explained to run directly over the main water supply, therefore the Emitter is shooting microwaves directly beneath it into the water, not generally into the atmosphere. Somebody stood directly beneath the monorail may have a problem, but not the people at large.

      • Reese Evans

        Even nearly a decade later, people are still making the same mistake RE: Batman Begins. The Microwave Emitter is explained by Earle’s assistant to use FOCUSED microwaves. This is how it was used to vapourise an enemy’s water supply. One would ‘aim’ the microwaves at a fresh water source or a tank, for example.

        The monorail is explained to run directly over the main water supply, therefore the Emitter is shooting microwaves directly beneath it into the water, not generally into the atmosphere. Somebody stood directly beneath the monorail may have a problem, but not the people at large.

    • Reznor9

      I always thought that taking a hot shower would cause the water to become a vapor and make everyone in the city crazy beforehand. Great movie. But that vapor thing was ridiculous. Too many holes in that plan

  • Jon ‘Jonny’ Preece

    didnt he find the book in a book store in number 23?

  • Roxtaf

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Nowhere, nowhen is it said that time travel requires plutonium, have you even watched the movies ?!?!?! “This sucker is electrical”

    The time machine, or rather the flux capasitor is electrical, Doc builds the first delorian with a nuclear reactor, powered by plutonium.

    No plutionium at hand in the first movie prompts them to use a lightning, having forhand knowledge of when it will strike.

    Later the reactor is converted into a mr fuision, enabling it to run on household garbage.
    The only thing the flux capasitor demands is….. pause for effect…… 1.21 gigawatts, it does not give a shit about what energy source it gets it from.

    • Josh Godwin

      Very true, maybe he used lightning to get to the future, where he bought another Mr. Fusion…though that would be a stretch.

      • Reznor9

        He did use dynamite to speed up the train. Maybe he was able to siphon off some of that energy to power the flux capacitor.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Nothing like a little “logic” to suck the fun out of creativity.

  • hostrauser

    The supposed Independence Day “flaw” always bugs me/makes me laugh. Does no one remember the captured spacecraft the government had been studying in Area 51? You know, the place they all assemble? Where Jeff Goldblum’s super-genius character would have had several days to study the alien’s computer language and devise some way to connect/write in it? Sure, it’s all highly improbable… but we’re talking about an alien invasion movie. There’s no true logic hole there for me.

    • Reznor9

      It’s actually highly probably that the computers we use today were based off of the technology from the alien vessel. So maybe compatibility wasn’t too hard of an issue to overcome.

      • APrince66

        Exactly what I always thought

  • ImNotTheOne

    The Django Unchained slide is completely outa text. Its wrong on so many levels. The Chinese have had “explosions” since the 7th and 8th century. Nitroglycerin was invented in 1846. In 1863, TNT or Trinitrotoluene was invented by German chemist Joseph Wilbrand. Please be a little more conscious before you publish trash articles. &

    • redstick

      TNT was invented in 1863, but it was used as a yellow dye. It was not recognized as explosive for years because of its stability and difficulty to detonate. It was first used as an explosive in about 1902. the anomaly stands.

  • im

    The Fight Club ending is pretty simple. Jack realizes that the only way to kill Tyler is by killing himself so he puts his gun in his mouth and shoots himself. Did he shoot himself in the brain through the upper palate of his mouth ? No ! the bullet passes through the side of his face while the shock of it kills Tyler who was nothing more than the manifestation of SPD/Schizophrenia in Jack. So horribly wounded yes but dead ? No !

    • 7992

      who’s jack?

  • GWLee

    “Look closely, in the final shoot-out, Joe is aiming at Orange. White is aiming at Joe. Eddie is aiming at White. So why does Eddie fall before White can get a second shot off?”

    Mr. Pink walks away with a gun in hand and the diamonds. Implied he shoots Eddie.

    • WoWed

      in reality, who wouldn’t have shot Eddie first?

  • Recker

    Back to the Future 3 – So Doc came up with a new way to time travel? He’s a genius. Why would he not come up with a more efficient method after a while. He is an inventer after all. He found a way to do it with steam rather than plutonium. Perhaps he gained some knowledge from the future when it came to using trash?
    Back to the Future. – No they wouldn’t have recognised Marty because why would it ever corss their minds its the same guy? It simply wouldn’t as it would be an impossibility. Anyway, who’s to say they didn’t didn’t occassionally talk about Kelvin and how Marty reminds them so much of him.

  • Kenneth R DeLeon Jr

    back to the future 1, it’s never mentioned that they don’t recognize him. back to the future 3, it doesn’t say how long it took Doc Brown to create the new time machine, if he made the time machine, i’m sure over time he could make the parts needed for it even back then. and shawshank redemption he just lifts up the bottom crawls in.

  • Reznor9

    I’m sorry. Vanilla sky blew my mind. Thought it was awesome. Even the original was just as good if not better.

  • UN

    Few of these are great movies so stop ruining them…

  • Brian Sleider

    Fight Cub is really easy if you actually WATCH the movie, He blew out the side of his mouth. Yes, that is possible there are plenty of reports and pictures, Thats why gun in the mouth suicide is a bad idea.

  • Rust

    In Number 23 he didn’t have the book all those years like you implied he got it as a gift from his girlfriend. Maybe you should actually watch some of these movies before writing an article about them..

  • pollitttyler

    The Magnolia one is supposed to be illogical! The theme of the film is chance, random occurences. The frogs are just symbolic to the theme.