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The 20 Greatest Goosebump Movie Moments

12 April 2013 | Features, Other Lists | by David Zou

We remember those awesome moments from classic movies because they give us goosebumps. They excite us, frighten us and move us. Here’s 20 greatest goosebump movie moments that will have your chills multiplying.


20. The Avengers


The Moment: The Avengers assemble in New York as the Chitauri begin to invade. There’s just one guy left to complete the Avengers squad – Hulk. “Doctor Banner, I think now might be a good time for you to get angry,” advises Captain America.

We Have Goosebumps When: Banner replies, “That’s my secret, Cap: I’m always angry,” hulks out and smashes an approaching alien.


19. Drive


The Moment: The Driver steps into a elevator with his neighbor Irene and a hitman hired to kill him. He kisses Irene, and then head-stomps the killer to death.

We Have Goosebumps When: Irene gives him a confused and horrified look as she leaves the lift.


18. Donnie Darko


The Moment: As time reverses and Donnie dies, his friends and family find themselves inexplicably moved while Gary Jules’ Mad World plays in the background.

We Have Goosebumps When: Gretchen waves to Mrs Darko, the mother of the boyfriend she’ll never have.


17. The Truman Show


The Moment: Having realised that his existence in Seahaven is just a reality show, Truman Burbank takes to the water to escape… only to crash into the wall of his virtual world.

We Have Goosebumps When: Truman makes a stand against Christof, his creator, and walks out of the exit with one final catchline, “In case I don’t see you… good afternoon, good evening, and good night.”

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  • rvernon

    Some others (more or less recent):

    * Neo wakes up from the Matrix.
    * The horror prison is found in The Cabin in the Woods.
    * Pitch Black: The lights go out.
    * Star Trek II, Wrath of Kahn: Kirk deactivates the shield on Khan’s star ship.
    * Star Trek II, Wrath of Kahn: Spock dies
    * Serenity: “Wash” gets skewered
    * Serenity: River wipes out the Reavers

    Forget it….there are thousands.

    • Abbas Bin Zubir

      Both in Serenity I agree as an undoubtedly shocking moment. For giving me goosebumps I said when river wipe out reavers…I wonder why the movie falter so much. It is undoubtedly one of the best Sci-fi I ever watch…

  • WoWed

    One Flew over the cuckoo’s nest…

    I hate to admit it, i cried a little

  • MrGJG

    Did you even watch T-2? Arnie cannot self terminate.