The 10 Worst Superhero Movies Of All Time

Special Mention: Catwoman (2004)

catwoman 2004

Why was this made? Halle Berry was a great Storm. She is a wonderful actress. So should we put her in a movie about an awesome DC comics character, though presented in an alternate telling than what most fans are used to? Should we use it as a vehicle to make something special? Add in terrible special effects? Horrible continuity issues? Yes we should. And it will fail. Horribly. 

How they were able to get a decent cast for this movie is beyond me. Cough money cough.

If you want a good laugh, spend some time on YouTube watching people pan this movie. There are some funny arguments, some amazing reviews, and some wonderful hating of this movie happening out there. So much so that if I posted what I wanted to about this flick, it would feel like plagiarism.

This is my least favorite superhero movie of all time. It speaks for itself.

So there it is. The 10 Worse Superhero Movies. I’d love to hear what movies you loved and hated in the comments below. I know I missed the one you hate and I probably included the one you love, so let’s hash it out, eh? If you are a fan of discussing your favorite and least favorite movies and TV shows and you enjoy cartoons and video series, be sure to sign up for the free newsletter over at Follow Networks for more like the above.

At the end of the day, we all love a good superhero flick. And we even love a bad superhero flick, too. Right?

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