• Turo

    Damn, Spider-Man 3 didn’t even make the list…

  • scooter2407

    Superman 3 makes the list but Superman 4 doesn’t? Superman 3 at least had the awesome Clark-vs-Superman fight, the cool chemical plant opener and the always great ‎Annette O’Toole

  • Cody Taylor

    I honestly didn’t think X3 was as bad as people make it out to be. Sure there were problems rampant, but it was still entertaining as long as you’re not a hardcore Cyclops fan. Gotta admit he couldn’t get a break.

    I also think people give Batman and Robin too much hate, and it bugs me. It’s a campy movie. Enjoy the camp, go with the camp and don’t throw such fits over some goddamn nipples on the batsuits like most (you didn’t but it’s a common complaint). Roman breastplates had nipples and people don’t seem too distracted by them! Plus the dialogue wasn’t hard to follow as a child let alone an adult, and it’s a comic book movie pre-Nolan so having a sensible plot isn’t really a priority. As long as you don’t pick apart unrealistic things that go against the characters and reality it’s a fun film. Like the Joker said: “Why so serious?”

    But Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance was so terrible I’d move it up higher. It and Dark Shadows are the only two movies I’ve ever seriously considered walking out on, and only stayed because I didn’t want to waste the ticket money I had already paid.

    Actually surprised Spiderman 3 didn’t make the list, even though I treat it like X3 in that although severely flawed I still managed to find entertainment in it.

  • DR. Nonads

    cody taylor i completely agree with you these “bad” sequels arent all that bad. campy movies are the most fun to watch. i too enjoyed batman and robin it was a fun silly take on batman much like the 60’s version. but i did like the fact that nick cage did at least play both blaze and ghost rider and not switch to a body actor for the latter part. TMNTS 3 made me want to cry when i saw it as a kid it was a cheap useless piece of crap to try to cash in on the turtles.

  • paulj

    I enjoyed X3 too but then I enjoyed Batman and Robin – after I got over Arnold Schwarzenegger out acting everyone else. I guess I liked it coz it was just like the old Adam West/Burt Ward tongue in cheek stuff and had a sexy Batgirl. Lolz I’m happy as a clam with that one it’s the ones that take emselves seriously I have issue with.

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