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The 10 Worst Movie Villains Ever

02 April 2013 | Features, Other Lists | by David Zou

worst movie villains

Alfred Hitchcock once said: “The better the villain, the better the movie”. If I may rephrase that, it can be interpreted as “The worse the villain, the worse the movie”. Sometimes it is the case, a terrible villain would only make a bad movie worse.

When we talk about some of the worst villains in movie history, everything that can go wrong with a movie character goes wrong. The idea, the costume, the makeup, the performance and dialogues, nothing could escape the curse. 

Here’s 10 worst movie villains that appeared in some of the worst movies.


10. John Geiger – Speed 2: Cruise Control


A cruise-ship hacker, Geiger (Willem Dafoe) hijacks the luxury Caribbean cruiser that exploding-bus-survivor Annie (Sandra Bullock) is taking a much-needed break on. 

Geiger’s plan? Crash it into an oil tanker as revenge. And his intentions to do this?  Being fired from the cruise ship. Now you know why this villain sucks so much.


9. Tomatoes – Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes


The joke’s a good one that lampoons silly slashers, but did they really need to turn it into a full-length feature film? You can’t help but get bored of the killer tomatoes halfway through. After all, they’re not exactly the most emotive of fruits.

There was a scene that the loud music forces the tomatoes to retreat, it was horribly executed and Tim Burton taught the director how to do it in his Mars Attacks!.


8. King Galbatorix – Eragon


Easily one of the dullest on this list, despite being played by the fantastic actor John Malkovich, King Galbatorix does basically nothing for the entire 99 minute running time aside from slump in his throne and mope… 

Every moment he appears on screen, I feel sorry for everyone who’s involved in this movie.


7. Laurel Hedare – Catwoman


The film’s an absolute trash, but the minds behind this standalone Catwoman adventure at least had the sense to hire a badass actress to play the villain.

Except even Sharon Stone can’t save her wretched character, the CEO of a corrupt cosmetics company whose new product makes women’s faces fall apart if they stop using it. When we had a worst superhero, we had a very crappy villain to match it. Hedare was never a real threat to Catwoman, she was chucked out the window as she goes claw-to-claw with Catwoman.


6. Dennis Nedry – Jurassic Park

Dennis Nedry Jurassic Park

A layabout nerd who makes us nerds all look really, really bad, Dennis Nedry is Jurassic Park’s chief computer programmer. He’s also working for rival corporation BioSyn and is planning on stealing dino embryos for them…

The perfect example of Nedry’s utter ignorance is that he works at a dinosaur park, yet he doesn’t know a Dilophosaurus when he sees one. I was so glad they ate him, he had it coming.


5. Venom – Spider-Man 3

Venom Spider-Man 3

Director Sam Raimi famously didn’t want him in the film, but the studio pulled rank and so Venom was squeezed into this already packed threequel.

Enter Topher Grace as a totally miscast Eddie Brock. In the comics, Brock’s meant to be twice the size of Peter Parker. Here we get a watered down mythology mess-up that easily killed Raimi’s could-be-great Spidey  series. You know whom to blame.


4. Mr Freeze – Batman & Robin


To be fair, the villains in the previous Batman movies were all pretty impressive and they made comic fans happy, but director Joel Schumacher blew the the last one he directed.

Unlike the tortured character of the comics, let’s say Joel Schumacher’s version of Mr Freeze (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) is a total joke. No, really, all he does is jest and pun as he goes about turning Gotham into a twinkly wonderland. There is a line in the movie that defines how terrible this character is: “Tonight’s forecast; a freeeeeze is coming.”


3. King Koopa – Super Mario Bros

King Koopa Super Mario Bros

In the games, King Koopa was a big, hulking lizard with a particularly girly crown on his head.

In this low-rent movie adaptation, he’s played by a lizard-tongued Dennis Hopper at a serious low point in his career, this is definitely the role he wished he had never made. It made me sick every time he yells “Goomba!”


2. Terl – Battlefield Earth

Terl Battlefield Earth

A dreadlock-haired giant alien Psychlo, Terl is a wilfully mean security chief who’s desperate to get off Earth – but is stuck there after an incident with the Senator’s daughter. This is the awful leading character John Travolta played in one of the box-office disasters.

Be prepared, he gets some of the worst lines of dialogue you will ever heard, and Travolta camps it up something chronic. Maybe he needed another “Pulp Fiction” to save his career after that, unfortunately it never came.


1. Nuclear Man – Superman IV: The Quest For Peace

Nuclear Man Superman IV The Quest For Peace

When somebody is supposed to be superman’s rival, we expect him to be strong and powerful. Especially when the movie is adapted from comic books, we were expecting more from it. Nuclear Man is supposed to be a clone of Superman and is created by Lex Luther as the Kryptonian’s ultimate foe. Sounds pretty good?

But in the movie, this guy is a camp dummy with a terrible costume – and an OTT lust for the ladies. One of the worst scene of the movie is when Nuclear Man gets one over on Superman by, get this, scratching him with his blingin’, radioactive nails. How can you beat that?


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  • Steven Flores

    Nuclear man totally sucked ass. Yet, it took an hour for Superman to figure out that to end the guy was simply to just use the moon to block out the sun. That was lame. Plus, wouldn’t have Mariel Hemingway’s character died if her body had been exposed in outer space or be burnt to a crisp in entering the Earth’s atmosphere?

  • David Brook

    I hate to be pedantic, but Mr Freeze was not the only Batman villain Joel Schumacher directed. He directed Batman Forever previously with The Riddler and Two-Face/Harvey Dent. Plus Poison Ivy features in Batman and Robin too if you want to be really picky. Sorry, I couldn’t help pointing that out. I agree wholeheartedly with the list in general though!

  • Mangahead

    All the boss of the Dungeon Dragons Movies can win easy the first rank :D

  • Adam Berry

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  • Jon ‘Jonny’ Preece

    how else could the do bowzer (king koopa?!)

  • basuperstar

    harsh call on Newman

    • WoWed

      seriously. he was a computer programer. More than likely, he didn’t deal with the actual dinosaurs too much.

      • basuperstar

        Haha fair enough, looking back on it the whole “I cant find my glasses” bit probably says enough.

  • Rasmus Drugge

    The book series of Eragon and the film are two completely different stories and I do not accept that the film is based on the books, that’s that and nothing else!