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The 10 Worst & Best Nicholas Cage Movies

27 June 2013 | Features, People Lists | by David Zou

worst best nicholas cage movies

Nicolas Cage is one of the strangest actors working in Hollywood today. He’s done some great action movies (The Rock, Face/Off). He’s shown he has acting chops (when acting like a drugged-out loser) in Leaving Las Vegas and Adaption. And yet for each good movie he makes, he stars in five terrible ones.

In fact, Cage has steadily become more famous thanks to some of his absolute worst roles. So put on your bear suit, put the bunny back in the box, and grab some cake; Here are the 10 worst & best Nicolas Cage movies.


The Worst


10. Captain Corelli’s Mandolin


The Movie: Pelagia (Penelope Cruz) falls in love with an Italian commander when her husband goes off to fight with the Greek army during World War II.

Why so terrible? Cage may have battled claims that he was miscast in this high profile book adap, but he brings a steely glimmer to his role as the eponymous captain.


9. Honeymoon in Vegas


The Movie: Jack Singer (Cage) heads to Vegas to get married, but a gangster fixes a game so that he loses $65k in a poker game. Said gangster will forget the money if Jack lets him spend the weekend with his fiancée…

Why so terrible? Cage wears a series of ridiculous shirts (all tucked into disturbingly high trouser-waists) and manages to pull it off completely. He always manages to put up with a flapping Sarah Jessica Parker…


8. Bangkok Dangerous


The Movie: Hitman Joe (Cage) heads to Bangkok where he’s been hired to carry out some underhand jobs. But he falls in love with a local woman there, which could spell his undoing.

Why so terrible? Cage was never going to be a conventional action hero, and here he plays it with a mixture of tongue-in-cheek goofiness and full-throttle fearlessness. This guy just loves an action scene – and Bangkok gives him plenty to do.


7. Vampire’s Kiss

Vampires Kiss

The Movie: Publishing exec Peter Loew (Cage) becomes convinced that he’s turning into a vampire after an encounter with a neck-loving chomper.

Why so terrible? After roles as a punk and a fast food worker, Cage revealed his inner crazy with this quirky horror flick – and what sublime crazy it is. Yes, this is the film that he scoffed a cockroach for. You can see a love affair with the insane being born before your very eyes.

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  • Anna

    Thats a good list. I would have put Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans on the good list though. That movie was awesome.

  • Matt Donato

    Where is Deadfall on this list? Amazing Cage moments, but an atrocious movie. “HI-F#CKING-YA”

  • Tali Meirav

    It’s a shame you left out “The Weatherman” out of the good list, that was a very good movie and performance.

  • Ana

    What about Birdy (Alan Parker, mid-80s), with Mathew Modine.?

  • tedh754

    They only took one of the quints!

  • Sara Anderson

    Nice List! But I think Con-Air would hit the top of my favorite movies by him.

  • wolves22

    sorry but the first ghost rider was not so bad

  • wolves22

    i like more the action movie’s form him