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The 10 Weirdest Movie Costumes

20 April 2013 | Guest Posts, Other Lists | by David Zou

weirdest movie costumes

There are many strange movie costumes which have been created in some very unique ways. Some of these costumes were made from strange materials and others are just completely bizarre to look at. Here is a breakdown of some of the most interesting and unique ways of dressing characters:


10. Sandy’s Trousers in Grease


At number ten, Olivia Newton John’s character from Grease, Sandy, transformed from a shy, prim and proper young lady, to the foxy woman in black for her final scene. Although the outfit was not particularly unusual in its appearance, Olivia Newton John’s trousers were so tight she had to be sewn into them. Her skin-tight look took so much time to prepare, she was not allowed a toilet break as unstitching and re-sewing her back in would have been too time consuming.


9. The Horses in The Wizard of Oz


At number nine, the Horses used to pull the carts through Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz were coloured in a very peculiar way. Jelly crystals were stuck all over the horses in order to lend them the colour, although the scenes had to be rushed through as the horses began to lick the colouring from each other.

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  • FrankenPC .

    I can’t believe you forgot the icing on the Alien cake: The alien head was fashioned from a real human skull by H.R. Geiger himself.

  • MornLandazar

    Interesting list.
    As for the Hobbit-feet, they have changed the design a bit (for The Hobbit trilogy), and now, they are not only latex Hobbit-feet, but more of a latex Hobbit-legs, since they go up to the knee, not to the ankle. They are more endurin that way – a good example of how you can learn from previous experiences.
    I’m surprised there was no Star Wars – they have a plethora of weird costumes.

  • TheFran

    Yeah Pearl was darn disgusting. I was most surprised and captivated by the pale man in Pan’s labyrinth though… good list.

  • Mark Harding

    Fifth Element had all sorts of weird costumes and not just the diva’s. Gary Oldman’s costume was pretty out-there and that bandage get-up Mila wore was certainly unique.