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The 10 Scariest Haunted House Movies Ever Made

13 June 2013 | Features, Film Lists | by David Zou

haunted house movies

Is there anything scarier than investing in your dream home, moving in, getting comfortable and then realizing it’s haunted? No, there isn’t, actually. Here are our top ten scariest haunted house movies.


10. The Others

The Others Cap

Nicole Kidman holed up in a giant house on the island of Jersey, with her two creepy children and some very suspect groundskeepers doesn’t sound like the scariest thing in the world, but this slow-building, brooding, haunted mansion nightmare has one of the greatest twists in the history of horror. Spoiler alert: Nicole and the kids are the ghosts!


9. 1408


Based on the Stephen King short story, this 2007 fright-fest saw John Cusack as Mike Enslin, who voluntarily decides to stay in a haunted room at the Dolphin Hotel (which is clearly, actually, the Roosevelt Hotel—45 E. 45th Street), despite warnings from hotel manager, Samuel L. Jackson. The room consequently tortures Enslin with the radio alarm clock from hell, major temperature drops, stuck door knobs and—this would suck—his very own doppelganger. That’s what happens when you don’t listen to Samuel L. Jackson…

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  • WoWed

    the haunting? House on haunted hill? Thirteen Ghosts?

    of course, i’m talking about the originals, not the remakes. i will admit 13 ghosts is a bit of a stretch, but a hell of a lot closer than some of the ones you had listed