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The 10 Most Rewatchable Movies of The Last Decade

30 March 2013 | Features, Film Lists, Guest Posts | by David Zou

rewatchable movies

Why are there only a limited number of movies which, getting into our consciousness, cause a desperate desire to see them again? The film, meaning of which is so deep that we need a few tries to figure it out – what does it look like?

Here we have the 10 best films of the modern cinema history, that make us reconsider our attitude towards life, affect us with plots, excite our minds, change our world view, and evoke a desire to see them at least one more time to fully penetrate their idea and the message which creators wanted to convey to the audience.


10. Extracted (2012)


How often do you remember any pleasant moments in all the details and colors of not just your feelings, but a reality too? As a rule, memories are so scrappy, and sometimes our super complex mechanism called Brain completes the spaces between distinct moments on its own whim. Early childhood memories still remain a huge mystery for many of us, but they somehow affect the whole our future life afterwords.

A pundit invents a kind of hardware to load human memories and help people understand their worries and fears. But what if your own consciousness and life depends on a killer’s memories?

When you are locked inside of his brain, it’s not easy to find a way back. And the audience clearly understands that one movie-picture show won’t be enough to solve this problem.


9. V for Vendetta (2006)


People have always sought power, and power cannot be implemented without any control over others. People are getting used to their slave status without noticing it.

Unfortunately, this problem covers our society too. To justify our inactivity, we usually say that our grievances will not be heard anyway.

But there is the person who can make a difference. Who is he? What’s his name? Where is he from? He’s an incognito. He is man, whose face is hidden behind the mask of Guy Fawkes, whose heart is full of hatred and desire for revenge. He is ready to get things done, no matter how ghastly and brutal.

The accuser returned, vowing to reveal all the manifestations of this bad, selfish, shameless, and ignorant government! The only possible verdict seems obvious, but we still have some questions left: the only way to find answers and understand a protagonist is to watch the movie one more time at least.


8. Limitless (2011)


You are nothing without a pill! A pill you will never have…

Eddie Morra is a loser and a slacker who believes he is a writer, but he cannot write a single line. One day, Eddie gets a secret medical drug from a friend by chance. Having taken a pill, Morra feels a fantastic burst of creative energy and a full activation of brain power.

Can it happen that all your problems are solved by one small pill? There are some tablets of course, which make all problems lie in the background, but the effect does not last long, and the consequences are disheartening… They are impossible to notice at once, and we continue looking for answers even after the movie ends. What was that EXACT moment when everything had suddenly gone wrong?


7. Life of Pi (2012)


A daytime unfolds an unprecedented fight for survival in the vast ocean before our eyes, a survival in a confined space of a boat, alone with a ruthless predator. At night, this day nightmare is replaced with the luminous serenity which we could see only in Avatar’s Pandora before.

This is a walk in the ocean in the company of wild animals, a Bengal tiger in particular. A human believes he is the king of nature, he will not be afraid of an animal, when he holds a rifle in hands. But what to do when you are left alone with a wild animal in the middle of the ocean? Was it God who determined the future of Pi? Is it possible to redefine ourselves in a magical adventure? Or is this adventure a poetic metaphor to interpret the meaning of life? This movie has all answers. First-time viewing impresses us with the director’s ground-breaking application of special effects. Re-watching it will unveil all the movie’s subtleties and connotations.


6. In Time (2011)


Welcome to the world where time has become the only one and most powerful currency, where people are genetically programmed in a way they stop aging after they are 25. But maintaining eternal youth costs some money. So, what do we have? The rich are getting virtually immortal, and the poor are doomed to fight for survival.

We don’t understand some moments while watching: why do parents look younger than children? How exactly does the whole system work? To understand that, all very small details should be observed. Only a few people are able to notice them at once, and this fact makes ‘In Time’ a really epic and rewatchable movie.
Time is a price to everything now. Live forever or die trying….


5. Source Code (2011)


‘Source code’ can’t be called Duncan Jones’ debut. This director entered the world of full-length cinematography with his controversial work – a fiction movie ‘Moon’. The hand of the same creator is easy to trace back in both movies mentioned above. Even the idea of a deceived human mind, which finally finds its path in a labyrinth of thoughts created by someone, makes us think of some parallels here.

Mind games, that lead the ‘Source Code’ protagonist to a real maelstrom, become the fundamental idea of this project, causing the audience’s interest and the success among critics. The only thing left for us to understand is how this guy appears in a body of the dead man, and how exactly he cheated the system and made the source code broken.


4. Mindhunters (2004)


The movie keeps a viewer in a tense atmosphere from its very first minutes. The idea is quite interesting: FBI agents are brought to the island to fill up the experiment, and a murderer appears to be among them.

It is not clear who plays a sinister roulette with characters till the very end of the movie, so, everyone is under suspect with no exception. Is the audience clever and attentive enough to notice all nuances at once? Will we reveal the manic’s individuality before the main characters themselves? His traps make us gasp and want to watch the movie again to understand the methods he used while playing with his victims.


3. Looper (2012)


In the nearest future, where people can travel in time, some corporation removes unwanted individuals, sending them to the past. And the task of the receiving party is to kill the victim, thus erasing this poor guy from history.

The movie turns any viewer’s categorical conclusions and arguments upside down. It provides answers to questions, but breaks them all again, making us find new ones; some doubts about the number of closed loops of time appear; you cannot be certain about who the antagonist is. The movie doesn’t give clear answers, providing a viewer with food for self-reflections. But is there any sense to play poker when you can see the cards of other players?

Each time we watch ‘Looper’ we find a new source for cogitation. Audiences need to rewatch the movie to get the main idea..


2. Inception (2010)


Christopher Nolan’s violent fantasy can easily become the envy source of the most prominent Hollywood filmmakers. The ability to mix genres while keeping the bar and focusing on a certain path was demonstrated by Nolan in his first blockbuster ‘Batman Begins’.

‘Inception’ can be called the black pearl of this brilliant director. He comes up with unique plot, fickle dreams world, and such certain but not always clear steps of heroes. The idea of a dream in a dream, which was fully revealed by Nolan, is shown from different angles and with great skills. How exactly were they able to get into a head? How was it possible to plant an idea that could easily change the whole life after awakening? This film is to be understood and rewatched several times if necessary, because the essence of ‘Inception’ cannot be reached right away … but it’s worth it…


1. Cloud Atlas (2012)


Six stories… Five reincarnations, occurring at different times, are closely intertwined. Very often it’s difficult for unsophisticated viewers to sit before the screen when the stories and faces replace each other like a carousel, and the relationship between novels is fleeting and so elegant. When you watch an anthology, it almost always happens as follows: one or two stories hook us at once, and all the rest are simply a background. But all the exceptions from this “almost” have earned the right to be new cinematography masterpieces thanks to brilliant actors.

‘Cloud Atlas’ is a truly amazing movie in every respect. We do not remember even a single film, the plot of which would cover so many stories, so many times and so many heroes. And we do not remember even a single picture, where so many story lines would weave and merge into each other with such ease and elegance combined. Everything is interconnected in this life, but how it appeared to be that lives of people from different generations had become interconnected too? Our task is to solve this puzzle while watching.

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  • rvernon

    I would add Fight Club. There are so many hidden nuances to that movie. So many perfect performances.

    • Alex Strike

      Yes, I adore this movie too, but it doesn’t fit “the last decade” as far as you understand))

  • Razvigor

    Not a good list.
    The majority of the films are from 2011 and 2012.
    You could have made the list a lot more diverse.

  • James Tracy

    Horrible list. Totally biased towards the so so sci fi movies that should have been better but werent. You even included limitless, my most hated movie of the last 10 years, featuring a smug doosh who becomes a smart smug doosh. Horrible movie, and horrible list.

  • hesoyamdonMonster

    one of the worst list ! Cloud Atlas !! haha its a joke !! the film is extremely flawed and was really boring

  • hesoyamdonMonster

    most watch movies can be

    -dark knight
    -flight club
    -harry potter 1-2-4
    -Mamma mia
    - lord of the ring 1-2-3

    and yaa – avatar and titanic
    but still their are tones of amazing movie that are re-watched these are my choice of opinion, it would be nice if other share their too !!!!!

    • Alex Strike

      Mamma Mia? mamma mia, how can it be among the most rewatchable ones? all the movies you named are the most popular among the audience, but not the most rewatchable ones)) anyway, I LOVE Fight Club and Harry Potter! They are great movies!

      • hesoyamdonMonster

        Mamma Mia, actual i was wrong !

  • Steven Flores

    THIS LIST SUCKS!!!! And from a fucking copywriter? Give me a fucking break.

  • GaF

    I agree that everything on the list is merely average apart from Looper and Inception but the list is from the last decade so presumably 2003 until 2013 – Fight Club can’t be on the list as a result. Neither can the first two Harry Potter and LOTR movies nor Spider-Man.

  • Bob

    I stopped reading after the first page. Who the hell makes a top 10 list on 5 pages? Bend over for your advertisers much?

  • Grace Danielson

    Horrific list. ‘In Time’ had some of the worst acting and the WORST car crash scene ever. Low budget, cool concept but terrible execution.

  • Keltari

    Cloud Atlas rewatchable?! I could barely make it through once.

    • Alex Strike

      well, maybe that is why it’s so rewatchable?)) you need to watch it one more time to get all its ideas ;-) anyway, tastes differ, as we all know)

    • Diego Quiroga

      I believe that movie is ne of the few book adaptations that requires you to at least read about the context of the book, if not the whole book itself.

  • Shubhendu Singh

    how was on Earth IN TIME was even a good movie, not eventalking about its Re-playability . That was one good movie idea ruined for every great director-writer out there.Damn you in time IN TIME !!

    • Alex Strike

      In Time has a good idea, as you said. And this idea makes it be in such a list)). Anyway, I think that Justin Timberlake wasn’t good enough for such a role…

  • Eric Costanza

    Crappy list.

  • Jon ‘Jonny’ Preece

    no desire to watch cloud atlas again. still havent botherd to see inception a 2nd time. limitless and in time are my fave 2 on this list

    • Alex Strike

      Mine are Mindhunters and Source Code ))

  • Tyler

    “People have always resorted to power”

    Wow. You are an awful writer. Please stop.

  • basuperstar

    Surely there are genres other than sci fi that can be rewatchable

    • basuperstar

      would have like to of seen one of: old school, dodgeball, the hangover etc. something other than life of pi. Also if intent on having films with big twists or complex story lines, hard to go past Oldboy

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  • Olga Santos

    Just agree with Inception.

  • jrobgw

    Great call with “Cloud Atlas”. Easily my favorite movie last year (with the most beautiful score).

  • Ryan Baldwin

    I’m extremely disappointed at the lack of Donnie Darko on this list.

  • JoseSD

    I think this article needs to be re-titled. When I think rewatchable I think of movies i’ve seen many times and still can’t get sick of them. It should be named movies you have to watch more than once to understand, which for me was the case with Inception. Inception and V for Vendetta are the only movies on this list I don’t regret watching in the first place all the others I don’t care if I ever see again

  • Supersida

    This is the worst list ever made. You sure have a great taste….

  • Red Lagoon

    Worst article so far I read on ToC! I usually love the lists in here, but this one is to bad (sorry for being harsh).

  • Petvrban

    Cloud Atlas? Really?
    Yep, technically, it’s flawless. But it’s nothing more than a big bluff, filled with bullshit new age/kitchen philosophy. Nope, never again