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The 10 Creepiest Ghosts In Horror Movies

19 October 2013 | Features, Film Lists | by David Zou


It is fast approaching that unique portion of the year when all true matters arcane and diabolical are given the festive treatment, as Halloween prompts folks to deploy their broomsticks for something other than sweeping up after the household pet. Here are ten of the scariest movie ghosts to put the frighteners on us poor, trembling cinema-goers.


10. The Devil’s Backbone


Ain’t afraid of no ghost? Try this mournful, literally haunting chappie, whose mere visage would have you cowering under the bedsheets if he ever materialised beside you in the pitch of night.

Young Santi isn’t really a menace, though. Really, he’s just trying to communicate with the living – he just happens to be doing it with rattling breaths and whispered portents of doom.


9. Beetlejuice


He’s creepy and he’s spooky, he’s just a little ooky… Beetlejuice is a bio-exorcist hired by a recently deceased couple to remove the living from their home. Yeah, it’s a sort of anti-exorcism from the point of view of those who’ve crossed the veil.

Brilliantly barmy and with the kind of get-up that just screams ‘Halloween party’, Beetlejuice is one of the coolest ghosts about. And he knows it.

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