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The 10 Craziest Movie Characters Of All Time

16 May 2013 | Features, Other Lists | by David Zou

insane movie characters

For an actor, the easiest way to let audiences remember you is to play the handicapped or the crazy. It’s also the hardest thing to pull off.

This character should be the one who audiences remember not for the content of his character, but the insanity of his membrane.

Here we rank some of the most insane movie characters in terms of insanity.


10. The Narrator – Fight Club


The Character: So if you haven’t seen Fight Club (and if not, what have you been doing for the last decade-and-a-half?), be warned that spoilers will follow. Edward Norton’s nameless narrator reveals that he might have some – not inconsiderable – mental problems when he attends support groups for conditions he doesn’t suffer from.

You might also start wondering about the location of his marbles when he engages in brutal fights in organised underground combat tournaments (a fight club, if you will), and that’s before he’s planning large scale terrorist attacks with bad influence buddy Tyler Durden.

However, you’ll only really get to grips with the full extent of his sanity when it comes to the final reel, and you realise that he and Tyler have more in common than you thought (unless you’ve seen it before, in which case you get to rewatch it from a joyous new perspective). Yep, Tyler Durden and The Narrator are one and the same person.

Craziest Moment: Whether it’s the first time you’ve seen it or it’s your umpteenth viewing, it’s hard to top the moment when the narrator beats himself to pulp. In his boss’s office.

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  • Fernando Yanmar Narciso

    i wonder if all the STDs of the prostitutes kevin ate would have killed him if he had survived to his showdown with marv

  • jon

    da fu where is hannibal lecter

    • WoWed

      I’d say hannibal isn’t insane. He is completely in his right mind. He’s just a cannibal, if that makes any sense.

  • Iam_Sparticus

    Frank Booth in Blue Velvet, a serious psycho.

  • trackstar

    i always thought O-Dog from Menace 2 Society was crazy just from that opening scene with him up shooting up those Koreans at the liquor store.

  • Mauricio Villamayor

    How you can forgot about R.P. McMurphy in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest!

  • Howie

    Javier Bardem in NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN is the scariest character in all of film history. Calm, collected, high IQ, sarcastic and a vicious killer with zero regret.

  • JB Cerulli

    Patrick Bateman?

  • Brandon Roberts

    gollum was nuts but the ring made him that way and if you already did not know that were you living under a rock