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8 TV Shows That Would Make Great Movies

25 August 2013 | Features, Film Lists | by Nichole Fabbro

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With an established fan base, turning a successful TV series into a movie almost seems like a slam dunk. If the following is large enough to warrant the success of a film version, Will it demolish the storyline? Not likely, take Sex and the City, they just made the movie like one long episode and were even successful enough to make a sequel.

Hollywood has had a history of turning successful television shows into blockbuster movies. Some have been great (South Park, The Untouchables), others have missed the mark completely (Wild Wild West, Dukes of Hazzard). However, there are some shows on TV right now (and some that have recently ended) that would make for great movie adaptations.


8. Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation has become increasingly funny over the course of the series’ run. The popularity of the show has also increased so maybe it’s time for a film version of NBC’s hit comedy. Here’s an idea for the movie, a legitimate Presidential campaign run by Leslie Knope …against Pawnee’s native son, (and noted anti-Government manly man) Ron Swanson.

The political cameos would be spectacular. Think of “The Campaign” and how successful it was, now think on a bigger level with the hilarious cast of Parks and Recreation and sprinkle in some sure comedic legends such as Zach Galifianakis or Vince Vaughn and this movie will be sure to be the next great comedy.


7. How I Met Your Mother


Fans of the show are devout, for sure. Just because the series is going to be concluding soon, doesn’t mean the story ends. We’ve seen glimpses into what the future holds for Ted and the gang, and it seems very interesting. A movie in which all are reunited after years of being apart due to family reasons would make for a spectacular ending to the franchise that fans will undoubtedly clamor for. With the ending of the series it would be a great time to make a movie to take advantage of fans while they still mourning the loss of the show.

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  • Philip210

    Sons of Anarchy would make a good movie also, at least to conclude after the show ends. I just don’t see Kurt Sutter buying into all the hollywood BS he would have to endure, he would tell them to F off!