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7 Things You Might Not Want to Do after Watching a Horror Movie

28 March 2013 | Features, Guest Posts, Other Lists | by David Zou

horror movie taps on a viewer’s primal fears, eliciting a negative (emotional) reaction. It’s a scream in most cases, but it can be more than that. I should know, after having seen too many Roger Corman pictures. Vincent Price is the reason, his appalling features and diabolic voice make a huge impact on me, such that I don’t want to touch an Edgar Allan Poe book. My friends find it silly, but that’s the effect of watching scary films.

In horror cinema, there’s a pattern that discerning moviegoers notice. Protagonist becomes curious, he/she survives a horrifying incident, and won’t do THAT thing afterwards. It can be any activity (that people do), which becomes unforgettable. (The shower scene in “Psycho”, for instance.) In a way, these are uneventful offscreen, but larger than life onscreen.

This prompts me to wonder what are the things that folks usually do, which they might not want to do after watching a scary movie. 


1. Ignoring an Old Wives’ Tale


Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, both academics, are famous for their collection of folk tales, many of which have dark themes. (Think of “Hansel and Gretel”.) In modern times, these Grimm-ish stories are more like urban myth, which most ignore. Don’t. There are grave consequences for that, like the cursed videotape in “Ring” (by Hideo Nakata). Another case is “Urban Legend”.


2. Traveling

from dusk till dawn

In most film genres, going places is a new adventure, a life-changing experience. It’s no different in horror, but the outcome is slightly different. Siblings Seth and Richie, for instance, have no idea that the strip club is a top of an Aztec temple, with trucks and motorcycles littering its ground. This doesn’t mean that one must not the leave the house (after watching “From Dusk till Dawn”). Don’t be clueless, like the university students in “Hostel” (by Eli Roth).


3. Getting Wet


After watching Steven Spielberg’s “Jaws”, I never look at the sea in the same manner again. It’s not rocket science, as mankind and technology don’t have the answers on what is below the surface. Cinema may have some answers, though. Fans of B-movie creatures won’t forget “It Came from Beneath the Sea”, where a humongous octopus attacks Golden Gate Bridge. Scientists found out that this cephalopod is from the Mindanao Deep, one of the deepest points in the Pacific Ocean. Then there’s H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos, about a strange hybrid race living in the depths of the sea, which Stuart Gordon’s “Dagon” is based from. This doesn’t mean that the seashore is the only thing to be afraid of; Nakata’s “Dark Water”, for example, is about a mysterious water leak.

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