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7 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Pilots

29 March 2013 | Guest Posts, Other Lists | by David Zou

Some celebrities are known to love flying, while others do it in relative obscurity. Some of the well-known pilots are John Travolta, Patrick Swayze and John Denver. Here is 7 Celebrities that you didn’t know they were pilots.


1. Kurt Russell

Kurt Russell with RJ 2

Kurt had his pilots license since 1992, also had a grandfather who was an aerobatics pilot with over 45,000 flying hours. Flying seems to run in the Russell family. He has owned a Cessna Crusader, Rockwell Commander, Cessna Conquest and a Cessna 414. His favorite plane, however, is a Starduster Bi-Plane. He has taken his children into the cockpit, but none of them have shown the same passion for flying.


2. Morgan Freeman


Freeman was a mechanic in the Air Force who got his pilots license when he was 65. He’s owned several aircraft, including a Cessna 414 and a Cessna Citation 501 SP Jet. He has said that he wants to fly one particular plane, a Sino Swearingen SJ30 business jet.


3. Harrison Ford


That doesn’t come as too much of a surprise since he is best known for his roles in many adventurous Indiana Jones movies and as Han Solo in Star Wars. Ford has been a pilot since the mid 1990′s. He has licenses for both fixed wing aircraft and for helicopters. It was once reported that he helped rescue hikers who were stranded at Yellowstone National Park, using his helicopter flying skills to help them. He has flown a Gulfstream II and has said in interviews that his favorite plane is his de Havillan Canada DHC-2.


4. Jimmy Buffett


He has had pilots licenses since the early 1990′s. In the mid 1990′s he was involved in a controversial police incident involving his plane. Columbian police thought that Buffett’s plane was involved in marijuana smuggling operations, but it was later discovered that it wasn’t. The plane is now on display in Florida, along with a plaque telling the story behind it. Today Buffett flies a Dassault Falcon 900 Ex Jet.


5. Clint Eastwood


He is another famous flying celebrity. Eastwood is one of the longest pilot license holders. He’s had his license for over 30 years. He has said in interviews that he loves the solitary nature of flying and the fact that no one knows who the person is flying the plane or helicopter. Aircraft are identified by tail numbers instead of by pilots. He especially enjoys flying helicopters.


6.Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie plane2

A surprising celebrity who learned to fly because of her son’s love of planes. She is qualified to fly a Cirrus S22 plane, which travels at speeds of up to 300 mph. She’s used some of her flying skill in humanitarian missions across the globe. Angelina has been flying since 2004.


7. Gisele Bundchen


Maybe the most surprising celebrity who flies is Gisele Bundchen, former Victoria’s Secret model and actress. She took all lessons, tests and got her helicopter pilots license all while pregnant in 2009. She is reportedly a very good helicopter pilot.


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