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30 Incredibly Awful Hand-Painted Bootleg Movie Posters

10 September 2013 | Features, Other Lists | by David Zou

The African nation of Ghana has a thriving film business. And by ‘film business’ I mean ‘bootleg film business.’ Pirate screenings of blockbuster movies have been the norm for years, to the point where theaters, unable to get their hands on the original promotional posters, hire local artists to draw their own. And they’re pretty crazy. Here are thirty…


30. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre


Promising rather more chainsaw carnage than the film actually delivers…


29. Children Of The Corn III: Urban Harvest


Wisely ignoring the whole ‘urban harvest’ thing in favour of loads of corn, a hungry head and some subtle graveyard imagery.


28. Anaconda


In which a huge snake thrusts its tail between a woman’s legs.


27. Dog Soldiers


Infantile crayon skills aside, there’s something to this hybrid-faced mandog image.


26. Hellboy


Because why would you use the image of your iconic titular hero when you could use an armoured fishman and a pair of tentacles?


25. The Matrix


We all remember the climactic fight where Neo takes on a bald ginger guy who looks like a German nightclubber, right?

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