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30 Best Movies You Loved As A Kid

16 July 2013 | Features, Film Lists | by David Zou

best kid movies

Ever since we were kids, we loved movies, mostly fantasy movies. We were fascinated by the magic movies brought to us, we truly believed there was another world in the little box. Even as we grow older, we still enjoy those films, they are part of the most beautiful memories in our childhood.

Now it’s nostalgia time,  get on the time travel machine and fly back to the past! What’s your fave on this list? Let us know in the comments.


30. Flight Of The Navigator


The Movie: The ultimate child-friendly alien abduction story, as David Freeman (Joey Cramer) befriends spaceship Max and fast-forwards to the future.

Moment That Stuck In The Memory: David takes control of the ship, and navigates around the globe.


29. Time Bandits


The Movie: Terry Gilliam’s idea of childhood, as 11-year-old Kevin (Craig Warnock) is whisked through time by a gang of criminal dwarves with a stolen map.

Moment That Stuck In The Memory: Craig takes a break from time-tourism as the guest of Agamemnon (Sean Connery) after accidentally slaying the Minotaur.


28. A Christmas Story


The Movie: All Ralphie Parker (Peter Billingsley) wants for Christmas is a B.B. gun, but how’s he going to get his wish when everybody – parents, teachers, department store Santas – tell him it’s too violent.

Moment That Stuck In The Memory: Ralphie gets his dream present, and promptly gets a richocheting bullet in the face.


27. Uncle Buck


The Movie: Childhood icon John Candy tops cinema’s list of people we’d most like to have as an Uncle, thanks to his portrayal of John Hughes’ babysitting slob.

Moment That Stuck In The Memory: If Miles (Macauley Culkin) wants birthday pancakes, then Buck will make birthday pancakes. Giant birthday pancakes.


26. Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure


The Movie: Woah, dude! A rollicking time-travel slapstick comedy that’s also (almost by accident) a useful history primer for kids.

Moment That Stuck In The Memory: Bill and Ted meet legendary Greek philosopher So Crates. C’mon, admit it: you still call him that.


25. Babe


The Movie: Disney doesn’t have a monopoly on talking animals, as animatronics made a generation believe a pig could herd sheep.

Moment That Stuck In The Memory: Baa-ram-ewe, he’s done it! Even Farmer Hoggett is overcome: “That’ll do, pig.”

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