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22 Things You May Not Have Known About The Evil Dead

28 March 2013 | Features, Other Lists | by David Zou

the evil dead

32 years ago, director Sam Raimi’s made a low budget horror film that gradually developed a reputation as one of the largest cult films, it was The Evil Dead.

Sam Raimi then collaborated with star Bruce Campbell twice in the two sequels of The Evil Dead and planned to write the fourth movie  of this popular franchise this summer.

A closer event for Evil Dead fans to celebrate is that the remake of the movie , Evil Dead, will be released on US theaters  on 5th April.

Before we re-experience  the “cabin in the woods” terror, here’s 22 things you need to know about the original Evil Dead movie.


1. After completing principal photography in the winter of 1979-1980, most of the actors left the production. However, there was still much of the film to be completed. Most of the second half of the film features Bruce Campbell and various stand-ins (or “Fake Shemps”) to replace the actors who left.



2. Director Sam Raimi and star Bruce Campbell were friends from high school, where they made many super-8 films together. They would often collaborate with Sam’s brother Ted Raimi. Campbell became the “actor” of the group, as “he was the one that girls wanted to look at.”



3. The original script called for all the characters to be smoking marijuana when they are first listening to the tape. The actors decided to try this for real, and the entire scene had to be later re-shot due to their uncontrollable behavior.



4. There’s a ripped poster of The Hills Have Eyes visible. Ostensibly, this was in reference to a ripped poster for Jaws that appeared in that film; Sam Raimi and the others interpreted that as Wes Craven suggesting that “Hills” was much more frightening than “Jaws”, thus they showed a ripped “Hills” poster because their film was to be even scarier yet.



5. The cabin was located in Morristown, Tennessee. In Bruce Campbell’s biography he says that it was later burned down. No one knows for sure what happened (Sam Raimi says that he burnt it down himself after filming). Also, no one will give out complete directions because the only remaining part of the cabin is the brick chimney and everyone was stealing a piece of it.



6. Bruce Campbell twisted his ankle on a root while running down a steep hill, and Sam Raimi and Robert G. Tapert decided to tease him by poking his injury with sticks, thus causing Campbell to have an obvious limp in some scenes.


7. In Germany, the movie’s release was hindered by public authorities for almost 10 years. Original 1982 cinema and video releases of the movie had been seized, making the movie a hit on the black market video circuit, with pirated copies abound. A heavily edited version was first made available in 1992. Several high-profile horror enthusiasts, among them even author Stephen King, publicly criticized the German ban on the movie. In other German language markets, the movie was never restricted from distribution. The first legal uncut version of the movie entered the German market in 2001, on DVD.

evil dead germany


8. In 2006, The Evil Dead was turned into a musical.

evil dead musical


9. The film Mary Whitehouse showed in court to support the idea of the ‘video nasty’, although the pre-VRA video was the version the BBFC had cut and passed ‘X’. It was removed and re-added to the ‘video nasty’ list several times but was never successfully prosecuted.

evil dead video nasty


10. According to cast and crew members, this was one of the worst experiences they’d ever been involved in due to freezing temperatures, the locale and Sam Raimi’s filming which took endless hours.


11. Joel Coen was an assistant editor on the film. This was one his earliest profession jobs. He and his brother Ethan Coen, would produce and make the film Blood Simple. three years after the release of this film. In preparing to get funding for that film, the Coens enlisted the help of friends Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi to help out and they happily did so. Campbell and Raimi also starred in a short film based on scenes of Blood Simple for the Coens to show to potential investors and it worked.

coen bros

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