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21 Facts from Horror Movies That You May Not Have Known

01 March 2013 | Features, Other Lists | by David Zou

In this post we present you some of the most interesting facts about famous horror movies that you probably didn’t know.


1. The mask in ‘Halloween’ is actually William Shatner’s face. The production crew bought the cheapest mask they could find at a Halloween store, which so happened to be William Shatner. They spray painted it white.

halloween mask


2. The movie ‘Final Destination’ is actually based on a rejected ‘X Files’ episode.

final destination


3. Pennywise’s hair in ‘IT’ was Tim Curry’s real hair.



4. ‘Paranormal Activity’ was Oren Peli’s directorial debut. He changed the ending because Steven Spielberg told him to.

paranormal activity


5. ‘Psycho’ was the first movie to show a toilet flushing.



6. The killer’s robe in ‘Scream’ was originally supposed to be white. The director changed it to black because he was afraid it looked similar to a KKK robe.

killer robe scream


7. It took 8 days to shoot ‘The Blair Witch Project’, and 8 months to edit it. The movie cost $22,000 to make, and made over $240 million.

the blair witch project


8. The cocoons in ‘Silence Of The Lambs’ were made of tootsie rolls and gummy bears.

silence of the lambs


9. In real life, Sissy spacek was voted homecoming queen.

sissy spacek


10. ‘Sleep Hollow’ and ‘Breaking Of The Dead’ were the last two movies ever to be put on laserdisc.

sleepy hallow

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